News From the Course 22 September

An ace

What are the odds of scoring a hole-in-one? According to Golf Digest magazine, who has been tracking the subject for more than 60 years, an amateur’s chance of an ace is 12,500 to 1.

These odds didn’t deter Ladies Captain Margaret Cook who scored an ace on the tricky 7th hole on Saturday 15th of September. Well played Margaret.

The successful ball will be mounted onto a trophy to commemorate Margaret’s perfect shot and she will also be rewarded with six golf balls from the club to help her celebrate.

Interestingly Margaret is the second person to score a hole-in-one this year and it is the first ace on the seventh since 2014.

Way to go Margaret.


Margaret seen here with Lieve


There have been some reports of amnesia recently. You reach the end of the hole and ask your opponent what they had. ‘Put me down for a 7’ is the reply. But this triggers a slight sense of suspicion so you add up their shots and reach a number higher than that which was declared. What now? Well you are in a difficult position but the truth is there is no excuse for writing down a lower score. I would suggest that you help re-calculate their score on the hole and then keep a close eye on their scoring to help your playing partner out if they have that unfortunate memory loss again.

Hitting a Provisional Ball

Every ball you hit should be uniquely identifiable. That means that if you have just hit a Titleist 1 with a blue dot on it into the deep rough, your provisional should either feature a different number or a different marking. It’s also advisable, though not compulsory, to declare to your playing partners exactly what ball you are using. Hitting exactly the same ball into roughly the same area can lead to all sorts of issues as you won’t be able to identify which is which.

Ladies Play their Foursomes Championships

Congratulations to the 2018 champion teams in the Ladies Club Foursomes Championship which was played over 27 holes on Tuesday 12th of September.

Shirley Walsh and Kay Brennan were the gross winners with a good score of 141 winning by 5 from Janelle Anderson and Marie Farrant.

Nett winners were Judi O’Brien and Margaret Stephens with an excellent score of 108.5. This was 7.75  less than runners up Lyn Kuskey and Robyn Boles.

By all reports a great day was had by all competitors with most still on speaking terms with their team-mates.

Mens Club Championships

October looms and the Men’s Club Championship is set down to be played over 4 rounds of stroke play commencing on Saturday October 6 and then continuing each Saturday until October 27.

The championship is played over 4 rounds and to win you must have played in all 4 rounds.

You contest the championship in the grade you commence the first round and the gross winner of each grade is declared the champion of that grade. There is also an overall nett winner in each grade as well as runners up for both gross and nett. Even if your handicap falls or rises you will stay on that commencing handicap for the duration of the event.

The player with the over-all lowest gross score will be declared the club champion and this player can come from any grade.

Each Saturday a self-contained event with its own prizes will be held so if you can’t play all four rounds then you can still contest the daily event. You will use your daily handicap for these separate events.

Good luck to all and play well.

2017 Champions

A: Steve Rippon; B: Gary Harvey; C: Gary Eagleton; D: Vince Byrnes

Men’s Matchplay

It is September and it is finals time in the Matchplay.

The Singles final will be contested between Pat Paris and Shane Townsend after both had convincing semi-final victories. Both seem to have good chances and a close final is predicted.

The Pairs final will be contested by the team of Paul Rodgers/Ron Hewson against the winner of the Pat Paris/Dene Herbert and Shane Townsend/Tim Young semi-final. It is no surprise to see the singles finalists also doing well in the pairs championship.

Good luck to all remaining teams and players.

This Week’s Results

Congratulations to this weeks winners.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018 – Stroke – Including Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine

A and B Grade Winner Bernie McGlinchey 63 Nett 2nd Daniel Adams 64 Nett

C Grade Winner Eric Nyholm 62 Nett 2nd Italo Baraldi 64 Nett (c/b)

D Grade Winner Brian Carr 65 Nett

Mystery 9 Winner  Eric Nyholm 31.5

Tuesday, 18th September 2018 – Ladies Stableford

A Grade Winner Lyn Kuskey 41 Pts 2nd Cheryl Legge 37 Pts

B Grade Winner Lisa Bell 33 Pts 2nd Robyn Gregson 31 Pts

Monday, 17th September 2018 – Veterans  Stableford

Winner  John Hammond (The Vale)  39 Pts (c/b)   2nd Michael Burton  39 Pts

3rd  William Little   38 Pts

Saturday, 15th September 2018 – Stableford

A Grade Winner  Tony Rodriguez   40 Pts

B Grade Winner  Alan Jones    41 Pts,  2nd  John Pringle   39 Pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner  John Childs    40 Pts,  2nd   Laurie Fogarty    39 Pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner Bob Crooks    37 Pts

Ladies Stableford Winner Lisa Bell    41 Pts

Hole in One 7th  Margaret Cook



2 thoughts on “News From the Course 22 September

  1. Dave,

    See the poem below. let me know if you received it this time.


    Playing (A)round

    There are very few things I’d rather do Than play a round at Jamberoo. With Pat and Geoff and little Dickie Bremner So many glorious days to remember!

    The course is short, but very tight With trouble often to the right No need to hit it out of sight, Just straight and true and she’ll be right!

    But many hazards to beware With water, water everywhere! Dams and drains and creeks abound To attract the ball and spoil the round!

    And that’s not all, there’s so much more To make the wayward golfer roar! Sloping greens and spreading trees Abound when standing on those tees

    But nature’s woes need but a glance When set against the duffer’s stance The lifted head, the crooked arm, Can produce self-inflicted harm

    Each week we face these many foes Clean cards before us, on our toes Soon heads will drop and divots fly Getting worse the more we try!

    Yet spite of all the angst and pain We can’t wait to get back again. To feel the surge of that perfect shot The wedge that bites, the putt that drops

    The arrowed drive, the perfect fade The greatest shot you’ve ever played! The hacker’s dirge is left behind When such a golden seam is mined

    Oh, the joys of those few hours! Produced by our own inner powers If you are ever down that way Be sure to try to get to play

    You won’t regret the time spent there Breathing that fine country air Chasing balls without a care A pleasure that is oh so rare!

    Peter Saunders Research Professor in Social Policy Social Policy Research Centre Tel: 02 9385 7806

    ________________________________________ From: Peter Saunders Sent: Saturday, 22 September 2018 5:36:14 PM To: The Jamberoo Golf Club Daily Cow Subject: Re: [New post] News From the Course 22 September

    Hi Dave – just wondering if you received the poem I sent you a couple of weeks ago about playing at Jamberoo? – Peter

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