News and Views – February 2

Tree trouble on 18

Brian U thought he was a trifle unlucky when his ball clipped the top branch of a gum tree on the left of the 18th fairway.

Expecting the ball to be further down the fairway he was surprised, to say the least, at the final resting place of his ball.

His playing partners saw the humour although Brian was not amused!

Photo 1-2-19, 4 49 13 pm.jpg

Pennant Season Commences

On behalf of the members of Jamberoo Golf Club I would like to take this opportunity to wish all 4 of our Men’s Pennant teams the best of luck in round 1 which commences on Sunday.

B and C Pennants are at the Grange and both White Horse Cup teams are playing at Bowral.

Go the Roo!

What does a Board member actually do?

In a new series of articles the roles of various positions at the club will be highlighted.

Role of the Club Captain

As Captain among my duties is to oversee the running of the competitions at our club. This includes the checking of competition cards and plans for the awarding of prizes and balls.

I organise the Men’s Club Matchplay tournament and run our Jamberoo Open Days. The organisation of the Mens’ Pennant teams comes under my purview as does the selection of teams (which is completed in consultation with the team captains and selectors)

I also prepare the schedule of events and answer any questions concerning the rules of golf and player handicaps.

In consultation with the Match Committee I have the duty to formulate all local rules that are played. I am your contact person with Golf NSW and with Golf Illawarra.

I do not have any authority over the green-staff except in advising them on pin and tee positions and the marking of GUR on the course. I have little input into course maintenance issues but will give suggestions if I see that it is warranted.

Please feel free to talk to me if you have any issues and I will promise to listen to all comments and act on them if possible and to take them to the Board if it is appropriate.

Club Captain Dave Ransom

The Week in Review

At last a cool change has hit! The course is in fantastic condition and this is your chance to experience the playing of a competition without the sweat!

Don’t forget, …..  grades are back so lets get out there a give yourself a chance to win a prize by coming first in your grade.

This month’s best putter is Greg Seymour who managed to play the stroke round in 26 putts along with Steve Rippon and George Vlatko. Greg won the random draw to claim the prize

Monthly Medalists are:

A Grade Anthony Smith

B Grade Bryan Nicoll

C Grade Ray Sheehan

D Grade Norbert Beringer

Anthony Smith won the best gross with 72.

Best rounds of the week were recorded by Eric Nyholm 44 pts (c/b) and Jeff Draper 44 pts on Wednesday while Lyn Beringer was the Tuesday Ladies comp winner with 36 points. Geoff Reynolds again showed that he enjoys those long weekend rounds winning with 43 points on Monday.


4 thoughts on “News and Views – February 2

  1. Hi Capt
    I here your suffering every Saturday and I for one know you as one of the most committed captains in the present day at our club, you have committed 100% of your time in making the competitions run smoothly and not to mention with pennants starting tomorrow you have achieved Illawarra pennant winners under your watch. So to all members of our beautiful club respect and support your captain. Having played today I think the green staff needs help in a direction of maintaining the greens to the once true and perfect lie, although I am not experienced in green keeping I’m sure scarifiring may help or coring if this time of year will allow it. Just a thought?

  2. Thank you Steve. I too am not an expert and I have no control over the golf course maintenance schedule but I am very dissatisfied at the state of our greens and the amount of couch in them. The advice you have given seems like common sense to me. It is getting to the stage that some greens will need a complete overhaul to remove the couch.

    1. Captain Dave. I enjoy reading your weekly reports in the daily cow. I believe a large number of members don’t have access to the internet. Would it be possible to have your reports printed onto some flyers and placed in the lounge area for members to read. Regards Tony.

      1. Hi Tony, great to see you at the club yesterday. You have a good idea and I will try and do that very thing. Presently I do try to put things up on the noticeboard but putting the full newsletter up seems a good idea. Cheers.

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