Members Help Required

Garbage Bins Required

Image result for red wheelie bins

The plastic bags we are using for collecting, storing, and transporting recyclable cans/bottles are not suitable as they are cumbersome, not robust enough, and do not protect handlers from cut glass injury or falling object injury.

Our friends at RDA appreciate our support but are worried about safety and the cost of using plastic bags. They suggest we use small (not large) wheelie bins similar to council-issued red-lid bins.

It is a great idea, easier and safer to handle, and tidier/neater looking. However they are not not cheap to purchase with a cost over $240 each.

The club is seeking support from members, hopefully who have a spare bin they could “loan” to the club while we continue the current collection scheme.

Please let us know if you can help.

4 thoughts on “Members Help Required

  1. Just checked out online and Bunnings have 100 Litre bins for $67.00 these are the smaller type bins. 240 Litre bins are $116.00..I recently purchased 60 Litre bins for $14.95 from RONI’S at Shellharbour for my back yard…Don’t purchase from council….

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