News From the Course – May 12

2018 Veterans’ Championship

The annual Jamberoo Golf Club Veterans Championship was played on Monday with a good sized field of 56. Conditions were perfect for golf with the course playing quite hard.

The new champion is Greg Seymour. Greg fired a 77 off the stick to win by 2 from George Vlatko. Next best were Peter Francis and Michael Burton on 83.

The Nett winner was Doug Perry with a 64 which was two better than Mick Burton and three better than Peter Francis and Phil Hahn.

Greg Seymour seen here playing for the club during a Pennant game.

Congratulations to the winners.

Ladies Club Championship

The final round of the Ladies Club Championship was contested on Tuesday and the new champions are: Division 1 Kay Brennan, Division 2 Cheryl Legge and Division 3 Sue Paul.

The division 1 title was very close with Kay, Jenelle Anderson and Judi O’Brien all very close as the round started. It was not till the last putt was sank that we knew who had won. Kay finished on 281, Jenelle on 283 to take out the runners up award and Judi on 284 in another good showing. It was very exciting to see the ladies, playing together, go shot-for-shot over the last few holes. Division 1 nett winner was Dell Brand on 223 equaling the nett score of Jenelle. Dell was awarded the nett prize with Jenelle already claiming the gross runners up prize. Nett runners up was Margaret Cook on 228.

Division 2 was also close with Cheryl Legge winning with a score of 316 three better than that of Pam Middlebrook who was the gross runner up. Nett winner was Lisa Bell on 240, 1 better than Pam, and six bettter than Robyn Gregson who was awarded nett runner up since Pam had already won a trophy.

Division 3 was won by Sue Paul on 344 with Dulcie Piper taking out the nett with 245.

Well played to all entrants in this year’s championship and congratulations to our three new champions.

See the previous post by Sue Paul.

Rule of the Week

Immovable Obstructions and Abnormal Ground Conditions (Rules 24-2 and 25-1)

An immovable obstruction is an artificial object on the course that cannot be moved (e.g. a building, sprinkler head, etc.) or cannot readily be moved (e.g. a firmly embedded direction post).

Objects defining out of bounds are not treated as obstructions.

An abnormal ground condition is casual water, ground under repair or a hole or the cast from a hole made by a burrowing animal, a reptile or a bird.

Except when your ball is in a water hazard, relief without penalty is available from immovable obstructions and abnormal ground conditions when the condition physically interferes with the lie of the ball, your stance or your swing.

You may lift the ball and drop it within one club-length of the nearest point of relief (see Definition of “Nearest Point of Relief”)

Click the link here to illustrate the term “nearest point of relief” in Rule 25-1b(i) in the case of both a right-handed and left-handed player.

The “nearest point of relief” must be strictly interpreted. A player is not permitted to choose on which side of the ground under repair to drop the ball, unless there are two equidistant “nearest points of relief”. Even if one side of the ground under repair is fairway and the other is bushes, if the “nearest point of relief” is in the bushes then the player, if taking relief, must drop the ball within one club length of that point, even though it may mean having to drop the ball in a virtually unplayable lie.

The same procedure applies under Rule 24-2b dealing with immovable obstructions.

If the ball is on the putting green, you place it at the nearest point of relief, which may be off the putting green. There is no relief for intervention on your line of play unless both your ball and the condition are on the putting green.

As an additional option when your ball is in a bunker, you may take relief from the condition by dropping the ball outside and behind the bunker under penalty of one stroke.

Q : A player’s ball lies 50 cm behind a sprinkler head. The sprinkler head does not physically interfere with the player’s stance or the area of the intended swing but is in the line of play.

Is the player entitled to relief under Rule 24-2b?

A: No

See also Rule 24-2a  Interference

Interference by an immovable obstruction occurs when a ball lies in or on the obstruction, or when the obstruction interferes with the player’s stance or the area of his intended swing. If the player’s ball lies on the putting green, interference also occurs if an immovable obstruction on the putting green intervenes on his line of putt. Otherwise, intervention on the line of play is not, of itself, interference under this Rule.

Green’s Committee Report

Martin Boatswain, the head greenkeeper reports that sections of the greens have been top-dressed and levelled to counteract the holes dug by the Corellas. Dead trees and stumps are due to be removed and overhanging branches of trees that encroach on the fairways will be trimmed. The ‘owls’ seem to be effective in keeping the Corellas at bay and more have been purchased.

The work in trying to eradicate the couch in some greens is ongoing with affected areas again scarified and treated with retardant chemicals.

Greens will be rolled more often which should increase their firmness and speed, improving the playability of the course.

The creation of a nursery green which is to be located at the end of the practice fairway is currently being planned. This green would serve multiple purposes, providing grass to make instant repairs, to act as a practice chipping area on non-comp days, and to act as a replacement hole should a green be taken out of play in any future renovations.

Hole of the Week

Continuing in our series on the holes at our beautiful course this week we look at the 4th hole, the “Palms”. The hole gets its name due to the palm trees located near the green.


A straight drive is required on this short par 4.  Your tee shot must carry at least 170 metres and be hit with precision or trouble awaits both left and right. Manage the drive and you are rewarded with a short wedge approach to this small green. It is difficult to get ‘up and down’ if you miss the green right or long.

Many players lay up short of Hyam’s Creek on the tee shot in consideration of the difficulty of the drive. This leaves a shot of at least 160 metres to the small, raised green.


Shop News

With the upcoming end of the membership financial year on May 31 your golf shop has put all apparel on sale at a special 10% discount.

Now is the time to buy that gear you have been after!

Sale ends June 1 so hurry and take advantage of these never to be repeated prices.

This Week’s Results

With two championships contested and 3 other comps we have had a busy week at the course. Congratulations go to the new champions, well played and well deserved. To the other competitors well played as well, better luck next time.

I notice that Doug Perry, Peter Francis and Cheryl Legge had great weeks with frequent good rounds and Geoff King featured in the prize winners again.

Don’t forget to put your name down for the matchplay.

Saturday, 12th May – Stableford

The competition was cancelled after the greens became unplayable due to the inclement weather.

Thursday, 10th May 2018 – Lady Veterans Stableford

Winner Lisa Bell 39 Pts 2nd Jenelle Anderson 38 Pts 3rd Marie Farrant 35 Pts (c/b)

Hairdressers Trophy sponsored by Totally Gorgeous Hair M Stephens

Wednesday 9th May 2018 – One Grade Day – Stableford

Winner: Doug Perry 44 pts

2nd:  Peter Francis 42 pts

3rd:  Geoff King 40 pts

Gross Winner: Peter Francis 27 pts

Tuesday 8th May 2018 – Ladies Final Round Club Championships

Div1 Gross Winner: Kay Brennan 281 gross  Runner Up: Jenelle Anderson 283 gross

Div 1 Nett Winner: Dell Brand 223 nett  Runner Up: Margaret Cook 228 nett

Div 2 Gross Winner: Cheryl Legge 316 gross  Runner Up: Pam Middlebrook 319 gross

Div 2 Nett Winner: Lisa Bell 240 nett  Runner Up: Robyn Gregson 247 nett

Div 3 Gross Winner: Sue Paul 344 gross

Div 3 Nett Winner: Dulcie Piper 245 nett

Ladies Stroke

Div 1 Winner: Margaret Cook 69 nett Runner Up: Dell Brand 70 nett

Div 2 Winner: Sue Paul 71 nett Runner Up: Cheryl Legge 74 nett

Ladies Stableford Winner: Shirley Dixon 34 pts Runner Up: Margaret Potter 32 pts

Monday, 7th May 2018 – Veteran Men’s Championships

Men’s Champion Greg Seymour 77

Nett Men’s Champion Doug Perry 64 Nett

A Grade Winner Doug Perry 64 Nett 2nd Michael Burton 66 Nett 3rd Peter Francis 67 Nett (c/b)

B Grade Winner John Childs 68 Nett 2nd Stu Potter 70 Nett (c/b) 3rd Ewald Klein 70 Nett


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