News from the Course – 2 September

Arthur Bosanquet and Scott Hainsworth, both playing well in this year’s matchplay

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On the Practice Fairway

The area between the 10th and 18th fairways is the designated practice area. Members can use it any time, even on competition days.

On these days, however, it is imperative that you mark your practice balls with a personal logo, or something similar, as we don’t want these balls to interfere with other misdirected balls from either the 10th or 18th holes that happen to finish in this area.

Yes, you can hit practice balls in a northerly direction from the practice area on comp days, but they should be clearly identifiable.

In a comp game you should at least know the number and make of the ball you are playing. Often members put other markings on their ball to ensure they hit the correct ball. This is a good habit.

Match Play Championships

The Match Play championships are well under way and many close matches have been contested as well as some others!

In the fourball in round 1, Arthur Bosanquet and Wayne Arnott were too strong for Matt Tedeschi and Con Kiayias 8/7; Chris Leckey and Anthony Smith defeated Pat Paris and Steve Rippon 7/5. These two winning teams are due to play in round 2 in a cracker of a match.

Paul Rodgers and Ron Hewson played a very good match against John and Alan Paul winning 3/2. They automatically progress to the third round after injuries (or was it fear?) ruled out their next opponents.

Defending champions Peter Francis and Tony McRae gave it their all but fell on the 20th hole to the team of Tim Young and Shane Townsend. This was an incredible match with birdies galore the order of the day. Extra holes were needed to separate the teams.

Col Booth and Dave Ransom played Mark Cassel and Vince Byrnes in the first round in a very close match. Vince played like a man inspired and with Mark’s consistency they proved to be a very difficult team to overcome. Unfortunately for Mark and Vince, Col was having a great day and the match was won by Dave and Col on the 19th. In the next round Col and Dave came up against the very strong pairing of Tony Panecasio and Scott Hainsworth. Again Col played brilliantly but Tony and Scott kept throwing birdies at their opponents, eventually winning on the 18th green, 1 up. Tony and Scott are due to play Tim and Shane in the semi-final in another match that should attract a gallery!

2016 Matchplay finalists -Johnny Bermudez and Tony Panecasio. Both are featuring in this year’s competitions.

The Single Matchplay has also started with many good matches played in the early rounds.

In the preliminary round Col Booth defeated Andrew Ball on the 19th in a quality match; Tim Young defeated fourball partner Shane Townsend 2 up and Arthur Bosanquet defeated Don Thompson 5/3. Ken Bradley defeated Geoff Wilson 6/4, Brian Nicoll defeated Phil Gosling 1 up and Johnny Bermudez defeated Vince Byrnes 3/1.

In round 1 so far, Col Booth defeated Matt Tedeschi 3/2, Tim Young was a lucky winner due to Pete Saunders’ injury, Ron Hewson played a career round to beat John Paul 2/1, Dave Connon defeated Mark Cassel 2 up, and Paul Rodgers defeated Chris Leckey 2/1.

Many interesting matches await decision in the next round.

New Design for 18th Green?

How many good rounds have been wrecked on the 18th green?

Often it is not due to poor play but to the unfairness of the green itself. A ball should not roll up to or past the hole from the front of the green and then do a U-turn and come back at you. It is happening too much and I can’t blame the greens staff as it is just the shape of the green.

When we had long-grassed and slow greens there were no problems but with the short cut and speed of the greens as they are now then there seems to be a problem every single round.

Your suggestions

There have been many sad tales of misfortune, Share some with us.

Better still give us some suggestions on how you would make the green fairer.

Latest Results

Spring is here and many members took the opportunity of playing our beautiful course.

Saturday 2nd September 2017 –  Stroke Golf Mart Monthly Medal

A Grade: Winner   David White 68 nett  (c/b)

B Grade: Winner  Tom Zimmerman 64 nett (c/b)   2nd    Jim Henry 64 nett (c/b)

C Grade: Winner    Terry Murphy 66 nett 2nd    Phil Gosling 68 nett

D Grade: Winner    Geoff King 64 nett

Best Gross Winner   George Vlatko (Shoalhaven Heads GC) 74 Gross

Ladies  Stroke Winner      Marie Farrant 71 nett

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 – Stableford 4BBB in Conjunction

A Grade Winner    Tony Rodriguez 35 pts

B Grade Winner    Bernard McGlinchey 41 pts

C Grade Winner    John Hol 37 pts    2nd Place    Mal Garratt 35 pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner    Bob Crooks 38 pts (c/b)

4BBB Winners: Bernard McGlinchey & Bruce Byers 46 pts (c/b)

Tuesday 29th August 2017 – Ladies – 2 Person Ambrose

Winners    Kay Brennan & Lieve Stassen 67.25

Runners up      Lyn Kuskey & Marlene Trethowan 67.5 (c/b)

3rd Place  Margaret Stephens & Marie Smith 67.5


12 thoughts on “News from the Course – 2 September

  1. How much easier does the members want the course to be? at the moment there is no rough, no low hanging branches, now some want to alter the 18th green! I thought golf was all about the challenge, I am about a 30 handicapper, but as the course is at the moment, even I get around with the same ball I started with. Where as I used to lose about three balls around. Look at the scores coming in and judge for your selves.
    Lew Fuller 663.

    1. To emphasize your point, I just checked the average scores for the last 4 comps played in calm conditions (par 67) with plenty of run on the course. These are the conditions where supposedly the course plays easiest. Only on one day in C grade did scores show this.

      On Wednesday 23 August the average score was 70.2 – A grade 71 (range 65-79), B grade 69 (range 63-76), C grade 69 (range 61-76), D grade 72 (range 65-80). [white course]

      On Saturday 26 August the average score was 70.7 – A grade 72 (range 61-89), B grade 72 (range 61-79), C grade 69 (range 57-81), D grade 73 (range 62-81). [white course]

      On Wednesday 30 August the average score was 72.5 – A grade 72 (range 68-75), B grade 72 (range 62-76), C grade 69 (range 66-82), D grade 73 (range 65-85). [white course]

      On Saturday 2 September the average score was 74.3 – A grade 74 (range 68-83), B grade 72 (range 64-88), C grade 73 (range 66-90), D grade 73 (range 64-86). [blue course]


  2. If we were to change the 18th green it would not make the hole easier, just fairer. The front section would be raised to level , leaving a nasty chip shot over a raised bank if you come in from the right. The back section of the green would be on a second tier and slightly sloped making chip shots to this section very tricky. Hopefully putts would then not roll back down the green when hit up the green.
    This work would be pretty expensive and need outside funding. Once started a temporary green would be needed while the new green takes shape and grows in.

  3. Leave it alone.Its been like that for the 17 years I have played there.Isnt a golf course meant to be a challenge.Most courses have rough,we have none.Why don’t we fill the creeks in.

    1. Thanks for your input. Of course golf should be a challenge. Ideas are just being thrown around for discussion. There are no plans to change anything at this stage.
      Less rough has not made the course easier, check out the average scores. Balls that once were stopped by the rough now run into trouble I suppose.

  4. No-one seems to have the same reservations or complaints about the 13th, which is in it’s way every bit as tricky if not more so. It suggests to me that the real problem is the hole comes so late in the round and can be so destructive to a good score that, depending on the pin placing, the impact on the player is that much greater.

    If that surmise is correct, there is a relatively simple (and cheap) solution – make it the 2nd.

    The 10th would then become the third and members would play the back nine first, switching to the original 2nd once having played the (now) 17th and finishing on the rather more placid 9th.

    1. Thanks Michael. Your suggestion of a re-routing of the course makes sense to me but I leave it to your fellow members to discuss it in this forum. If you made the now 18th the second then you would have more time to recover from the 4 or 5 putt I guess.
      As for the 13th green, I agree, as does the greenkeeper. If we are thinking of changes to the course then fixing both of these greens would be top of a priority list.

  5. Fantastic in put from our members. Love it.
    13th I accept—it has no challenges in its way.
    18th for us all has 3 ditches bunkers to contend with before you get on the green.
    Never a nice feel to walk off the last with 4 putts due to hole placement. I have many social players complain to me—thats the last thing they remember about our course as they head home. Not good!!! we want them back.

    1. You will not get the social groups back if what I witnessed today is anything to go by.
      A large social group was greeted with the green staff scarifying & spraying the greens in front of them, I think there should be some sort of conferring with the starter so this sort of thing can be avoided. If the work was absolutely essential? then I suggest it could have been started after their last group had hit off. LEW FULLER.663.

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