Hams Day Fun–Thanks Tomra

Wearing the latest pennant shirts? President Phil off to do battle.

Besides the 10 hams or half hams given out on the day.


The following  21 people will find an extra $20 in their trophy account. Lucky card draw done under a random no. electronic system.

B Fielding,    C Goodwin,   A Ray,   J Childs,   P Gosling,

M Bartlett,   L Fogarty,   G Seymour,   A Smith,   T Young, 

 P O’Leary,  A Ball,   D Ransom,   L Kent,   H Kaer,

   J Turner snr,   L Walton,   N Beringer,   M Cook,  K Oborn and R Sheath.



2 thoughts on “Hams Day Fun–Thanks Tomra

  1. Ham Day was a fun day..our shirts were supplied courtesy of Mrs Caroline Rodgers for Paul and myself as she thought they would be appropriate for Xmas hams day…..Thank you Caroline….A big thank you to the Volunteers that cooked the BBQ for the players and no to forget the happy barman who looked after us thirsty golfers..(a great job done by all) this encouraged players to come back to the deck and talk about their days achievements, ( whether it be bad or good) Great too see this..it builds friendships among the members…MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY, and most of all HEALTHY NEW YEAR to all the members, Directors and Green Staff…HIT EM STRIGHT AND HIT EM LONG.

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