Pennant Reports -week 2

Jamberoo Golf Club hosted the C Pennant and two divisions of the White Horse Cup on Sunday and we trust that our visiting players had a pleasant time playing our course. 

With only one Jamberoo team playing, the focus of the club was on the Cowpats to see if they could maintain their successful start to the season against the strong Bowral team who also were coming off a good performance in round 1. We were playing at home and this is always an advantage.

Jedi Cowpats 5 defeated Bowral 1 

May the Force be with You

The Jedi Knights Cowpats Fortress was presented to the visiting Galaxy’s ambassadors for this first time in several years. Some distant galaxies have never had the opportunity to visit due to the Mysterious Force which has always prevailed.

The preparation for such an event takes meretricious planning to present Jamberoo as a unique Star Ship with exceptional people associated with this Oasis in the edge of the Galaxy.
The Jedi Knights would like to especially thank Sue [Shaak Ti], Stuart [Ki –Adi – Mundi], The Chief Pecker [Count Dooku], all Honorary Jedi Knights on Sunday for their contribution in making the day a great success. The attendance and support of Magpie Storm-troopers Cobber, Willow and leDon, with wonder dog Kassie in tow, was very much appreciated.

The Big Question being poised on Sunday was, will the Jedi Council be able to retain the services of EP given the praise the other Galaxies had for the Preparation, Professionalism and Quality of Documentation?

EP you have finally come from the Dark Side to set new standards.

jedi council
The Force was more evident at the Battle Station 17 with the last battle rites were preserved for a hard fought victory. From a player perspective the Jedi Knights maintained their momentum in a hard fought laser battle.

The Shot of the day was R2D2’s 210 metre drive on the 4th to establish an early lead with a birdie; Yoda recovered from his daring attempt to drive the 6th to establish the well-earned victory; Jango was ruthless again in maintaining constant pressure;  Skywalker used his two man star fighter to eliminate the opposition using the brilliant navigator of the Star Fleet Clone Commander Jet.png (aka Arthur B);  Jinn toyed with his opposition who needed oxygen on the 14th; and Obi Wan was strong with the Force and his game. At the 11th Obi Wan had some trouble locating his ball after it was deflected by a ray shield guarding the green. He called on Kassie the wonder dog to search for it but Kassie had gone off on a search for Jawas, walking to the next battle station, the missing ball was found, alas too late to restart the previous skirmish.

May The Force be with You

SL1 (aka Col Booth)

Tim Young (aka Yoda) won 4/3

Pat Paris (aka Jango Fett) won 4/3

Bryan Nicoll (aka R2D2) lost on the 18th

Dylan McDonald (aka Luke Skywalker) won 2 up

Peter Francis (aka Qui Gon Jinn) won 3/1

Shane Townsend (aka Obi Wan Kenobi) won 3/1



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