News from the Course – 2 June

Membership Fees now Due

The annual membership subscriptions are now due and payment must be finalised by June 30.

Match Play Championships

The draw for the individual Matchplay Championship has been completed and can be found by clicking here.

The entry form for the 4BBB matchplay is available in the golf shop.

Upcoming Events at Jamberoo

Please place the following important events in your golf diary:

Tuesday June 19 – Ladies 4BBB Par Classic

Sunday June 24 – Men’s Foursomes Championship (27 holes) – Entry form in the golf shop on Monday

Tuesday July 3 and Thursday July 5 – Lady Veterans Championship (36 holes)

Sunday July 22 – Jamberoo Men’s Open with over $1500 worth of prizes to be won

Sunday July 29 – Jamberoo Mixed Open (Canadian Foursomes)

A big thank you goes to Just Bathrooms who have been confirmed as joint sponsor of the Men’s Open.

What a Clanger!

The “super shot” hole on the course has been the scene of many great shots including joint holes-in-one, shots skipped across the water to finish close and many other shots to within inches of the hole.

Jeff O’Brien last Saturday added a new highlight. Taking careful aim Jeff launched his wedge at the hole which was placed on the left side of the green. Unfortunately for Jeff his shot veered wildly to the left where it connected with the ‘Southern Cross’ on the next tee making a satisfying clang off the said windmill.

Jeff proclaims that a sudden gust of wind affected the trajectory of his shot.

The shot of the week?

Just Missed?

Last Wednesday a certain member was driving Bernie McGlinchey’s golf cart from the 6th green to the seventh tee. Having just missed the green on the sixth, Ron’s day took a ‘turn’ for the worse. Ron missed the bridge jamming the cart upon the rocks that form the edge of the bridge.

Apparently it took 6 men to successfully extricate the cart from its predicament. I don’t think Bernie was too impressed.

Good luck with your procedures Ron. Hope to see you on the course soon all better and fit to play. All your mates at Jamberoo wish you well.

Rules Quiz

Arthur’s ball comes to rest on the bridge across the dam on the 16th hole but is wedged up close to an edge making it impossible to hit. What options does Arthur have?

A       As the surface of the bridge is not part of the hazard a free drop can be taken on the bridge so that he can now play his next shot.

B       The bridge is in the hazard so he therefore has to take a penalty drop within two club lengths of the last portion of the course, not in the hazard, that the ball crossed.

C       The surface of the bridge is not part of the hazard. The nearest point is directly below the point where the ball finished, therefore a penalty drop should be taken outside of the hazard on the line of the ball and the flag.

D       As the surface of the bridge is not in the hazard he can take a free drop at the end of the bridge not nearer the hole.

This Week’s Results

There have been cold mornings this week with only the hardy going out early to play. Apparently John Corr even wore long trousers! The days warm up mid-morning before cooling down again as the sun sets. Despite the cold the course has been in great shape and good scores have been recorded. These included Bruce Michie scoring 40 points on Wednesday in division 1, good enough to beat Bob Neilson, John Pringle and George Goor by 1. Eric Nyholm was the C grade winner with 39 points and Rob Mitchell the D grade winner with 36 points. Tuesday saw Robyn Gregson play her best round of the year to finish with +8 in the Bisque Par event. This beat Judy Casey on a countback in division 1. Lorraine Cram, playing in the same group as Robyn, also fired the lights out scoring an incredible +9, four better than runner up Robyn Boles.

Saturday’s monthly medal round saw wet, cold and windy conditions and the scores reflected this. D grade winner was Keith Hales, fresh after a spell in the paddock, with a 72 nett. C grade winner was Larry Osterhaus with a 65 nett, B grade winner was Wayne Griffiths with a 69 nett. A grade winner was Gary Harvey with a nett 62 after a fine 75 off the stick. George Vlatko was rewarded with the day’s best gross, also a 75. Liz Armstrong won the Ladies event with a 79 nett.

Hope to see you on the course in the coming week.

Rules Quiz Answer: This is a tricky one.

Under decision 30 for Rule 13-4, the bridge is an obstruction and Arthur may touch the surface of the bridge at address or in the backward movement of the stroke as an obstruction in a water hazard is not “ground in the hazard”. So if he could strike the ball where it lies, he would be entitled to do so.

Under decision 11 of rule 24-2b, if Arthur elects to take relief, the nearest point of relief is the point directly under the resting position of the ball. In this case this point is 2 metres under water in the hazard. He can play from there or he can take a penalty stroke for now being in the hazard. The correct answer is C.




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