News from the Course 14 July

First National Coast and Country

Jamberoo Men’s Open and Mixed Open

The playing of the Men’s Open is just over a week away on SUNDAY JULY 22 and already the field size is in the sixties. There are still plenty of spaces left in the field so if you are interested in playing in the club’s main event then put your name down on the list in the golf shop. The draw for times will be made early in the week and published in the Daily Cow. Entries can still be made after this publication.

Jamberoo Golf Club wishes to thank our generous sponsors for their support of our Open.

Jamberoo Mixed Open

The Mixed Open is set to be played on Sunday 29th of July. Entries are being taken in the golf shop. A strong field is expected, including last year’s champions Juanita and Andrew Robb from Glenmore Heritage Golf Club. Thanks to First National Coast and Country for also agreeing to sponsor this main mixed event at our club.

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The Club 4 Ball Matchplay Championship has Commenced

The first round is due to be played by the 31st of July and the first match has already been completed. In a great tussle the ‘tradies’, John Anthony and Gary Harvey, came from behind to win the closest of matches against the ‘scholars’, Richard Bremner and Peter Saunders on the 18th green. It took a sliding 2 metre putt to separate two equally matched teams.

The draw can be found by clicking here

Meanwhile the second round of the Individual Matchplay is being played and is also due to finalised by July 31.

Competition Prize Structure

At our club the number of entrants determines the number of prize winners in all competitions.

To be consistent a schedule has been worked out in advance that is applied for each and every competition run by the match committee, ie those played on Saturday and Wednesday. The Veterans and Ladies have there own schedule.

This schedule has recently been adjusted so please be advised of the following.

The number of entrants in a competition must be 70 or more to form grades. If there are less than 70 players then the prize schedule is 1st $35, 2nd $30, 3rd $25, 4th $20 again depending on the actual size of the field (for small fields 3rd or 4th place may not be awarded).

Otherwise all single events are played in 4 grades provided there are at least 8 players in that grade. A Grade: 12 or less; B Grade: 13 to 19; C Grade: 20 to 26; D Grade: 27 or more. Handicap grades are standards referenced, to reach a particular grade your handicap must be at the specified level.

Occasionally a ‘one grade day’ is played where all grades are combined with the best overall scores winning the prizes.

Starters in grade,  1 to 7: 0 prizes – grade collapses, A joins with B and D joins with C as necessary; 8 to 21: 1st prize of $35; 22 to 36: 1st prize $35, 2nd prize $30; 37 to 50: 1st prize $35, 2nd prize $30, 3rd prize $25; 51 to 69: 1st prize $35, 2nd prize $30, 3rd prize, 4th prize $25, 70 plus: 1st prize $35, 2nd prize $30, 3rd prize $25, 4th prize $20, 5th prize $15.

In the event of a tie for a prize the Australian Count-back System is used. This means that the best score on the back nine is used first to determine the winner and if still tied then the best score over the last six holes is used. If still tied then the best score over the last three holes is used and finally if still tied then the best score hole by hole working backwards from the 18th is used until a winner is determined.

The Green Waste Pile has (almost)Gone!

Kiama Council generously helped us out by waiving the tip fees so yesterday, with fine weather at last, the rubbish was almost all removed. The rest will go shortly. This area will be renewed into an extension of the practice facility, perhaps a chipping area?

New Rules Set to Start on JANUARY 1 2019

As you may well be aware the Rules of Golf are changing on the 1st of January 2019 and to help Golf Australia has prepared some videos to help explain the changes. Over the next couple of months I will highlight one such rule change each week. The first change is about play from a bunker:

2019 Rule: The player will have an extra option allowing relief outside the bunker using the back-on-the-line procedure, but for a total of two penalty strokes (Rule 19.3b).

View rules video here

Reasons for Change:

It is not uncommon for a player to need to take unplayable ball relief in a bunker, such as when the ball is very close to the bunker wall or lip.

Playing from a bunker can be very difficult for some players, especially when the bunker has steep walls.

  • This can present particular problems in stroke play because the player must finish the hole and so cannot simply pick up and move to the next hole after multiple tries to play the ball from the bunker.
  • Giving those players an option for taking relief outside the bunker will allow them to keep playing rather than be disqualified.

This extra option will result in a total of two penalty strokes, to make sure that:

  • The penalty is consistent with the significant amount of relief being allowed, and
  • This option does not become commonly used by players who are able to play from a bunker.

Click here for all the new rules

Latest Results

After the strong winds of last Saturday the weather relented a little this week with perfect, cloudless winter days embracing the players.

Best performers of the week were Shirley Dixon in A division of Tuesday’s comp with a solid 37 points, Brian Carr with a great 42 points in D grade on Wednesday, Don Thompson in C grade and Greg Tarrant in B grade both with 39 points. On Saturday Laurie Fogarty shot the day’s best score with 38 points.

Here are the week’s winners

Tuesday 10th July 2018 – Ladies Stableford

Div 1 Winner:   Shirley Dixon 37 pts   Runner Up:   Pam Middlebrook 36 pts (c/b)

Div 2 Winner:   Lorraine Cram 33 pts (c/b)   Runner Up:   Robyn Gregson 33 pts

Div 3 Winner:   Rhonda McKinley 34 pts   Runner Up:   Ruth Killmore 29 pts

Wednesday 11th July 2018 – Men’s Stableford 

A & B Grade Winner:   Greg Tarrant 39 pts (c/b)   2nd:   Bruce Michie (The Links) 39 pts

C Grade Winner:   Don Thompson 39 pts   2nd:   Mal Garratt 38 pts

D Grade Winner:   Brian Carr 42 pts

Saturday 14th July 2018 – Stableford 

A Grade winner Scott Hainsworth 36 pts

B Grade winner David Connon 27 pts cb 2nd place Larry Kent 36 pts

C Grade winner  Laurie Fogarty 38 pts 2nd place Don Thompson 34 pts cb

D Grade winner Robert Weir 28 pts cb

Ladies winner Patricia Orgill 31 pts


Jamberoo Golf Club Men’s Eclectic Competition


QUESTION: What is an Eclectic golf competition?

ANSWER: It is a competition conducted over multiple rounds of golf but results in one 18-hole score per player. A player’s Eclectic score is the lowest stroke-play score the player has obtained for each hole over the stipulated time period for the competition. The Eclectic competition is run in conjunction with the Club’s normal events.

This new competition has commenced at Jamberoo Golf Club, and will run over the 40 rounds of Stableford and Stroke competitions held from Wednesday 4 July 2018 until Wednesday 28 November 2018. The 4 rounds of the Club Championship and the Jamberoo Men’s Open (22 July 2018) are also included.

Veterans and Par events are not eligible for eclectic scores.

Every financial male Member of the Club will be automatically entered into the competition; there is no formal entry or entry fee.

Valid score cards (see Rules below) from eligible events will be collected, and the Eclectic scores for each player will be updated in the Eclectic spreadsheet after each event.

RULES for JGC Men’s Eclectic

  1. To be eligible to win the Eclectic Competition, players must:
  2.  be financial Members of Jamberoo Golf Club; and
  3. have played in at least 8 of the 40 eligible rounds.
  4.  A score for any hole will only be recorded in the spreadsheet if a gross score is entered on the player’s score-card. If, for example, a player “picks up” their ball in a Stableford event, and registers a “wipe” for that hole, an Eclectic score will not be recorded for that specific hole.
  5. The scorecard of a player who registers an NCR during the competition period will not be valid for the Eclectic competition.
  6. If, by the end of the Eclectic competition, a player does not have an eclectic score recorded for 1 or more holes, that player’s Eclectic  scorecard will be invalid.
  7. A player may play in as many of the eligible events as they like during the Eclectic competition period, subject to the minimum requirement of 8 eligible rounds.


There will a Gross and Nett winner of the Eclectic Competition.

The Gross winner will be the player with the lowest Eclectic score at the end of the competition.

The Nett winner will be the player with the lowest Eclectic score after their handicap has been deducted from their gross Eclectic score. For the purposes of this competition, and as recommended by Golf Australia, a player’s handicap will be 50% of his Golf Australia (Golflink) handicap (rounded up or down) on the last day of the competition (for example, GA 8.5 becomes 9, and GA 23.3 becomes 23), irrespective of when a player plays his last round that is eligible for the Eclectic Competition.

In the event of tied Eclectic scores in both the Gross and Nett competitions, the winner will be determined on a count-back system:

  1. the player’s total score for the EVEN holes (that is, holes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18); and if the scores are even after the first count- back
  2. the player’s total score for the ODD holes (that is, holes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17)

If the scores are even after the second count-back, the winner will be determined by a COIN TOSS to be held at the Presentation function on 2 December 2018.


Of the 71 eligible players who contested the first round of the Eclectic on Wednesday 4 July 2018, only 2 players had a valid gross score; that is, 69 players had at least one “wipe” during their round.

Congratulations to Greg Seymour who is leading with a gross score of 74, from the other “wipeless” player Jeff Draper with 92. Don’t forget, handicaps will only be deducted after the last round of there competition to determine the Nett winner. The suspense will be amazing!!

While we are at it?

Did you know that there is a weekly nine-hole event at the club? Members are eligible to enter this contest any day of the week and play as many times as they like in the week.

Cost for the Stableford event is just $3 per round and the winners are awarded a prize to their trophy account. What’s more, if you don’t win, you will receive a bonus shot to your handicap every time you play until you do win!

See the starter for details.

News From the Course 7th July

First National Coast & Country Jamberoo Men’s Open

The First National Coast & Country Jamberoo Open is fast approaching and is set to be played on July 22. Already over 50 players have entered including many of the Illawarra’s best golfers. There are still many places available so feel free to put your name down on the list in the golf shop or simply phone or email the club. All handicaps are catered for with major prizes for overall gross winner and nett winner as well as runners up. Minor prizes for gross and nett in each grade are also available as well as long drive and nearest the pin contests. Please click the link below to view the prize structure.

Jamberoo Open 2018 prize structure & rules

Jamberoo Golf Club thanks our Major Sponsor First National Coast and Country Real Estate at Kiama as well as our other important sponsors Drummond Golf (Shellharbour) and Just Bathrooms for their generous support.

While we are talking about the Mens’ Open the Mixed Open is also due to be played on July 29. The format is Canadian Foursomes. I have heard that several of our female members are available to play and only need a partner. If you are interested then approach Ladies Captain Margaret Cook or Club Captain Dave Ransom who will only be too pleased to arrange a team for you.

Ladies Pennants

Margaret Cook reports about the heart breaking final in the Silver Pennants last Monday,

“Well we had a great tussle with Russell Vale today, we ended up square after regulation play so this meant that Pam Middlebrook had to go out to contest the playoff for the Pennant. The Russell Vale player managed to sink a long putt in the playoff and so they became the Pennant winners. It was very exciting at the end. We had to give them heaps of shots so it was hard, but we all did our best. All we can do now is to try again next year”.

The Gold Pennant team also suffered a loss so they must win their last 2 games and hope for other results to go our way.

Although the Silver Roos were naturally disappointed at the outcome of the final they should be proud of their fine performance throughout the season where they have represented the club with pride. Next year will be our turn I’m sure.

Pace of Play

Those involved in the game of golf may have differing views on what constitutes an acceptable pace of play, but there is no doubt that slow play can detract from the enjoyment of the game for many golfers. At Jamberoo we would encourage our members to take aboard the ‘Ready Golf’ suggestions and work proactively to improve their pace of play.

  • Be ready when it is your turn to play
  • Hit a provisional ball to keep up the pace if you are doubtful of the location of your ball
  • In a competition don’t waste time at each hazard looking for lost balls
  • Line up your putts while the others in your group are putting
  • leave your bag at the exit of the green nearest to the next tee.
  • mark your card on the next hole, either at the tee while you await your turn or even as you walk down the fairway

click here for interesting videos concerning pace of play, especially the one with the following picture.

Video thumbnail for Pace of Play Player Behaviour

© video and photo courtesy of the R & A

Xmas in July

Xmas in July has been unfortunately cancelled as not enough members had put their name down to guarantee the cost of the meals. The rumours that Stuart and myself had eaten all the puddings is not true!

Vets Qualifying Round for the Illawarra Medal

It was a great day for golf on Monday, great weather, a great course and great company. Amongst all this greatness, John Pringle emerged victorious in Division 1 with 39 points, followed by Peter Waterman (RV) 37 points and George Wells 34 points. In Division 2 Mick Bartlett continued his recent good form to win with a solid 36 points. Dave Newton was 2nd with 34 points and Brian Carr was 3rd with 33 points on a countback.

Monday was also the qualifying round to enter the playoff for the Illawarra Medal. We are entitled to enter our best three players on the day and these were:

John Pringle
Mick Bartlett
Dave Newton (C/B)

Reserve Players are:

George Wells
Greg Seymour
John Brand
Jeff Draper
Brian Carr
Mal Garrett
Geoff Reid

The playoff is scheduled to be held at Jamberoo on Monday 13th August and green fees will be covered by Jamberoo Vets and the Illawarra Vets will hold a free sausage sizzle at the completion prior to the presentation of the Men and Ladies medals.

Latest Results

The news is out. The bad weather has broken and the course is in great shape under blue, clear skies. Get out there and have a game!

Congratulations go to Marie Farrant on her win in the Lady Veteran Golfers Championship contested this week. Marie held off the challenges of Jenelle Anderson and Shirley Dixon to claim the title with a score of 199 four shots clear of Jenelle and five from Shirley. Shirley was the nett winner with a score of 160, three better than Marie Rodgers. On Wednesday the Drummond Golf Stableford was contested and the course played as hard as it can get without any wind. The Drummond Golf voucher winner was Greg Seymour with 39 points, two clear of Geoff Reynolds.

Tuesday saw the first round of the Lady Veterans played in conjunction with the ladies monthly medal. Medalists were Judi O’Brien in Division 1, Shirley Walsh on a countback in division 2 and Kay Ison in Division 3.

The Men’s monthly medals were played today in very windy conditions and the winners were A Grade Matt Tedeschi, B Grade Tim Young, C Grade Lew Dare, D Grade John Turner. Ladies winner was Jennelle Anderson.

News From the Course – 30 June

Membership Payments

Your club membership fees became due on Thursday 31st May and the 1 month period of grace you have been given has now expired. If you failed to pay then you are technically unfinancial.

DON’T PANIC, if you forgot to pay your membership dues it is not too late. Please pay at the office, the golf shop or just phone 4236 0404 or 4236 0291 with your payment details at your earliest convenience and you will be welcomed back into the membership fold with all of your privileges restored.

$540 still represents the best valued membership on the coast. Why not use your trophy account balance to reduce the amount you need to pay?

Ladies Pennants

The excellent news is that the Silver Pennant team have won their division and have reached the final and will play off for the pennant next Monday against Russell Vale @ Port Kembla.

The Gold Pennant have 3 more rounds to play and are well placed to take the Pennant if the leading team slip up at all.

Margaret Cook, Ladies Captain, reports:

“The results for the ladies pennants for Monday the 25th. The Silver team won the A group, so they play  Russell Vale who won the B group next Monday for the play off.

The Gold team won there game 4-1, they are only one game down and with 3 more games to play  they can still get up there. I wish both teams good luck for next week”.

Rules Quiz

Mick hits his tee shot on the 3rd hole just off the putting surface between the bunker and the green. Just in front of his ball there is some sand from the bunker, some on the fairway grass where his ball lies and some on the green on his line to the hole. Mick brushes away both lots of sand with his glove. Has Mick complied with the rules? The answer can be found in the ‘latest results’ section.

Here is an explanation of another query I had this week, concerning cleaning the mud from your ball on the green.

Fourball Matchplay Set to Commence

The closing day for entry into the 2018 Fourball Matchplay Championship ended today and the draw will be constructed and published tonight below.

Round 1 is due to be played in July and a few teams will get the lucky first round bye. The overall winning team shall receive $70 each with the runners up getting $35 each.

Entry is $10 per player payable at the commencement of your first match.

Fourball Matchplay Draw click here

The second round of the Single Matchplay has commenced and is due to be played in July.

Latest Results

Very cold and frosty mornings, then drizzling rain saw tough conditions this week on the course. This did not stop the true believers getting out there and enjoying the game they love!

Congratulations go to Scott and Tony for their win in the Men’s Foursomes Championships defending their title from last year. Arthur and Wayne were our nett winners. Tuesday Ladies Day was played in cool conditions and Judi O’Brien took out Division 1 with 29 points on a countback from Lieve Stassen while Marie Rodgers was the division 2 winner with 33 points just beating Marlene Trethowan on a countback. The rain was back on Wednesday but despite the tough conditions Bob McDonald was the winner with 38 points on a countback from Dennis Thomas with Peter Francis, Tony Rodriguez and Larry Osterhaus all finishing on 36 points. Larry was the unlucky one losing the countback. Today a 2 Ball Aggregate was played in conjunction to the individual stableford, the winning team being Scott Hainsworth and Jarrod Gehrmann with a great team score of 80.

Here are last week’s full results:

Saturday 30th June 2018 – 2B Aggregate Stableford + Individual

Team winners : Scott Hainsworth & J Gehrmann 80

Individual winner J Gehrmann 40 c/b 2nd S Hainsworth 40 3rd Tom Zimmermann 37 c/b 4th  Luke Crockford 37  5th  Matt Tedeschi 36 c/b  Ladies Marie Tarrant 31

Wednesday 27 June 2018 – Men’s Stableford

Winner:   Bob McDonald 38 pts (c/b)   2nd:   Dennis Thomas 38 pts   3rd:   Peter Francis 36 pts (c/b)   4th:   Tony Rodriguez 36 pts (c/b)

Tuesday 26th June 2018 – Ladies Stableford

Div 1 Winner: Judi O’Brien 29 pts (c/b) Runner up: Lieve Stassen 29 pts

Div 2 Winner: Marie Rodgers 33 pts (c/b) Runner up: Marlene Trethowan 33 pts

Rules Quiz explained

Mick has incurred a penalty when he brushed away the sand that was not on the green. Sand is only a loose impediment (something natural that can easily be moved) when it is on the surface of the green.

Here are some excerpts from the rules of golf:

Loose Impediments

You may move a loose impediment (i.e. natural loose objects such as stones, detached leaves and twigs, dead animals, banana skins etc, worm casts, insects) unless the loose impediment and your ball are in the same hazard (i.e. bunker or water hazard). If you remove a loose impediment and this causes your ball to move, the ball must be replaced and (unless your ball was on the putting green) you incur a one-stroke penalty. However, under the rules sand and loose soil are loose impediments on the putting green, but not elsewhere. Snow and natural ice, are either casual water or loose impediments at the option of the player. Dew and frost are not loose impediments.

All rules sketches© R&A Championships Limited, Company No. SC247047, R&A Rules Limited, Company No. SC247046




Men’s Foursomes Championships

Seventeen teams competed this year for the Men’s Foursomes crown and the winners are the defending champions Scott Hainsworth and Tony Panecasio with a good scratch total of 116 over the 27 holes. This was 3 less than the team of Wayne Arnott and Arthur Bosanquet and 4 better than George Vlatko and Steve Rippon. Scott and Tony  noticed before hit-off that the engraver last year mistakenly had written their names on the trophy twice. Surely an omen. At least now we only have to erase the 7 and replace it with an 8! For those of us who read the Pennant reports the Champions are ‘TP’ and the ‘golden cowpat’, showing that having a nick-name doesn’t affect your golf. Well played to the winners.

First prize this year was $75 each for the champions and also for the nett winners and $25 each for the runners up both gross and nett. As Wayne and Arthur had the lowest nett total of 104 they were awarded that prize leaving Steve and George with the gross runners up prize. Lance Fredericks and Don Thompson were the next best nett winners with a score of 106, 1/2 shot less than Dylan McDonald and Daniel Adams and 3/4 of a shot lower than Terry Murphy and John Anthony.

Most nett scores were less than 115 so it was a very close contest especially as the course was playing very long and hard.

All players seemed to enjoy the experience and most are still on talking terms with their playing partners. I believe Peter Young however is looking for a better partner next year!

Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the others. A great club day was had by all.

Arthur and Wayne – nett winners, along with the ‘golden cowpat’ and ‘TP’ – champions.