Match Play Finals

Ken and Ron on the 14th tee
Tony, Scott, Wayne and Arthur on the 5th tee

As predicted a large crowd turned up at the course today to witness the playing of the 2017 Matchplay finals. They were so enthused most brought their own set of clubs onto the course as they watched the games progress. Some even had soccer balls, obviously to pass around between shots.

The handicap single match went out first with Ron Hewson and Ken Bradley facing off. Ron started slowly and eventually found himself behind but running into some form. Ken was playing very solidly however and raced to a 3 up lead after the 13th hole. Ken fired a 240  metre drive down the 14th but this only inspired Ron who managed a brave half.

By the 17th he was still in with a good chance being only 2 down, having played the 16th very cagily to win the hole with a par. Both found the hazard short of the 17th green but Ron’s explosion shot hit the bank and spun back in. Ken managed to extricate his and closed out the match winning 3/1.

Ken is congratulated by Ron on his win at the 17th green

Well played Ken on a fine final match and victory in the tournament. Clearly you have overcome your serious hip injury and you should be commended on your determination to play golf again.

Congratulations to both players for their great performances in reaching the final.

The Fourball match saw two teams composed of A graders vie for the title. Tony Panacasio and Scott Hainsworth were playing Wayne Arnott and Arthur Bosanquet.

Both teams had survived several 18th and 19th hole matches and with little difference in their handicaps it was going to be who produced the goods on the day to see who took out the title in what promised to be a high quality match.

The pressure mounts

Arthur and Wayne had jumped to a 2 hole lead at the half way point and seemed to be playing well to their plan. Scott and Tony are very resilient and played themselves back into the game but they were finding that they needed birdies just to halve holes. Eventually it finally came to the 17th green where Wayne and Arthur were able to win the hole and the match 2/1. An ironic reward for Wayne winning here, somewhat repaying the unfortunate loses of his ball on this hole in the club championships!

Well played both teams, not only for today’s great match, but for your form throughout the months of the competition.

A highlight of both matches was the great camaraderie shown between the players, something that is typical of the members of Jamberoo Golf Club. Thanks also to all the competitors in this year’s matchplay championships for making them such  interesting and unique events.


4 thoughts on “Match Play Finals

  1. Congratulations Wayne and Arthur on your win today and also to Tony and Scott for your finals appearance..Job well done to both teams both worthy of victory. I would also like to congratulate Ken on his victory over myself in the final.It was an absolute pleasure to have a round with Ken and he had a well deserved win and thoroughly deserved his victory also. I do believe you Dave Ransom on his log hitting now and unfortunately I missed a few opportunities…Also thanks Dave for your kind words, not only here on the cow but today on the course….
    Well done all…..

    1. It was a pleasure to watch some of your match today. I can say I was impressed by the standard of play by both of you. As for the ‘log hitting’, perhaps he hit a few into the trees, Ron?
      Great performance yourself. You would make a great asset to the White Horse Cup pennant team.

  2. Ron would be a welcome member to the White Horse Cup Teams as we have lost our Log Throwing Champion as opposed to Log Hitting which is obviously a different skill .

    Congratulation’s to Ken, Ron, Wayne and Arthur, Scotty and Tony

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