News Weekly – January 17

17th tee Jan 2020

Members’ Trophy Accounts

In the last week the Office has been doing an audit on the amount of uncollected vouchers and balls in members accounts.

As you are aware members have 3 months to collect their winnings as per the 2020 Conditions of Play (and earlier years) which can be found by  clicking here . Here is the relevant excerpt:

three calendar months from the date of events, all unclaimed
trophies will revert to the Club unless arrangements are
made through the office”.

There is no need for you to be concerned if you take advantage of the last phrase. Make arrangements with the Office.

Many members already transfer all of their voucher winnings automatically to their membership account, while some are saving theirs to buy a special item from the golf shop. We do not want to take unclaimed winnings so please let the Office know what you want done with yours.

Let your mates who don’t have access to a computer know as well. All balances can be found by asking in the shop.

Mens Pennants 2020

The 2020 Mens Pennant Season commences on Sunday 2nd February. This means the cut-off day for handicaps will be Sunday 26th January. All Pennant handicaps will be set at this date.

In C Pennants your handicap can fall after this date and you will still remain in the team but you will be required to give shots to your opponent (based on a 13 handicap) according to the balanced matchplay index.

Once your handicap falls that’s what it remains at for the rest of the Pennant even if it should consequently rise again.

The C Pennant play their first game at St George’s Basin, and the White Horse Cup Division 1 Magpies start at Nowra. The Division 3 Cowpats start at Bowral.

A ‘Representative Shirt’ Presentation will occur at the club after golf on Saturday 25th of January at about 2.30 pm.

Don’t forget to contact your Team Captain.

C Pennant – Chris Leckey – 0400 223 138

WHC Magpies –  Don Thompson – 0415 974 550.  I’ve got it right this time.

WHC Cowpats – Col Booth – 0417 033 023

January Greens Report

Greenkeeper Nick Goodger makes the following report:

  1. The footbridge on the left of the small ditch on the 18th has been totally replaced due to rotten support beams. New steel beams in stock in the compound were used along with several new timber boards and the bridge surface was carpeted.
  2. The other bridge on the right is also in poor and dangerous condition. It will be removed as players can easily go around it.
  3. Topping off of paths on course continues on an ‘as needs basis’.
  4. The sand bin on the 5th tee path is in poor condition and will be replaced using recycled wood in stock.
  5. Minor works that are to be completed in coming weeks are:
  • The handrail on the 3rd tee
  • The steps for the hazard on the 16th and 17th holes
  • The bumper rails on the 16th bridge
  • Aeration works on the 16th green.

Dogs off Lead on the Course

Recently some local residents have been letting their dogs off lead on the course. Some have been spotted walking and urinating on the greens. This may be causing some of those burnt spots that you may notice on some of the greens.

As this is occurring after normal work hours it is impossible for the green and shop staff to supervise this activity.

If you are around the course and see people walking their dogs unrestrained then please inform these people that the course is private property and to please monitor their animals.

This Weeks Results

A little rain has fallen, but not enough to fill our dams or to set Hyam’s Creek or the Minnamurra River to flow. Keep the prayers going!

Less run on the course this week but some good golf has been played. Congratulations to Jim Robb who managed the week’s only 40 or more point round.

Well played to all of our weekly winners!

Friday 10th January 2020 – Kingsford Nine

Winner:  Murray Bezzant  22 pts   2nd:  Sue Paul  20 pts

Saturday 11th January 2020 – Stableford 

Mens Winner:   Jim Robb  40 pts   2nd:  Hans Kaer  39 pts (c/b)    3rd: Matt O’Rourke  39 pts   4th:   George Vlatko  38 pts (c/b)   5th:   Steve Rippon 38 pts (c/b)   6th:  Ben White  38 pts (c/b)

Ladies Winner:  Margaret Cook  34 pts

Best Gross: Steve Rippon 40 pts

Tuesday 14th January 2020 – Ladies Stableford

Div 1 Winner:   Shirley Walsh  36 pts   Runner Up: Marie Farrant  34 pts

Div 2 Winner:  Marie Rodgers  36 pts   Runner Up:  Wendy Unsworth 32 pts

Wednesday 14th December 2020 – Men’s & Ladies Stableford 

Winner:    Lindsay Wiseman  39 pts (c/b)  2nd:  Larry Kent  39 pts (c/b)   3rd:  Dylan McDonald 39 pts   4th:   Ron Anderson  38 pts (c/b)   5th:  John Lawler (KGC)  38 pts

Best Gross :  Dan Adams 28 pts (c/b)








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