News From the Course – 28 July

fourth hole 4

Mixed Open

The First National Coast and Country Jamberoo Mixed Open is set to be played tomorrow with Woolies vouchers for both gross and nett winners and runners up. It is sure to be a fun day with the Canadian Foursomes format and with the course in excellent condition good scoring is to be expected.

In the Canadian Foursomes both partners hit off the tee and the play alternates after the preferred ball is selected. Last year unfortunately two prominent teams miss read the format so I would not like to see this happen again.

After the game, for a small cost of $5, a steak sandwich and salad will be served and refreshments will be available.

I hope all teams enjoy their day on our beautiful course.

Rules Update

In January 2019 the Rules of Golf are being updated and there will be some changes to these rules. Today we look at Penalty Areas and Relief Areas.

2019 Rule: Under the new Rules, “Water hazards” will be superseded by the expanded concept of “penalty areas”, and Rule 17 will provide the same basic options for relief that exist under the current Rules:

  • A penalty area will include both (1) all areas currently defined in the Rules as a water hazard or lateral water hazard and (2) any other areas the Committee chooses to define as penalty areas (with recommended guidelines to be provided in the guidebook).
  • Penalty areas may therefore include areas such as deserts, jungles, lava rock fields, etc.
  • The term “hazard” will no longer be used in the Rules.

Reasons for Change:

It has been recognized that requiring areas to contain water seems to be a somewhat arbitrary reason for permitting such relief options.

For reasons such as safety and pace of play, many Committees have sought to expand the use of lateral water hazards by marking areas that do not contain water and by marking water hazards as red where that is not specifically contemplated by the Rules.

The broader use of “penalty areas” will allow Committees to respond to the wide range of settings in which golf is played by giving relief from areas that present similar obstacles to existing water hazards such as difficulties with finding and playing a ball and similar practical needs about pace of play.

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I’ll take a Beer Please!

You may have noticed that there are some new portable sand holders on the par threes. Please use these to repair and smooth any divot you may take on the tee.

Ron Hewson today found the new holder very interesting. Thinking it was an esky Ron reached in to pull out a beer thinking, “what a great innovation”. He was a little disappointed when all he pulled out was the spade!

Latest Results

Beautiful weather with hardly a breath of the westerly wind about was the order of the day this week. With fast, smooth greens some players found the conditions very much to their liking with prize winning scores near 40 points needed. Here is the list of winners this week.

Saturday 28th July 2018 – Men’s Stableford

A Grade Winner:   Greg Seymour 38 pts

B Grade Winner:   Dave Connon 39 pts   2nd:   Greg Tarrant 38 pts

C Grade Winner:   Phil Green 39 pts (c/b)   2nd:   Ian Martens 39 pts

D Grade Winner:   Geoff Boxsell 38 pt

Ladies Winner:   Lisa Bell 31 pts

Wednesday 25th July 2018 – Men’s Stableford

A Grade Winner:   Arthur Bosanquet 36 pts

B Grade Winner:   Brian Bennett 41 pts   2nd:   Brian O’Hare 40 pts

C Grade Winner:   Les Hanigan 39 pts   2nd:   Gary Eagleton 36 pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner:   Rob Mitchell 38 pts   2nd:   Keith Hales 37 pts (c/b)

Tuesday 24th July 2018

Ladies 4BBB Stableford

Winners:   Cheryl Legge & Lisa Bell 50 pts   Runners Up:  Gayle Rutledge & Kay Brennan 47 pts   3rd: Pam Middlebrook & Marlene Trethowan 46 pts

Sunday 22nd July 2018

First National Coast & Country Jamberoo Mens’ Open

Jamberoo Open Gross Winner  Daniel Nesbitt (LSC) 64

Gross Runner Up Colin Mitchell (LSC) 65

Nett Winner Don Thompson 63

Nett Runner Up M Pope (Sussex Inlet) 64 (c/b)

A Division Gross Winner Tom Holz (LSC) 68 c/b

A Division Nett Winner Hayden McKay (PK) 67

B Division Gross Winner Dylan McDonald 84 c/b

B Division Nett Winner Phil Gosling 65



2 thoughts on “News From the Course – 28 July

  1. Yes Dave great innovation…..The sand Eskys….Can you imagine my disappointment on my face when I opened up the first one,,then the next one( mmmmm it really is for sand)..A little bit of light humour for my playing group..

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