News from the Course – 21 April

Hole of the Week

Take a stroll from the clubhouse to the 5th tee and you can see where the 5th hole gets its name, ‘Garden’. It is a very short par 4 measuring 234 metres if you take the dogleg into consideration. A straight distance from tee to flag is only just over 200 metres. There are a few tall timbers in the way of this route unfortunately!

‘iSeek Golf’ have recently requested that they be able to use this hole in an article about Australia’s shortest par 4’s. This is how I described the hole:

“It may be short but it is tricky with a long narrow shoot off the tee to the corner of a 90 degree dog leg right at about 200 metres. In front of the green is a small creek and to the rear there is out of bounds very close to the green. A bunker behind and right of the green also protects the hole. If you could manage a 200 metre shot straight over 40 metre high trees dropping quickly then you could shoot for the green from the tee or perhaps you could control a gigantic slice. Most players play a mid to long iron or fairway wood to give them a wedge shot at the green. If you are not long enough you will need to negotiate your way around or over the trees on the corner of the dogleg. The green has slopes that are hard to read and many 3 putts occur, land short and the ball pulls up on the bank short of the green giving you a tricky pitch. Quite often players overshoot the green to be out of bounds, especially if you haven’t made solid contact with your approach shot.

The green has two sections with the back section having a slope towards the creek. Take two putts and be happy. Many a good round is ruined here, so treat it with respect and maybe take advantage.”

Ball Credits

If you have ball credits up your sleeve then there are several options you can take to redeem them.

Firstly you can collect all balls won.

Secondly you can use them to make purchases in your golf shop.

Another option is to use the credits to hire a golf cart for the round.

The membership financial year is fast ending and the club would like you to settle your ball credit account as soon as possible.

Please consider these three options.

Rules Quiz

Playing the fifth hole I mishit my second shot into the hazard in front of the green. When I get there I find that it is above the water level but still in the red-marked hazard but with a big stick lying just behind the ball. How can I proceed?

A   Decide to play the ball by first removing the stick,  then grounding my club behind the ball and then swing at the ball.

B  Decide to play the ball by first removing the stick, but not ground my club behind the ball before trying to whack it out.

C  Decide to play the ball being careful not to move the stick or ground my club before my swing.

D  Replay the first shot with a two stroke penalty.


Reverse Vending Machine


The reverse vending machine supplied by Tomra is in operation and is to be officially opened by Gareth Ward on Saturday 21st April (today)

You can exchange your bottles and cans for credit to your PayPal account or as vouchers to be cashed in at the IGA in Jamberoo.

Opening times – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday – from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm
Saturday from 1.00 pm. to 7.00 pm.

Anzac Day Competition

This year Anzac Day falls on the Wednesday of next week. The normal competition will be played so you will need to book in to enter the comp.

We ask that members spend a minutes silence in respect of the sacrifice of our armed forces before they play their first shot.

Lest We Forget.

Latest Results

How good can it get! The greens are coming back to an excellent condition and now our only problem is the Corellas who continually attack the greens in search of their next meal.

After last weekends winds the greens have firmed up and were very fast on Monday. Putting down hill was particularly challenging. This did not stop John Pringle and Geoff Evans who both scored 37 points to take out  division 1 and 2 respectively in the Mens Veterans competition. Lance Fredericks with 36 points also played well. On Tuesday the Ladies played a stableford and Jenelle Anderson continued her good form with another win scoring 36 points in division 1 beating Pam Middlebrook by 1. Cheryl Legge took out division 2 with 32 points beating Judy Casey by 1.

Wednesday saw the playing of the ‘Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine’. Allan Parr was the mystery nine winner with a nett score of 31.5 over the nine mystery holes. Just Bathrooms owner, John Anthony, also played and looked a good chance to win C grade with his nett 64 only to find Geoff Jones in with a 60, Allan Parr a 62 and Jake Willoughby with a 63 in front of him. The scoring was hot in C Grade. In A Grade Andrew Attard started his holidays with a win with 67 nett, Toby Bartle returned to the winners circle again in B grade with a nett 63 winning by 1 from David Connon and Alan Alhorvirta, with David taking 2nd prize on a countback. D Grade winner was Keith Hales who won by 8.

Today we played a Stableford and the usual suspects were up to their winning ways again. Ken Bradley continued his excellent run of form to take out A Grade with 39 points to pip Pete Munro by 1. In B Grade Jim Henry scored a very good 41 points to winby 3 over the triumvirate Ron Chiby, Colin Owers and Ron Hewson with Ron taking second prize on a countback. In C Grade the scoring was again hot with Pete Wheatley with 42 points just pipping Doug Perry who had 41. D Grade winner was John Proctor with a good 36 points. Jenelle Anderson again took out the Ladies with a good score of 38 points.

Quiz answer: C, under current rules you cannot remove a loose impediment in a hazard nor ground your club. Interestingly with the new rule changes coming in on the 1st of January you will in fact be able to remove the stick and ground your club!

Here are the full results:

Saturday 21st April 2018 – Men’s Stableford 

A Grade Winner:   Ken Bradley 39 pts

B Grade Winner:   Jim Henry 41 pts  2nd: Ron Chilby 38 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:   Pete Wheatley 42 pts   2nd: Doug Perry 41 pts

D Grade Winner:   John Proctor 36 pts

Ladies Stableford Winner:   Jenelle Anderson 38 pts

Wednesday 18th April 2018 – Stroke inc Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine 

A Grade Winner:   Andrew Attard 67 nett

B Grade Winner:   Toby Bartle 63 nett  2nd:   Dave Connon 64 nett (c/b)

C Grade Winner:   Geoff Jones 60 nett  2nd:   Allan Parr 62 nett

D Grade Winner: Keith Hales 62 nett

Mystery Nine (1,2,3,4,5,12,15,17,18) Winner: Allan Parr 31.5

Tuesday 17th April 2018 – Ladies 18 hole Stableford 

Div 1 Winner:   Jenelle Anderson 36 pts Runner Up: Pam Middlebrook 35 pts

Div 2 Winner: Cheryl Legge 32 pts Runner Up: Judy Casey 31 pts

Ladies 9 hole Stableford Winner:   G Thompson (Howlong GC) 18 pts

Monday, 16th April 2018 – Veterans  Stableford 

1st Geoff Evans 37 Pts (c/b)  2nd John Pringle 37 Pts



3 thoughts on “News from the Course – 21 April

  1. This would be ideal as it would give all members an idea where the course is at and detail any major work about to be completed. I will enquire to him if this is a feasible idea but there may be reasons why he can’t do this. As the Greens Committee meet monthly and with Martin attending these meetings I was feeling I could give a report for him after the meeting that might meet this goal. I have attempted this in the last two months in the weekly ‘news from the course’ articles.

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