Magical Mushrooms or Strange Fungii ?also New Solutions.

We have all seen them on the mound of the 15th. Does anyone know the scientific name?? Are they edible?


A bit of lateral thinking involved to solve the Footgolf Pool Scoops. Obviously not strong enough when thrown (which they often are) from one side of the bank to the other on the 4th golf hole. Maybe reinforce them or attach something like the scoop below. Contact Sue Paul, the office or starters, if you have a possible solution.



3 thoughts on “Magical Mushrooms or Strange Fungii ?also New Solutions.

  1. These fungi are almost certainly comprinus comatus and are definitely edible, but only by your opponent in matchplay. That’s because the result of eating these is unknown. Either no-one’s ever eaten one, or they’ve never lived to tell the tale. Personally I try to impress on my playing partners that they are very good at relieving stress in a tight finish 🙂

  2. I can relate to the stress relief comment. Shaun (Greenstaff) reckons he is trying them for lunch. Should be an interesting day. He believes they are called shaggy mushrooms.

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