News from the Course – 17 September

Lance Fredericks and Pete Munro good chances in their respective grades

Club Championships

The Mens Club Championships will be held in October over 4 consecutive Saturdays. The format is stroke with the gross winner in each grade being hailed as champion. A nett winner will be awarded in each grade as well. Each competition day is a separate event so if you miss one day you can still win the daily event.

In A grade, club champion Steve Rippon is out injured awaiting further surgery. The question is will he defend his title or will a new champion step forward?  Favourites at this stage appear to be Jarrod Gehrmann, Pete Munro, Pat Paris, Ray Orr, Scott Hainsworth, Tony Panacasio, Anthony Smith or last year’s runner up, Mark Cassel. If George Vlatko’s membership application passes through the board in time then he will have a good chance as well.

In B grade many players have a good chance and it would not surprise to see an outsider get up so close is the competition. Last year’s winner Andrew Ball will  be favourite to retain his title but strong opposition will be coming from Tom Zimmermann, Tim Young, Chris Leckey, Daryl Campbell, Alan Jones, Col Booth, Andrew Attard, Paul Rodgers, Bernie McGlinchey, Tony McRae, Ron Chilby and Boyd Sylvester.

In C grade many players again have a good chance to take the trophy off Errol Stubbs. Terry Murphy, Bob Wright, Warwick Drew, Ron Hewson, Don Thompson and Lance Fredericks appear to have the best form at the moment and are all good chances to win.

In D grade Les Farkas is defending his title and starts as favourite. Opposition will be expected from John Corr, John Proctor, John Turner and Michael Sheridan.

Who will get their name on the wall of champions in the club rooms?

It should be a fabulous event, well worthy of its status as the club’s premier competition.

Linda McGlinchey, close to winning the Ladies Foursomes this year

Ladies Foursomes Championship

A  beautiful day greeted the competitors in the 27 hole Ladies Club Foursomes Championship held last Tuesday. The perfect weather was warmly accepted by the Ladies who responded with some excellent team golf.

After the 27 holes two teams were left tied on a score of 135. The teams of Margaret Cook and Judi O’Brien and that of Linda McGlinchey and Elizabeth Armstrong were left with the prospect of a playoff to decide the winners.

To the excitement of the large gallery present both teams teed off down the first with excellent drives. The pressure was intense and Margaret Cook was able to just clear the hazard and have her shot run up near the green. Liz then hit her shot and to her disappointment,  just caught the bank falling back into the water. Linda had the next shot and the same fate awaited the ball. To their credit the next shots were good but Judi was able to hit onto the green and the team two-putted to take the title.

Judi and Margaret were crowned the champions for the third year running.

Jo Burke and Trish Orgill were crowned the nett winners with a fantastic score of 102 with runners up being Robyn Gregson and Cheryl Legge.

Course News

Due to the incredible dry spell we are having it has become necessary to introduce 15 cm preferred lies on all shortly mown sections of the course (ie fairways) to protect the course. If you wish to take advantage of this local rule then you must mark your ball before you move it not nearer the hole.

This week’s Results

A great week to play golf with a lot of run on the course, very inflating to the ego!

Saturday, 16th September 2017 – Single Stableford – Super Grade Day

Winner  Brian Undersood 42 pts  2nd  Geoff Reynolds 40 pts (c/b) 3rd  Charlie Struck 40 pts, 4th  Ian Martens 39 pts (c/b)

Best Gross Score  George Vlatko 30pts

Ladies  Winner Robyn Gregson 36 Pts,  2nd Cheryl Legge 33 Pts

Wednesday, 13th September 2017 – Stableford 

A Grade Winner Pat Paris 35 Pts

B Grade Winner  John Pringle 40 Pts, 2nd Place Geoff Reynolds 39 Pts

C Grade Winner  Al Thomas 40 Pts, 2nd Place Italo Baraldi 39 Pts

D Grade Winner Richard Bremner 42 Pts

Tuesday 12th September 2017 – Ladies Foursomes Championships

Champions:  Judi O’Brien & Margaret Cook 135,  Runners Up: Linda McGlinchey & Elizabeth Armstrong  135

Nett Winners: Jo Burke & Trish Orgill 102,  Runners Up: Robyn Gregson & Cheryl Legge 106.5

I hope to see you out there next week enjoying our beautiful course.


News from the Course 9 September

Great Innovation

Congratulations to the Ladies committee who have organised the Tuesday classes for aspiring golfers. A great success with a group lesson on the range from Jim Butt followed by a lovely luncheon back at the club. We hope the new golfers are enjoying the experience and we welcome them to Jamberoo, the friendliest club on the coast.


Congratulations to Shirley Dixon on her win in the 2017 VWGA Country Championship Division 2 for June.

Shirley’s score of +5 was enough to beat all comers in this event that is held by all competing clubs on the same day.

Well played Shirley, highlighting  another great performance by a Jamberoo member.

Well done also to Lorraine Cram for the successful VWGA Open day held last Thursday. Another great success at the club.

Beware, blue bottle found in the pond on the 7th

A report has come to my notice from a concerned member who has spotted ‘blue bottles’ in the pond on the 7th hole.

Warren Joannou was walking passed the pond when he spotted the danger. At great personal risk he removed the ‘blue bottle’ and disposed of it thoughtfully.

One wonders how it got there?

The blue bottle found in the pond at the 7th

Corellas have the last laugh


A prominent member was caught last Wednesday throwing a club at the Corellas that were perched in a palm tree near the 7th green . When asked for an explanation for this crazy behaviour club captain Dave explained that he saw red (or was it white?) when he noticed the way the birds had attacked the green again. What’s more they seemed to be laughing at him, daring him to do something about it!

The first toss was unsuccessful but the second one did the trick scattering the villains.

The only problem was that the club stuck up the tree and didn’t come down.

Dave was heard lamenting that he had sacrificed his sand iron “for the good of the club”.

It was a Cleveland CG14 if anybody happens to see it laying about.

He feels like a ‘stupid goose’ right now except that geese aren’t that stupid!!

A ‘padded wagon’ was waiting for Dave at the 18th.

In a further example of anomalous behaviour, not by Dave this time, a putter was spotted on the roof of the Green Shed after the round last Saturday. Apparently the owner had become a little upset after failing to hole his fifth putt from off the front of the green on the 18th after watching his previous 4 attempts U-turn back down the green.

This Week’s Results

Another fantastic week of golf on the course with well supported competitions despite the wind.  As the week developed the wind settled leading to some good scoring on the weekend. This was highlighted by a great 44 points by Justin Bensley on Saturday to win B grade by 4 from Terry Murphy; Brian Bennett chipped in from the the back of the 16th to help him win C grade by 1 from Ray Sheehan; while in A grade, Tony Rodriguez pulled off the impossible holing his chip shot on 18 from the 9th fairway after using the road as a landing point. Pete Munro, however,  still beat Tony on a countback despite that brilliant shot.

Mick Bartlett impressed with a chip in of his own during the Mens’ Veterans competition last Monday. Mick had hit his second shot on the 8th way too long and finished in the tree line bordering the 5th fairway. With the flag perched on the back edge right near the steepest section of slope things weren’t looking good for Mick. Not to be daunted, Mick played the perfect shot, hitting the bank and releasing onto the green and rolling into the hole for a birdie. Wow!

Saturday, 9th September 2017 – Single Stableford

A Grade Winner:     Pete Munro 37 pts (c/b)

B Grade Winner:     Justin Bensley 44 pts  2nd   Terry Murphy 40 pts

C Grade Winner:     Brian Bennett 38 pts   2nd   Ray Sheehan 37 pts

D Grade Winner:    Bob Crooks 36 pts

Ladies Winner:  Margaret Cook 37 pts

Thursday, 7th September 2017 – Ladies Vets – Open Day VWGA Tournament  -2 Person Ambrose

Overall Winners Cheryl Legge and M Fraser 67 1/4 (J and TG)

Div 1 Winners C Bailey and T Hamer 70 (TG)

Div 1 Runners up J McDade and S Hall 70 1/4 (SM and R)

Scratch J Bessell and J Anderson  (TG) 79

Senior Vets Marie Farrant and Christine Paris (J and BD) 70 1/4

Wednesday 6th September 2017 – Drummond Golf Stableford

Winner    George Wells 39 pts

2nd Place    Gary Harvey 36 pts (c/b)

3rd Place    Richard Bremner 36 pts

4th Place    Graham Kuskey 35 pts (c/b)

5th Place    Mal Garratt 35 pts (c/b)

Tuesday 5th September 2017 – Ladies Stroke Golf Mart Monthly Medal

Stroke Results

Div 1 Winner    Lisa Bell 74 nett    2nd Suzanne Lang 76 nett

Monthly Medal Results

Div 1 Medal Winner    Judi O’Brien 77 Nett

Div 1 Gross Winner     Judi O’Brien 95 Scratch

Div 2 Medal Winner      Lisa Bell 74 Nett

Div 2 Gross Winner        Suzanne Lang 76 Scratch

Div 3 Medal Winner      Marie Smith 78 Nett

Div 3 Gross Winner       Marie Smith 117  Scratch

Stableford Winner:  Ruth Killmore 29 pts  Runner Up: Margaret  Stephens 28 pts

Monday, 4th September 2017 – Veterans Stableford  

A Grade Winner Toby Bartle 37 Pts 2nd Geoff Reynolds 36 Pts

B Grade Winner William Little 38 Pts 2nd Graham Kuskey 36 Pts (c/b)



News from the Course – 2 September

Arthur Bosanquet and Scott Hainsworth, both playing well in this year’s matchplay

Shop News


There will be a display of the latest ‘Sporte Leisure’ clothing on Thursday 7 September from 12 noon till approximately 2.30 pm at your club golf shop.

You are cordially invited to look, peruse, try and of course, order and buy.

The latest styles at reasonable prices.

On the Practice Fairway

The area between the 10th and 18th fairways is the designated practice area. Members can use it any time, even on competition days.

On these days, however, it is imperative that you mark your practice balls with a personal logo, or something similar, as we don’t want these balls to interfere with other misdirected balls from either the 10th or 18th holes that happen to finish in this area.

Yes, you can hit practice balls in a northerly direction from the practice area on comp days, but they should be clearly identifiable.

In a comp game you should at least know the number and make of the ball you are playing. Often members put other markings on their ball to ensure they hit the correct ball. This is a good habit.

Match Play Championships

The Match Play championships are well under way and many close matches have been contested as well as some others!

In the fourball in round 1, Arthur Bosanquet and Wayne Arnott were too strong for Matt Tedeschi and Con Kiayias 8/7; Chris Leckey and Anthony Smith defeated Pat Paris and Steve Rippon 7/5. These two winning teams are due to play in round 2 in a cracker of a match.

Paul Rodgers and Ron Hewson played a very good match against John and Alan Paul winning 3/2. They automatically progress to the third round after injuries (or was it fear?) ruled out their next opponents.

Defending champions Peter Francis and Tony McRae gave it their all but fell on the 20th hole to the team of Tim Young and Shane Townsend. This was an incredible match with birdies galore the order of the day. Extra holes were needed to separate the teams.

Col Booth and Dave Ransom played Mark Cassel and Vince Byrnes in the first round in a very close match. Vince played like a man inspired and with Mark’s consistency they proved to be a very difficult team to overcome. Unfortunately for Mark and Vince, Col was having a great day and the match was won by Dave and Col on the 19th. In the next round Col and Dave came up against the very strong pairing of Tony Panecasio and Scott Hainsworth. Again Col played brilliantly but Tony and Scott kept throwing birdies at their opponents, eventually winning on the 18th green, 1 up. Tony and Scott are due to play Tim and Shane in the semi-final in another match that should attract a gallery!

2016 Matchplay finalists -Johnny Bermudez and Tony Panecasio. Both are featuring in this year’s competitions.

The Single Matchplay has also started with many good matches played in the early rounds.

In the preliminary round Col Booth defeated Andrew Ball on the 19th in a quality match; Tim Young defeated fourball partner Shane Townsend 2 up and Arthur Bosanquet defeated Don Thompson 5/3. Ken Bradley defeated Geoff Wilson 6/4, Brian Nicoll defeated Phil Gosling 1 up and Johnny Bermudez defeated Vince Byrnes 3/1.

In round 1 so far, Col Booth defeated Matt Tedeschi 3/2, Tim Young was a lucky winner due to Pete Saunders’ injury, Ron Hewson played a career round to beat John Paul 2/1, Dave Connon defeated Mark Cassel 2 up, and Paul Rodgers defeated Chris Leckey 2/1.

Many interesting matches await decision in the next round.

New Design for 18th Green?

How many good rounds have been wrecked on the 18th green?

Often it is not due to poor play but to the unfairness of the green itself. A ball should not roll up to or past the hole from the front of the green and then do a U-turn and come back at you. It is happening too much and I can’t blame the greens staff as it is just the shape of the green.

When we had long-grassed and slow greens there were no problems but with the short cut and speed of the greens as they are now then there seems to be a problem every single round.

Your suggestions

There have been many sad tales of misfortune, Share some with us.

Better still give us some suggestions on how you would make the green fairer.

Latest Results

Spring is here and many members took the opportunity of playing our beautiful course.

Saturday 2nd September 2017 –  Stroke Golf Mart Monthly Medal

A Grade: Winner   David White 68 nett  (c/b)

B Grade: Winner  Tom Zimmerman 64 nett (c/b)   2nd    Jim Henry 64 nett (c/b)

C Grade: Winner    Terry Murphy 66 nett 2nd    Phil Gosling 68 nett

D Grade: Winner    Geoff King 64 nett

Best Gross Winner   George Vlatko (Shoalhaven Heads GC) 74 Gross

Ladies  Stroke Winner      Marie Farrant 71 nett

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 – Stableford 4BBB in Conjunction

A Grade Winner    Tony Rodriguez 35 pts

B Grade Winner    Bernard McGlinchey 41 pts

C Grade Winner    John Hol 37 pts    2nd Place    Mal Garratt 35 pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner    Bob Crooks 38 pts (c/b)

4BBB Winners: Bernard McGlinchey & Bruce Byers 46 pts (c/b)

Tuesday 29th August 2017 – Ladies – 2 Person Ambrose

Winners    Kay Brennan & Lieve Stassen 67.25

Runners up      Lyn Kuskey & Marlene Trethowan 67.5 (c/b)

3rd Place  Margaret Stephens & Marie Smith 67.5

News from the Course – 26 August

Do you have trophy or ball accounts with positive balances?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you would consider using those balances as soon as possible to help reduce the funds held in trust so as to help balance the books.

It is highly recommended that the first place you should consider using your ball credits is in your golf shop where there are currently specials for the purchase of club logo golf shirts. Balls credits can be redeemed for $2.50 each and can be used for any purchase in your shop, whether its apparel, cart hire or food purchases.

There is a list in the programme book for your consideration, including the club golf shop, on other places you can spend your club prize vouchers if you do not wish to save them up to part-pay your yearly membership. Remember it is planned in late September to clear the balances of accounts that have not been used for 18 months or more. Check yours now to make sure you get credit for what you have won.

A few members have already donated their ball credits to the club, so this is an option you can utilize as well if you so wish.

Saturday Junior Competition

September 16 sees the opening day for any junior wishing to begin the process of achieving a club handicap and learning about golf competitions and how they are played.

A nine-hole competition will be held starting from about 1 pm.

A booking sheet will be available in the week prior to this so that you can book your tee time.

Come along and enjoy the company of your fellow Jamberoo junior members.

Golf Clinics

Want to learn to play golf?

Jamberoo Golf Club is holding three golf clinics on Tuesday 29th August, 5th and 12th of September for a very reasonable $60 (including afternoon tea).

Each lesson goes for about 90 minutes and golf clubs, etc., will be supplied for those who are not in possession of such.

Each lesson starts about 12 noon.

This Week’s Results

Another beautiful week on the course with the August winds at last relenting. Congratulations go to Arthur Bosanquet and Elizabeth Armstrong for their win in the Mixed Foursomes Championship.

They did not have it all their own way as 2 other groups also compiled a score of 129 over the 27 holes. The unlucky countback losers were Tony Panecasio and Shirley Walsh and also Bruce Byers and Kay Brennan.

In future years we will adjust the playing conditions for this important club event so that a play-off will be necessary if ties occur again. Shirley and Tony were the nett winners on the day and received the same-valued prize voucher as the gross champions. We hope that this will encourage more teams to enter the event next year.

No wind on Saturday, combined with good greens saw many great scores returned. None better than Ron Hewson’s 46 points. Ian Bradburn, Don Roberts, Bruce Hammond and Jeff O’Brien also were winners on the day.

Saturday, 19th August 2017 – Single Stableford

A Grade Winner       Ian Bradburn 42 pts

B Grade Winner       Bruce Hammond 42 pts  2nd  Alan Jones 38 pts

C Grade Winner       Ron Hewson 46 pts   2nd  Don Roberts 44 pts

D Grade Winner      Jeff O’Brien 41 pts

Ladies Winner  Jenelle Anderson 34 pts

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017 – Par

A Grade Winner     Bruce Byers +2

B Grade Winner    Brett Funnell +4  2nd Place Alan Alhovirta (Howlong GC) +2 (c/b)

C Grade Winner  John Keeling +6   2nd Place  John Ellsmore +4

D Grade Winner   Terry McGill  (Kiama GC) +2

Tuesday 22nd August 2017 – Dena Kyle Trophy – Stableford

Div 1 Winner    Suzanne Lang 39 pts  Runner Up   Margaret Cook 38 pts

Div 2 Winner      Rose Sheath 34 pts (c/b)   Runner Up    Sandra Gentle 34 pts

Monday, 21st August 2017 Veterans – Stableford

Winner Les Hanigan 41 Pts Runner Up William Little 37 Pts (c/b)

Sunday 20th August 2017 – Mixed Foursomes Championship

Champions: Liz Armstrong and Arthur Bosanquet (c/b)

Nett Winners: Shirley Walsh and Tony Panecasio

News From the Course August 24

Father’s Day Specials – Great Deals at the Shop

A special discount of 5% will be given to any men’s golf shirt purchased from your club shop until Father’s Day.

As a very special deal you can buy any two shirts for $80, that means up to a huge 20% discount.

Use your club vouchers or ball credits in your golf shop, the only place to get club logo shirts!

New Board of Directors Announced

At the AGM the new Board of Directors of Jamberoo Golf Club Ltd were announced.

The new President is Phillip Hahn

Vice President – Keith Hales

Club Captain – David Ransom

Vice Captain – Stuart Potter

Treasurer –   Ray Sheehan

Board of Directors –  Sue Paul, Chris Goodwin, Geoff Boxsell, Mark Fisher, Patrick Paris, Geoff Wilson, Lorraine Cram.

Phil Hahn with Lance Fredericks
New President Phil Hahn receives the Jamberoo Nett winners trophy in 2016 from retiring President Lance Fredericks

Life Membership conferred

At the AGM a special resolution was passed conferring Life Membership of the club upon Lance Fredericks.

This is in recognition of Lance’s sustained service, leadership and contribution to the club over the past 17 years where he has been a Director, Club Captain and President.

Congratulations Lance.

Lance receives his certificate conferring Life Membership from new President Phil Hahn