Some of the 50 Father and Sons (Cranbrook Grammar School) that played a shotgun start on Saturday. In total we had 131 Footgolfers between 12:20 pm and 3:30pm. A record number for a Saturday.
Unfortunately the Swooping Magpie is back. This bird covered territory right over to the 6 th golf hole—I think it might be one of the birds players feed on the 8th—clever bird.
Ladies Foursomes Championships held in pouring rain on a very cold day..
Judi OBrien and Nicole Wooley were winners in a PLAYOFF with and Janelle Anderson and Marie Farrant beaten on the first playoff hole after waiting for a gap in the weather to hit off.
Lots of bedraggled ladies around the golfers lounge warming up with Toasties and warm drinks. Congratulations to Judi and Nicole.
These 4 played first and scooted around the 27 holes in 4.5 hours, missing the worst of the weather,
The remaining field played the last 6-9 holes in heavy rain.
LESSON NO 5687 . If you feel the course is unplayable you may mark your ball and walk off the course. Decisions then made as to whether you continue play or course is closed.


This Saturday Sept 14th we have over 100 footgolfers kicking off from 12:20.

The largest group is from a private school in Sydney (I dont know which–all to be revealed when they arrive) having a Year 5 Father Son camp. There will be 80 players. We are trying a shotgun start, as requested.

I thank you in anticipation for your patience on a very busy and Im sure noisy Saturday and Sunday.

Happy Golfing

Sue Paul (Footgolf Organiser)


After a clean up of clubhouse attic lots of historical photos have been discovered.

It would be great to have them all in one photo album or even a book.

if interested please contact Sue Paul or the club.

Club will reimburse any costs re buying of photo albums or creating a book on a website. most have names on the back.

A great summer project for someone.


Tuesday was a very busy day. As I enjoyed a rare great game I also shot the following photos. Lots of action.

Lance and Klaus getting ready to move bridge in position for the 7th crossing.
One side ready.
John Elsemore —final touches. First tee area looks great.
Roof raised ready for new hoist—long overdue.
Cody digging hole for new bucket holder.
Geoff Wilson —pulling old bridge apart.