Match Play Draw

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The draw for the 2018 Individual Matchplay Championship has been finalised and is published in the  link below. Matches are to be completed by the due date and either person can organise a suitable, agreeable date and time for the match.

In round 1 some lucky competitors have been given a bye and are seeded straight into round 2.

If you play your match during an organised competition then you must putt out at each hole if you wish to play in the competition of the day.

GA handicaps (the one from GolfLink) are to be used throughout the tournament rounded to the nearest whole ( eg 14.5 becomes 15) with the benefit of handicap with strokes taken as determined by the Balanced Match Play Index. Your handicap cannot rise higher than your initial handicap and if it falls it is to remain at this low point for the duration of the competition.

Please pay your entry fee at the commencement of your first match. Please confirm the winner of each match (and the result) on the draw posted outside the Member’s Lounge.

2018 single Matchplay draw




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