CHAMPIONS–Ladies 2018

Div 1 Kay Brennan

Div 2 Cheryl Legge

Div 3 Sue Paul

Captain Marg Cook and  Dulcie Piper (Div 3 –nett Champion)

Birthday Girl (70) and Champion . Cheryl Legge


Reverse Vending Machine

Tomra have our machine up and running. At present times are 7am until 10pm . We are in the process of changing times and having Jamberoo Golf Club as a donation choice.

Steve Rippon has been assisting the club by collecting our cans and glass from the course and receiving an IGA voucher, which can be cashed in. Thanks Steve. He beats the professionals that go up and down the coast collecting from every golf course, bowling club etc. We should be able to reduce our yellow bin costs.

There have been no problems for the first 2 weeks. It has been cleaned daily and emptied twice. Cleanaway will usually empty early morning or late afternoon when there are few cars in the carpark.

Photos below Cleanaway emptying and the units being swung into place.


Ladies having another fun presentation. A few pics of the day.


Marilyn Wright Overall Gross Winner 87. Pat Dyball Trophy

Margaret Boyd Trophy—Shirley Walsh 67 nett.

Jo Bourke Div 1 nett Winner .

Cheryl Legge Div 2 nett Winner.

Alma Schloder–Winner Elaine Honey trophy. Best Stableford score

Janelle n Shirley–Joint Stableford added scores. Elders Trophy.

Janelle (NTP) n Pam Middlebrook (longest Drive-Div 2—beat Div 1)

Kay Ison (Div 3–Longest Drive)

Full results go to Daily Cow and competition results.


You may have noticed some diggings in the carpark.

JGC is lucky to have been approached by Tomra to rent some of our land to place a state-of-the-art Reverse  Vending Machine. The ones that give you 10c a bottle, can, popper etc.

Tomra will pay JGC monthly in advance for electricity and rent at $15 000 per year.

The board is happy to be assisting the environment . The extra revenue,  will assist us greatly with priority works and purchase of greens equipment. JGC will make money by recycling our own bottles and cans. We will use less yellow bins–more savings.



Tomra is the world leader in developing technology solutions for collecting, reusing and recycling empty beverage containers. Operates 80 000 RVMs in 60 markets around the world. Head office is in Norway and established in Australia 2017.

35 Billion used containers captured every year.

Cleanaway are responsible for cleaning machine and any rubbish left. Cleanaway will visit 3 times a week , more frequent if needed. There is video surveillance.


Our members will lose the ramp and 2  carparks and some disruption when people are using the machine.

Tomra will sponsor a golf day with excellent prizes for our members.

JGC has control of opening hours.

IGA has come on board and you will be able to obtain vouchers that can be spent at IGA.