News from the Course – 17th September

The legacy of practice is good fortune!

This was certainly the case for Arthur Bosanquet who is often seen on the practice range and practice green working on his game.

On Wednesday, Arthur not only won the competition with 41 points, he won the Just Bathrooms ‘mystery nine’ with 22 points and what’s more he scored that most elusive of golf achievements, a hole-in-one!

In another stroke of serendipity, that hole-in-one on the 13th hole was the Just Bathrooms mystery hole for that competition and Arthur has also won $100 courtesy of Just Bathrooms.

A great day out on what Arthur describes as a magnificent day to play golf under perfect weather and with the course in superb condition.

Arthur will also be awarded 6 golf balls from the club as a reward for his ace, have the successful ball mounted as a permanent reminder of the perfect shot and will receive a special package from GolfNSW consisting of a commemorative shirt and a bottle of wine.

Congratulations Arthur. Your dedication to practice and the support you give to all club events deserves the good fortune of Wednesday’s results.

Arthur, pictured here with Liz Armstrong

The latest results and Championship Round 3 preview

Round two has been played and ‘moving day’ approaches! The course is in great condition so everybody has that chance to ‘move on up’ the leaderboard and become a factor in the championships in their respective grade.

In A grade Steve Rippon has opened up a gap of 7 strokes from Daniel Hamilton with Ken Bradley, David Ferguson, Greg Seymour and Anthony Smith nearby. Steve is well placed to defend his title at this stage but anything can happen and a good round will put any of the others in good stead for a final round surge.

Ken Bradley leads the nett by 5 from Lee Hayward and David Ferguson with Con Kiayias, a whole host of players close by.

In B grade, Andrew Ball and Peter Francis are equal leaders, one ahead of Tom Zimmermann. Bruce Byers and Ross Graham also lurk very close. The leaders will need to play well to keep in front of the chasing pack!

Peter leads the nett by 2 over Andrew with John Anthony, Tom, Bruce, Darby Campbell and Matt Tedeschi all close by and primed to pounce on any mistakes by the leaders.

In C Grade, Phil Adams is our leader by 2 over Ian Unsworth with Steve Oppert, Robert Anderson and Geoff Reynolds all within range to mount an attack on the leaders.

The nett is very close with Laurie Fogarty 2 clear of Ian and three clear of Bob Wright and Phil. The experienced Bob Weir is one further back and will certainly be a force over the closing two rounds.

Not in the championships? Don’t fret, the daily competition is available for you to play in. Last week Murray Bezzant managed to win the daily comp even though he was not playing in the championships.


The ladies certainly know how to play a team event! Last Tuesday Lorraine Cram and Marie Farrant scored 50 points in the 4BBB. NOT GOOD ENOUGH as Barbara Costello and Nicole Woolley scored a mammoth 52 points. WOW! Margaret Stephens and Shirley Dixon could ‘only’ accomplish 47 for third place.

On Monday Chris Goodwin managed to turn his excellent recent ball striking into a winning score to win A division in the vets stableford. The standard in B division was very high with Luke Oborn winning with 44 points. Italo Baraldi fired a highly credible 42 points with ladies Kim Oborn and Gail Rutledge also on the podium. Clearly it was a great day for the Oborn family.

Wednesday 16th September 2020 – Men’s Stableford inc Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine

Winner:    Arthur Bosanquet  41 pts   2nd:    Alan Jones  39 pts   3rd:   Bryan Nicoll  37 pts (c/b)    4th:  Mal Garratt  37pts (c/b)    5th:    Ian Lewis  37 pts     6th:    Wayne Arnott  36 pts (c/b)   7th:   Phil Thompson  36 pts (c/b)

Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine (1,2,4,5,8,12,14,16,18) Winner:   Arthur Bosanquet  22 pts

Hole in One 13th:  Arthur Bosanquet. Also qualifies for the Just Bathrooms Hole in one Award of $100.

Tuesday 15th September 2020 – Ladies 4BBB Stableford

Winners:   Barbara Costello & Nicole Woolley  52 pts   Runners Up:  Lorraine Cram & Marie Farrant  50 pts   3rd:   Margaret Stephens & Shirley Dixon  47 pts

Monday, 14th September 2020 -Veterans – Stableford

A Grade Winner Chris Goodwin 37 Pts 2nd Brian Bennett 34 Pts (c/b) 3rd Ron Chilby 34 Pts (c/b) 4th Ron Hewson

B Grade Winner Luke Oborn 44 Pts 2nd Italo Baraldi 42 Pts 3rd Kim Oborn 37 Pts (c/b) 4th Gail Rutledge 37 Pts

Saturday 12th September 2020 – 2nd Round Men’s Championships – Stroke

Winner :   Murray Bezzant  64 nett (c/b)   2nd:   Bob Wright  64 nett (c/b)  3rd:    Andrew Ball  64 nett (c/b)   4th:   Italo Baraldi  64 nett  5th:   David White  65 nett (c/b)   6th:   Peter Francis  65 nett (c/b)   7th:   Bruce Byers  65 nett (c/b)  8th:   Steve Oppert  65 nett

Gross Winner:  Steve Rippon  73 gross

Ladies Stableford Winner:     Katie Dorahy  34 pts

Club Championships – after Round 2

The question was asked if it was a curse or a godsend to lead the championship. The answer is apparent after all three first round leaders now trail. Tactics on their part? We will certainly know soon enough.

Some excellent rounds were played with Murray Bezzant winning the daily comp with a nett 64 surging home on the back nine with a nett 29. This was good enough to win the countback over Bob Wright, Italo Baraldi and Andrew Ball. Dave White, Pete Francis, Bruce Byers and Steve Oppert were next on 65 nett to get in on the daily prizes.

Remember, like Murray, you don’t have to be in the championships to play the daily competition. There are plenty of prizes and balls to be won.

In C Grade, Phil Adams is the new leader on 173 after two consistent rounds of 86 and 87. Ian Unsworth trails by 2 after his 91 and Steve Oppert has jumped into contention on 176 after his 85. Geoff Reynolds has also moved forward after his 86 and he now lies with Bob Anderson on 178.

All very close and it will be interesting to see how the players handle ‘moving day’ this Saturday. For the rest, don’t forget that last year in C Grade, the winner came from 20 behind in the last round. Anything is possible under the blowtorch of last round pressure. A good round and you will be in the thick of it.

The nett in C Grade is now led by Laurie Fogarty on 130 who followed his first round 64 with a 66. Ian Unsworth is on 131 with Bob Wright and Phil Adams both on 133. Bob Weir is next on 134 with Steve Oppert, Josh Vazzoler, Robert Anderson and Lex Hodgson next on 136. Many others are close behind.

Many players improved dramatically in the second round with Rod Hodkinson informing me that his improvement was 14 shots.

In B Grade, Andrew Ball and Peter Francis are joint leaders on 163 and first round leader Tom Zimmermann trailing by one on 164 after a run in with ‘the tree’ on the 12th. Bruce Byers and Ross Graham are both well positioned on 166 as is Pat Paris on 167. Gary Harvey and Darby Campbell both threaten on 168 as do big-hitting trio, David White, Matt Tedeschi and John Anthony on 169.

In the nett in B Grade, Pete Francis leads on 129, two ahead of Andrew Ball on 131. John Anthony has moved to third on 133.

In A Grade, Steve Rippon has bounced back with a solid 73 off the stick to lead on 152. Daniel Hamilton, playing despite a work related hand injury, battled on and is not out of it and now lies in second place on 159. Ken Bradley is next on 160 and don’t discount the chances of Greg Seymour, David Ferguson and Anthony Smith on 161. A good round and you will be in with a good show!

In the A Grade nett, Ken Bradley leads by 5 on 134 over David Ferguson and Lee Hayward on 139. Con Kiayias is next on 140 with the sextet of Pete Munro, Arthur Bosanquet, Greg Seymour, Bill Hudson, Anthony Smith and Daniel Hamilton all on 141.

Please remember that you can’t win the nett as well as the gross, so with it all being very tight at the top of the leaderboard in each grade anything is still possible.

Also don’t forget that the Stableford Salver will be contested in round 4 for all of those out of contention.

Play well and play fairly. Enjoy our main event and give credit to the leaders at the half way stage.

News and Views – 10 September


Playoff needed to decide the Ladies Foursomes.

The 27 hole Ladies Foursomes Championships was contested on Tuesday and it was certainly exciting with all teams enjoying the championship conditions presented.

In the end two teams were tied at the conclusion of regulation play on 143 and a playoff was required to decide the championship.

Shirley Dixon and Pam Middlebrook were up against Judi O’Brien and Nicole Woolley in the high pressure environment of the playoff. Using the 1st hole, Shirley and Pam played brilliantly with a par 5 to win the championship.

Congratulations to both teams on their fine performances over the day and extra congratulations to Pam and Shirley on their win.

Gross Winners: Pam Middlebrook & Shirley Dixon  143 (Play off)   Runners Up:  Judi O’Brien & Nicole Woolley  143

Nett Winners:  Lisa Bell & yn Kuskey  109.5  Runners Up:  Jenelle Anderson & Marie Farrant  110.5

Rules of Golf

Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper | The Golf Ball Guy

Taking a Drop?

In taking relief according to the rules you must drop a ball in the right way, which means all three of these things:

    • You must drop the ball (neither your caddie nor anyone else may do so).
    • You must let go of your ball from a location at knee height so that the ball:
      • Falls straight down, without you throwing, spinning or rolling it or using any other motion that might affect where your ball will come to rest, and
      • Does not touch any part of your body or equipment before it hits the ground.
      “Knee height” means the height of your knee when in a standing position.
    • The ball must be dropped in the relief area. You may stand either inside or outside the relief area when dropping your ball.

If your ball is dropped in a wrong way in breach of one or more of these three requirements, you must drop your ball again in the right way, and there is no limit to the number of times you must do so.

A ball dropped in the wrong way does not count as one of the two drops required before your ball must be placed. You have only completed taking relief when your ball dropped in the right way comes to rest in the relief area.

Accepting a player’s “Reasonable Judgement” in determining a location when applying the rules.

  • Many Rules require a player to determine a spot, point, line, area or other location under the Rules, such as:
    • Estimating where a ball last crossed the edge of a penalty area,
    • Estimating or measuring when dropping or placing a ball in taking relief, or
    • Replacing a ball on its original spot (whether the spot is known or estimated).
  • Such determinations about location need to be made promptly and with care but often cannot be precise.
  • So long as the player does what can be reasonably expected under the circumstances to make an accurate determination, the player’s reasonable judgement will be accepted even if, after the stroke is made, the determination is shown to be wrong by video evidence or other information.
  • If a player becomes aware of a wrong determination before the stroke is made, it must be corrected.

It is always good advice to inform your marker if you are taking a drop or if you are unsure of where to drop.

Role of the Match Committee

Any complaint against a fellow competitor breaking the rules should be made to the Match Committee on the day of the competition (or in writing to the Office if a Match Committee person is not available). The Match Committee will then convene, notify the player concerned, investigate and make a decision before the next round. Both the complainant and the player will be notified of the decision.

If you are in the same group when you notice an infraction then a quiet word to the marker and player may clear the matter. These issues are often caused by oversights or forgetfulness and are not intentional. Otherwise proceed as above. You should never approach another group with any such complaint on the day as this can lead to major disharmony.

Expectation of Players in Our Competitions

All players are expected to play in the spirit of the game by:

  • Acting with integrity – for example, by following the Rules, applying all penalties, and being honest in all aspects of play.
  • Showing consideration to others – for example, by playing at a prompt pace, looking out for the safety of others, and not distracting the play of another player.
  • Taking good care of the course – for example, by replacing divots, smoothing bunkers, repairing ball-marks, and not causing unnecessary damage to the course.

Please consider these points.

New Machinery for the Course

After years of hard service the old rough mower has decided to “cark it”. It is beyond further repair. Consequently the Board has entered into a leasing agreement to supply a new Toro Z Master 7500-D 96 Inch roughs mower pictured below.

For the technophiles out there, The Toro Z Master 7500-D is a new diesel-powered commercial zero-turn mower that is like no other that Toro have offered. It features a large rear discharge 96 inch cutting deck for maximum productivity.

Powered by a tier-4, four-cylinder, 1.6 litre, 37 hp* Yanmar diesel engine, the new Z Master 7500-D provides ample power to handle the most challenging mowing conditions. The unit also features a 47.3-litre fuel tank, minimising downtime and keeping mowing crews productive. You will save on maintenance with extended service intervals and a deck design that uses matching blades. This new mower is backed by an industry-leading five-year, 2,000-hour warranty (first two years no-hour-limit).The 7500-D floor pan and deluxe suspension seat are iso-mounted, to reduce vibrations, bumps and impacts during mowing. This will result in a better operator experience and more productivity. The unit is also equipped with the next generation Horizon Technology, Toro’s onboard intelligence system that lets you choose the right operating mode for the conditions, saving fuel costs while maintaining top level performance.

A good investment for our club and for our greenstaff using it. It will arrive before the end of September.

Preview and Latest Results

Spring is with us and new hope arises for those of us who suffered throughout winter. Like the trees and flowers budding back into life so have many of our golfers if last Saturday’s results are anything to judge by. And what a shame that only 43 played on Wednesday, scared off by poor weather at Kiama and poor forecasts. A most beautiful day to play golf at Jamberoo where, of course, conditions are always fine (except when it floods).

Saturday sees the playing of the second round of the Mens’ Club Championships. Many players are still in with a good chance and players should remember that many comebacks have been achieved if you trail. The question to be answered, is leading a godsend or a curse?

If you didn’t play the first round then you can still win the daily event so there is golf to be played for everybody.

We have also increased the value of the prizes to be won at the Championships. Win your grade and you will get $200 into your account, Nett winners will get $150, Runners up for both gross and nett $100 and third place nett in C Grade $80. $1730 up for grabs. All this on top of daily prizes and the Stableford Salver in the 4th round. Get involved!

Leader in A grade is Daniel Hamilton on 72, In B grade, Tom Zimmermann on 78 and in C Grade, Ian Unsworth on 84. Good luck and play well.

Wednesday 9th September 2020 – Men’s Stableford

Winner :   Dylan McDonald  43 pts   2nd:  Murray Bezzant  42 pts  3rd:   Greg Seymour  38 pts (c/b)   4th:  Arthur Morris  38 pts (c/b)

Tuesday 8th September 2020 – Ladies Foursomes Championships 

Gross Winners: Pam Middlebrook & Shirley Dixon  143 (Play off)   Runners Up:  Judi O’Brien & Nicole Woolley  143

Nett Winners:  Lisa Bell & Lyn Kuskey  109.5  Runners Up:  Jenelle Anderson & Marie Farrant  110.5

Ladies Stableford Winner: Marie Rodgers   20 pts (c/b)   Runner Up:  Pat Knight  20 pts

Monday, 7th September 2020 – Veterans  Stableford 

A Grade Winner Ron Chilby 39 pts 2nd Bruce Byers 37 pts (c/b) 3rd Greg Seymour 37 pts

B Grade Winner Jim Eames 42 pts 2nd Russell Reeve 38 pts (c/b 3rd Geoff Reid 38 pts

Saturday 5th September 2020 – Men’s Monthly Medal

1st Round Men’s Club Championships

September Medal Results

A Grade Winner:    Daniel Hamilton  63 nett  Gross Winner:  Daniel Hamilton  72

B Grade Winner:   Tom Zimmerman  63 nett  Gross Winner:   Tom Zimmerman  78

C Grade Winner:    Ian Unsworth  62 nett   Gross Winner:  Ian Unsworth  84

Putting Winner:  Robert Anderson  25 putts

Stroke Results

Winner :   Ian Unsworth  62 nett   2nd:  Tom Zimmerman  63 nett (c/b)    3rd:   Daniel Hamilton  63 nett (c/b)   4th:  Robert Weir  63 nett  5th:  Al Thrower  64 nett (c/b)   6th:  Laurie Fogarty  64 nett (c/b)   7th:  Robert Anderson  64 nett   8th:  Peter Francis  65 nett (c/b)   9th:  Ron Hewson  65 nett

Eagle on 5th:  Daniel Adams

Ladies Stableford Winner:    Kim Oborn  34 pts

Friday 4th September 2020 – Kingsford Nine

Winner:  Rob Mitchell  18 pts

Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Lady Veteran Canadian Foursomes

Winners: Kay Brennan & Barb Costello 71.25 2nd: Lisa Bell & Shirley Dixon 72.625

Championships – round 1 review

A brilliant Spring morning greeted the 119 players to the first round of the club championships. The order of the day was excellence with all guns set ablaze!

The course was in superb condition with the greens firm and fast, matching the fairways. Many great rounds were played with only a few coming unstuck.

With the number of entrants I am pleased to announce that an increase in the prize values has been approved and an additional prize allocated for C Grade. See below.

A grade

Daniel Hamilton has set the standard with a terrific 1st round of 72 to lead by 5 from Anthony Smith and 6 from Brendan Armstrong. Dave Ferguson, Steve Rippon and Ken Bradley are next best with 79’s.

You can’t win the nett as well as the gross but at this stage Daniel’s 63 nett leads Ken’s by 3, and Con Kiayias, Brendan and Anthony by 4.

Dan Adams started on fire holing his second shot on the 5th for an eagle 2.

B Grade

Tom Zimmermann has fired a magnificent 78 off the stick to take the early advantage in B grade.

He leads by 4 from Peter Francis, and 5 from Campbell Darby and Andrew Ball with Pat Paris and Ross Graham next best with 84.

Tom also leads the nett on 63 with Peter next best on 65, John Anthony 66 with Campbell and Andrew close behind on 67.

C Grade

It was very gratifying to see the number of entrants in C grade and an extra nett prize has been added for third place in this grade in recognition.

Leading after round 1 is Ian Unsworth who fired a superb round of 84 to take a 1 shot advantage on Bob Anderson who shot a highly credible round of 85, a 2 shot advantage over Phil Adams and a 4 shot lead from Ron Hewson. Al Thrower is next best on 89 closely followed by Josh Vazzoler and Kevin O’Rourke on 90.

Ian leads the nett on 62, with Bob Weir close behind on 63, with Al, Bob Anderson and Laurie Fogarty on 64. Ron fired a nett 65, with Phil and Josh both shooting 66. Ben White fired a good 67 and is next best.

Chris Goodwin started like an A grade player being one under par after 3 holes but pulled up towards the end, clearly fearing taking an early lead!

Improved Prize Structure

The new improved prize structure is: Champion $200, Nett winner $150, Runners up, both gross and nett, $100, nett third place C grade $80.

This gives a club record total of $1730 for the Championships.

Don’t forget that a daily event will be held each day and all players are eligible to win these prizes even if they aren’t playing in the championships.

Matchplay Championships reach quarter final stage.

After many delays caused by flooding the Individual Matchplay Championships has reached the quarter finals.

Jim Henry v Dylan McDonald, Pat Paris v Luke Asquith, Boyd Sylvester v Kane Rowe, and Larry Kent v Anthony Smith.

In the first encounter Jim Henry played Dylan McDonald and a mighty struggle took place today. In a high quality, see-sawing game extra holes were needed to separate the players. In the end Dylan was victorious on the 19th hole to progress to the semi-finals.

The prize structure for the Match Play is $100 for the champion, $50 for the runner up and $20 each for the beaten semi-finalists.