JGC Men’s Eclectic 2018 Update

The half-way point (20 rounds) of the JGC 2018 Men’s Eclectic competition has come and gone. The gross scores from these 20 rounds have been analysed, with the more interesting results detailed below.

  • Gross scores have been entered for 183 players.
  • 183 players have played 1,546 rounds.
  • 173 players have a gross score for every hole (ie no “wipes”).
  • 2 players have played in all 20 rounds.
  • The leading gross score is 4 shots ahead.
  • 3 players have a gross score below 60
  • 99 players have at least 1 birdie and 19 players have achieved birdies on 5 or more holes.
  • 2 eagles so far (on the 12th).
  • Hardest hole is the 18th (par 4), averaging 5.12, with only 1 birdie.
  • Easiest hole is still the 9th (par 3), averaging 2.9, with 37 players having birdies.

Eclectic competitions are designed so that the lowest handicap players do not necessarily win the Gross competition. After 20 rounds the top 20 players are within 10 shots of the leader.

Remember, the Nett scores will not be known until after the last eclectic round on 24 November 2018, and will only be revealed at the Club’s Presentation function on 2 December 2018. However, it does appear as though a player with a handicap of over 30 is leading the Nett competition with a score of 39!!

We are still seeing first rounds added to the eclectic competition and there is still plenty of time for all members to complete the required minimum number of 8 rounds and be eligible to win either the Gross or Nett competition.


Australian golf officially adopts new World Golf Handicap system

[This article was written by JGC member Brian O’Hare and originally published on the Australian Senior Golfer website. It was requested to be republished here]

AUSTRALIAN golf authorities have officially adopted the new World Golf Handicap system in a move that will mean some imminent changes for Australian golfers and clubs.

The good news is that the new world system corresponds mostly with the current Australian handicapping system, with the two major technical changes (explained below) seen as “strong improvements” to the current system.

However, there is some controversy with the new World Handicap System (WHS) providing for a maximum GA Handicap of 54 for both men and women.

This move has been touted as a means of attracting new players to golf and also of allowing for some older golfers maybe to keep playing – but isn’t welcomed by golfers worried about the pace of play and associated issues.

But there is further good news here in that the WHS specifically provides Australia the flexibility to build default handicap limits into its software of 36 for men and 45 for women (which is what they currently are).

That means that the majority of golf clubs who told Golf Australia in its 2016 handicap survey that they wished to stick to the current handicap limits will be able to do so – the software will enable clubs to decide to run their competitions at the current limits of 36 and 45.

Golf Australia says they did also receive feedback from some clubs indicating they would like to be able to increase handicap limits – and again the software solution will enable them to do so.

Golf is played globally with just one set of playing Rules; it makes no sense at all for there to be different handicap systems in different countries

Overall, we personally have to welcome the new WHS as a great improvement for golf internationally. Golf is played globally with just one set of playing Rules; it makes no sense at all for there to be different handicap systems in different countries and regions.

It means golfers will have a consistent handicap that is portable not only from course to course but from country to country.

Australia to adopt new World Handicap System before January 20

Last year golf’s main governing bodies, the R&A and USGA, issued formal invitations to Golf Australia and all other world golf organisations to adopt the new system and all major countries have now agreed.

The official world start date is January 2020 but GA – again acting on industry feedback urging the changes be implemented as soon as possible – is now working on an earlier roll-out. They’ll announce the timing when determined.

What will the WHS changes of substance be for Australia’s clubs and golfers?

1. There will be a Hard Cap of 5 strokes as per GA’s current regulation.  There will also be a Soft Cap currently set at 3 strokes which will be a new regulation for Australia. The Soft Cap will allow a player normal increases in their GA Handicap unless it increases to 3 strokes above their best GA Handicap from the previous 12-month period.  Above this point the GA Handicap will only be permitted to increase by 50% of the calculated amount.  [Example: A player’s ‘8 of 20’ calculation is 17.2.  Their best GA Handicap within the trailing 12-month period is 11.2.  Their GA Handicap is 15.7 (ie 11.2 + 3 + (50% of 3)).]  Modelling indicates that the Soft Cap will impact up to 20% of the total number of handicap calculations performed by GOLF Link each year.  The introduction of the Soft Cap will reduce the percentage of players impacted by the Hard Cap from 5% down to less than 1.5%.  GA has been aware for some time that our existing system produces a competitive advantage to the inconsistent player over the consistent player and we have been looking for a way to soften this outcome.  The Soft Cap will improve this situation and will improve the equity of Australian handicapping.

Click here to see a Q&A on the new Soft Cap regulation.

2. The Daily Handicap calculation will be changed to incorporate the difference between the Scratch Rating and the Par.  This is all that needs to happen to enable 36 Stableford points (or net par) to become the equitable measure of whether a player has played to their handicap, irrespective of the course or set of tees.  To determine a WHS Daily Handicap GOLF Link will start by performing the exact same calculation as currently occurs under the existing GA Handicap System.  And then it will simply adjust this amount by the difference between the Scratch Rating and the Par.  This change will eliminate the significant complexity involved with scoring for multi-tee and mixed gender competitions, and as a result will be beneficial from a game participation and engagement perspective.

Click here to see a Q&A on the changes to the calculation of the Daily Handicap.
What other changes will there be for Australia?

There will obviously be changes to technical regulations but the above two regulations will be the only changes of any substance to the user-experience of Australian clubs and golfers.  A WHS handicap index (ie GA Handicap) will be calculated by averaging the best 8 of the most recent 20 scores.  We will continue to use the .93 multiplier.  Stableford handicapping of all Stroke competitions will continue.  GA’s existing pre-nominated social scores regulation will continue without amendment.  The WHS will include a statistical daily rating mechanism (which will feature different formulas to the existing DSR formulas) and Slope.

Click here to see a media release on the World Handicap System from the R&A and United States Golf Association.


Vets Christmas Hams Day and Inaugural Barry Walker Shield Presentation

Lyn Walker presented the Barry Walker Shield and trophy to inaugural winner Peter Oldfield. The shield, honouring the former vets president, will be awarded annually to the vet with the best aggregate score across 14 games throughout the year.

By Chris Goodwin

Monday saw Jamberoo Veterans annual Christmas Hams Day. The weather was good with plenty of early cloud cover but as the morning progressed, it began to warm up and by lunch it was pretty hot and sticky. We had a good field in excess of sixty players and with an 8.00 shotgun start, everyone was into the game soon after the whistle blew.

There were plenty of good scores but Don Thompson showed everyone a clean pair of heels in A Grade with 40 points, closely followed by Phil Hahn on 39 points. The placegetters were also close behind with prizes awarded down to sixth place.

B Grade saw John Sutherland from Russell Vale emerge successful with 42 points from an emerging talent in the name of Athol Casey who scored 40 points. Athol has been toiling away for the past few months and it is great to see him getting back in the winner’s circle. Prizes also went down to sixth place and as a reward to all players, everyone who was unsuccessful in winning the above prizes has been awarded a golf ball onto their account.

After the game everyone enjoyed the free BBQ and free drink ably managed by our Vets President Lance Fredericks. I would like to thank Lance for his efforts today which started at about 6.30 this morning helping Rod in the Shop, then off to Kiama to purchase sausages, rolls and beer then back to the course to commenced the BBQ and have it ready by 12.00. He also organised for Lyn Walker to attend to present the Barry Walker Shield to Peter Oldfield and after everyone left, he stayed around to help clean up. A great Club Man.


Dell Brand  a big win at 2017 National Veterans Championship

Dell Brand at the 2017 AVGU National Championship Presentation Dinner at the RACV Royal Pines

Jamberoo member Dell Brand had a big win at the recent Australian Veteran Golfers Union (AVGU) National Championships on the Gold Coast, which attracted a field of some 500 golfers from around the country

Battling a week that saw lots of rain, wind and sloppy conditions on some of the Gold Coast’s top courses, Dell won the overall A Grade Nett title and also won the Friday stableford.

Dell has had considerable success in recent years at the AVGU National Championships, an annual event for men and women vets that rotates around the states and territories.

At the 2015 edition in Darwin, Dell was second overall and in the Adelaide Hills in 2016 was third overall.

No doubt she will again be featuring strongly when the championship is played in 2018 at Port Stephens on the NSW north coast from November 12 to 16.

The championship  is a week long celebration of  competition golf and socialising conducted in handicapped grades and next year is expected to again attract 500 plus golfers.

Members interested in taking part in the event – and maybe helping Jamberoo have enough representatives to compete for the top individual club trophy – can get further information here

2015 Men’s Club Champions

Steve Rippon won the Club Championship for the third year in succession.
Steve Rippon won the Club Championship for the third year in succession.

By David Ransom (in Oahu)


Even in Hawaii the news that Stephen Rippon has won the Jamberoo Club Championship for the third time is headline news.

Considering all the rain the course was in damp but comparatively very  good condition for what was the third and final round of the championship, which was cut to 54 holes when play was cancelled the previous Saturday when a number of greens became unplayable.

Defending champion Rippon had been languishing but appreciated the late sunshine and came home with a gross 72 for a total 227 to beat Paul Hazeltine (71) by a single stroke.

First round leader Peter Munro failed to capitalise on his opening rounds of 73-76 but his final 82 still saw him finish a very creditable third.

B Grade winner Tom Zimmermann tees off on the 13th hole in the final round of the 2015 JGC Club Championship
B Grade winner Tom Zimmermann tees off on the 13th hole in the final round of the 2015 JGC Club Championship

In B Grade Tom Zimmermann went into the final round holding a one stroke lead over Con Kiayias and pulled away with a hard fought 82 to win by six strokes on a total of 245.

Con (87) was runner up with a former B grade champion in Bruce Byers (78) a fast finishing third.

In C Grade Bob Small shot nine strokes under his handicap with a round of 82 (263 total) overtaking second round leader and runner up Chris Goodwin (90) and winning by three strokes. Alvin Ray was third with a 272 total.

The inaugural D Grade champion is Les Farkas whose 315 total was 10 better than runner up John Keeling. Vince Byrnes was third on 329.

Congratulations to all those who took part.

Full Gross Results Here
Full Nett Results Here

2015 Annual General Meeting Notice, President’s Report, Annual Report




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of members of the Jamberoo Golf Club Limited will be held in the Club’s Lounge on Monday 24th August 2015 commencing at 7.00 p.m.


  1. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Jamberoo Golf Club Limited held on 27th August 2014;
  2. To receive and consider the report of the Board;
  3. To receive and consider the Balance Sheet, Income and Expenditure Statement and Report of the Auditor;
  4. To declare and confirm the Board for the ensuing year; and
  5. To deal with any other business brought forward in accordance with the Club’s Articles of Association.

By Order of the Board