News From The Course – 12 August


Speed Of Play

At Jamberoo we play ‘Ready Golf ‘. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush your shots only that you are ready to play when its your turn.

Already I have highlighted some ideas that should help make rounds quicker. They include when partners should play before searching for a lost ball, when to mark your card, when to putt out, where to leave your buggy and what order to hit on the tee and fairway.

Here is a further idea to help speed up play. If you hit your ball into a water hazard, find the point of entry, take your drop and play your next shot before you look for the lost ball. Call it “provisional” just in case you find it playable. If you can’t find the lost ball within 30 seconds, then move to on, its gone!

New Pathway at 18

You will have noticed that the construction of the 18th tee pathway has almost been completed. More of your levy money in action.

A Big Hit

There are some big hitters in the club who take on the carry at the first without any worries. A new player has been added to this list. Last Wednesday Lance Fredericks smashed his drive on the first and was seen playing his second shot from the other side of Hyam’s Creek.

Apparently, reports say, Lance’s tee shot bounced short and ran across the bridge like it was on a fairway without touching the railings.

Very accurate play indeed.

An Eagle for Rose

Last Tuesday Rose Sheath scored an eagle on the 15th hole, which is a par 4 for the ladies. This was Rose’s second eagle on this hole. When asked what club she played, Rose carefully explained her plans on playing the hole and the calculated shot that was required. A nicely struck 9 iron did the trick, landing perfectly and then taking the planned break on the green and into the hole for a 2.

Well played Rose, clearly the ‘professor’ of Jamberoo.

Latest Results

Will the winds stop blowing?

Every round seems to be affected by the current westerly winds.  Despite this competitions have been well supported by members as players take up the challenge of controlling their ball in the wind.

This weeks results follow.

Saturday, 12 August 2017 – Single Stableford

A Grade Winner   Pete Munro 36  pts

B Grade Winner    Phil Adams 38 pts  2nd  Col Booth 36 pts cb

C Grade Winner   Ray Sheehan 39 pts   2nd John Hol 38 pts

D Grade Winner     Robert Weir 37 pts

Ladies Winner    Kay Ison 35 pts

Wednesday, 9 August 2017 – Stableford

A Grade Winner   Greg Seymour 32 pts (c/b)

B Grade Winner   Chris Goodwin 42 pts

C Grade Winner   Michael Bartlett 40 pts  (c/b)  2nd Place  John Ellsmore 40 pts

D Grade Winner   Tony Silvio 39 pts

Tuesday, 8 August 2017 – Stableford

Div 1 Winner    Marilyn Wright 36 pts  Runner Up   Jo Burke 35 pts

Div 2 Winner     Marie Smith 39 pts   Runner Up   Rose Sheath 37 pts

Monday, 7th August 2017 Veterans – Stableford

A Grade Winner  Italo Baraldi 40 Pts 2nd Warren Joannou 36 Pts c/b

B Grade Winner  John Keeling 40 Pts 2nd David Newton 34 Pts


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