JGC Men’s Eclectic 2018 Update

The half-way point (20 rounds) of the JGC 2018 Men’s Eclectic competition has come and gone. The gross scores from these 20 rounds have been analysed, with the more interesting results detailed below.

  • Gross scores have been entered for 183 players.
  • 183 players have played 1,546 rounds.
  • 173 players have a gross score for every hole (ie no “wipes”).
  • 2 players have played in all 20 rounds.
  • The leading gross score is 4 shots ahead.
  • 3 players have a gross score below 60
  • 99 players have at least 1 birdie and 19 players have achieved birdies on 5 or more holes.
  • 2 eagles so far (on the 12th).
  • Hardest hole is the 18th (par 4), averaging 5.12, with only 1 birdie.
  • Easiest hole is still the 9th (par 3), averaging 2.9, with 37 players having birdies.

Eclectic competitions are designed so that the lowest handicap players do not necessarily win the Gross competition. After 20 rounds the top 20 players are within 10 shots of the leader.

Remember, the Nett scores will not be known until after the last eclectic round on 24 November 2018, and will only be revealed at the Club’s Presentation function on 2 December 2018. However, it does appear as though a player with a handicap of over 30 is leading the Nett competition with a score of 39!!

We are still seeing first rounds added to the eclectic competition and there is still plenty of time for all members to complete the required minimum number of 8 rounds and be eligible to win either the Gross or Nett competition.


One thought on “JGC Men’s Eclectic 2018 Update

  1. Firstly congratulations Arthur and Liz for introducing this event for members..Also to the YOUNG man who has set up your spread sheet..I would like to firstly congratulate the player on over 30 Handicap who at the moment is on 39 nett..28 under handicap par ….WOW what an achievement…to achieve this fantastic score he must have had 13 birdies and 5 pars if he was on say 30 handicap…This is based on him using 50% of his handicap at the end of the competition..= 67-15=52 – 13 birdies = 39 nett (mmmmmmm)…LOL…anyway great innovation, I know in our group if we get a birdie…it’s an eclectic moment…and a heap of laughs and after game comments on the deck of beautiful JAMBEROO Golf Cub…(This is where we play our best golf).Once again….Great introduction of another competition….it gets us ALL laughing and at the same time being competitive to improve your previous score on a particular hole..well done to all involved…

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