Vets News

July Competition
As a result of the wintery weather, numbers were limited to 71 players this month, which means there were only 2 grades. The winners were:

Division 1
Albert Davies 37 points
Peter Robinson 36 points
Glyn Godfrey 34 points

Division 2
David Wardle 40 points (c/b)
Stuart Potter 40 points
Ray Pearson 37 points

The NTP on the 9th was won by Patrick Foy (337cms) and Ralph Young won the drive and pitch on the 8th (69cms). I was nearby when Ralph played his shot to the green and I saw it hit the pin, so he might have been unlucky that it didn’t drop for an eagle. The ball comp went down to 31 points.

Mollymook visit
Jamberoo hosted Mollymook on Monday 21st July and Jamberoo prevailed with a scoring average of 30.08 points to Mollymook’s average of 24 points. The game was played in brilliant sunshine but surprisingly the scoring didn’t match the weather with only a handful of competitors playing to their handicap.

Bob Crooks 39 points
Richard Langford 38 points (c/b)
Theo Schmieder 38 points

Viv Boxsell 34 points
Sue Paul 30 points
The NTPs were won by Chris Goodwin (123cms) and Viv Boxsell (172cms)

Trevor Bell Shield
There was no play in July. The next game is scheduled for late August at Port Kembla. If you would like to play in future rounds of the Shield, please advise our Team Captain, Mr Ray Orr.

Around the Traps
Anyone who has played at the Links over the past year would have noticed the facilities being constructed between the 13th green and 14th tee. It must be very close to operational by now because during a recent visit (to the course not the facilities!) they have officially named the facility as “Nearest Point of Relief”.

NSW Tournaments
1. The 2014 NSWVGA Matchplay Championships for the Bob Coulson Shield is to be played at Belmont, Waratah, Newcastle(Stockton) and Charlestown golf courses in the Newcastle region of from Monday November 3rd to Friday November 7th 2014. Further details and entry form will be in the ‘Veterans Tournaments’ folder in the golfers lounge.

2. The Leeton and Narrandera Vets week of golf is to be held Monday 20th October 2014 to Friday 24th October 2014. Further details and entry form will be in the ‘Veterans Tournaments’ folder in the golfers lounge.
If anyone still requires further information about any of the above tournaments or previous tournaments advertised, please let me know and I will follow it up for you.

Chris Goodwin
Jamberoo Veterans Golf Club


The Monster of Hyams Creek

The Monster has struck again, another unlucky victim.
Likeable chap Bob McDonald, always looks after his motorised buggy, his MotoCaddy is always clean and shiny and his pride and joy. But the Monster caught up with Bob recently, whilst his back was turned the Monster lured his lovely buggy into the Creek, when Bob turned back to his buggy, it had disappeared,
Fearing the worst, he ran to the creek only to see bubbles. Well Bob loves his buggy, so down to his G-String he stripped and into the creek he ventured. After a 10 minutes he had retrieved his buggy and clubs only to find the battery was missing. So once again Bob ventured into Hyams, and after a further 10 mins the battery was saved.
Just like the add on T.V where the car goes over the cliff and into the sea and somehow is found a couple of days later and fires up without any trouble, Bob has confided using his wife’s hair drier and some TLC, his beloved Motocaddy kicked back into life straight away.
Now you might think this is the end of this story, well not so, Bob was spotted walking onto the Golf Course just yesterday with his swimmers on , goggles and snorkel and his wife in tow,( I guess for any CPR that might be needed) it seems the Monster had taken his glasses and other personal items.
I do hope this story ended well? , and a warning to all golfers, watch out for the Monster of Hyams Creek

News from the Course

News from the course

The golfing prowess of big-hitting Andrew ‘Crash’ Craddock continues to rise with his eagle on the twelfth hole on Saturday 23rd of November on his way to winning ‘A’ division with 43 points. This follows his +7 in the par event the previous weekend. As a reward for his efforts Andrew receives 6 balls for his eagle and a new lower handicap of 9.7. Well played Andrew.
James Sala confused the scorers on the same day with his outstanding individual score of 48 points. Some comments in the golfers lounge were that he must have played 27 holes! Well done!
Well-seasoned C Pennant player Col Booth scored +10 in the recent par event amazing his playing partners. The ‘saint’ defeated Brian Underwood (+8) by 2. It must have played easy in the morning without the wind! Well played gents.
John Ellesmore had an interesting return to golf following his recent hand injury. Apparently, according to eye-witness accounts, John lost his grip on the downswing on the 7th hole completing his swing with only one hand. John was heard saying “oh no” as the ball miraculously landed beside the flag to win the ‘super shot’. John is looking for ideas on how to spend the $184 he won. By the way, the next time you finish the 5th hole, look at the garden beside the 6th tee. This wonderful area is all due to John’s hard work. Some are calling it Ellesmores’ corner. Great work John.
Dave Ransom

Latest Vet’s Results

The travelling vets have just returned home from their annual Riverina sorty.

Nine players were able to win seventeen prizes;

WODONGA; Eddie Cram won A grade on Thursday & the pro pin.
Lorraine Cram won B grade on Thursday.

LEETON/ NARANDERRA; Lyn kuskey won A grade on Thursday.
Graham kuskey won A grade on Friday.
Ken & JOY Dickson won second in the 4 ball on Tuesday.
Eddie Cram won the pro pin.

GRIFFITH; Eddie Cram won A grade on Tuesday.
Dale Atkins won B grade on Tuesday.
Lyn Kuskey won A grade & the NSWVGA trophy on Thursday.
lois Olfen won second in the NSWVGA TROPHY.
Robyn Gregson won the 54 hole event in B grade.
lois Olfen won the 36 hole event in C grade.

WAGGA / JUNEE; Eddie Cram won A grade on Tuesday.
Lois Olfen won 2nd in C grade on Tuesday.

“Hole in One”

Andrew McCullough aces the 11th

Andrew McCullough, playing in the Monday October long weekend comp, hit the perfect shot on the 11th for his first hole-in-one. Playing partners attested that they called it in as soon as he hit the ball. Well played Andrew, you win 6 balls from the club and a life-time of memories for yourself.