News From the Course, 25 August


At Jamberoo we presently run a booking sheet for all members who wish to play in a competition and also for making cart bookings for these competitions. With improvements in technology this will change and an on-line booking sheet may be available for your use.

However this only will be available sometime in the future so members are reminded of the 2018 conditions of play which can be viewed on the club website under the ‘More’ tab in the ‘notices and downloads’ section.

Here is an excerpt:

“Booking into a Competition

Saturday competitions are members’ comps and priority in bookings will be extended to members.
For Saturday competitions, all time-slots (except for those 5 pre-purchased spots) become available to members at about 5pm on the Wednesday, ten days prior to the event. For members present at the Golf Club at this time a draw will be made for first choice of available time-slots. The time sheet is then available at the Golf Shop on Thursday morning where bookings can be made in person or by phone.
Wednesday time sheets become available at the start of competition on the Wednesday prior to the competition. Members may book themselves and a maximum of three others into the one time slot. Telephone bookings will not be taken until later in the day. Full details of members and especially visitors are required. (Name, Member No, cart hire required, and for visitors, Club, Handicap & Golf Link Number).
If you require the use of a motorised cart then this should be noted on the time-sheet. Failure to do so may result in your missing out depending on bookings for the carts on the day.
Do not assume that a cart will be available.
If for any reason you cannot attend your tee time please contact the starter as soon as possible so that your place can be re-allocated to another member. Do not make bookings if you are aware that you will be absent on that day.
Players must report to the Starter 15 minutes prior to hit off and are under the control of the Starter”.

Please follow these simple steps to let the starter efficiently accept your payment and hand you your score card and cart keys.

Our volunteer starters try their best to respond to your requests and wishes but it is difficult if you come in late or without phoning in advance expecting a cart when they have all already been booked or if you change your booking at the last moment.

Please phone the starter on 4236 0404 well in advance to find out if there are spots available, if any carts are available or if you can’t make it.

Is this an Eagle?

Shop volunteer, Phil Gosling, had an interesting occurrence last Saturday.  Apparently Phil hit his second shot into the hole on the 1st.

Unfortunately for Phil he was playing the third at the time.

2019 Rule – Taking relief from a plugged ball in the general area of the course.

On the 1st January 2019 the amendment to the Rules of Golf come into force. Click here for a full listing of the changes.

Relief without penalty for an embedded ball in the rough

2019 Rule: The current default position in the Rules will be reversed:

  • Rule 16.3 will allow relief for a ball embedded anywhere in the “general area” (that is, the area currently known as “through the green”), except when embedded in sand.
  • In taking relief, the player will drop the original ball or a substituted ball within one club-length of (but not nearer the hole than) the spot right behind where the ball was embedded.

Reasons for Change:

This is an appropriate exception to the principle of playing the ball as it lies because having to play a ball that is stuck in soft or wet ground (whether in the fairway or the rough) should not be considered part of the normal challenge of playing a course.

This Week’s Results

To paraphrase an old Queensland advertisement … “Jamberoo, windy one day, even windier the next”. August winds, you have to accept their challenge and enjoy your game regardless!

Not that the wind affected the scoring of our competition winners this week with George Goor scoring a massive 45 individual points on Wednesday along with his playing partner William Perry who fired a good 42 points. It often happens that if one player fires then another in the group also goes well. John Lacey also scored 42 points on Wednesday.

On Tuesday the wind was relentless and the Ladies, playing a Canadian Foursomes, all seemed to enjoy their game despite the wind if judging by the smiles on their faces when they completed their round. On reflection, perhaps they were grimaces.

Monday saw our second Veterans stableford of the month and Bill Little was the winner with a good 41 points.

Thursday saw the inaugural playing of the 9 hole stableford with the ladies leading the scoring with Judi O’Brien’s 21 points the best.

Congratulations to Marie Farrant and Pat Paris on their Mixed Foursomes Championship victory in the hurricane on Sunday.

Full results

Saturday, 25th August 2018 – Stableford

A Grade Tim Young 39 points

B Grade Dylan McDonald 38 (c/b) 2nd Wayne Griffiths 38 (c/b)

C Grade John Lucas 37 points (c/b) 2nd Peter Hughes 37

D Grade Bob Crooks 39 points

Ladies Loretta Green  37 points, Jenelle Anderson 36 points

Thursday, 23rd August 2018 – 9 Hole Stableford Australian Open Promotion 

Winner Men Luke Oborn 19 Pts 2nd Graham Kuskey 18 Pts 3rd Arthur Bosanquet 17 Pts

Winner Lady Judi O’Brien 21 Pts (c/b) 2nd Liz Armstrong 19 Pts  (c/b) 3rd Margaret Cook 19 Pts (c/b)

Wednesday 22nd August 2018 – Stableford 

A division Winner:   George Goor 45 pts   2nd:   Pat Paris 39 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:   William Perry 42 pts   2nd:   Mal Garratt 39 pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner:   John Lacey 42 pts   2nd:   Pat Lawrence 39pts

Tuesday 21st August 2018 – Ladies Canadian Foursomes 

Winners: Lyn Kuskey & Shirley Dixon 75.125

Runners Up:  Margaret Cook & Jenelle Anderson 80.5

3rd:  Judi O’Brien & Marlene Trethowan 82.75

Monday, 20th August 2018 – Veterans Stableford

Winner Bill Little 41 Pts 2nd William Perry 36 Pts

Sunday 19th August 2018 – Mixed Foursomes Championship

Champions Marie Farrant & Patrick Paris 132

Nett Winners Kay Brennan & Bernie McGlinchey 113.75


Thanks to our Volunteers – the club wouldn’t be the same without you.



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