Exceptional Members

Honorary Members Club NSW

Jamberoos Exceptional Volunteers.

Geoff and Lance were recently inducted into ClubNSW   Honorary Fellowship in recognition of their service as Board Members. They were presented with plaques in recognition of continuous service.  To receive this great honour  you must have served for 10 continuous years and left the Board of their own accord.

22 years for Geoff Boxsell and 17 years for Lance Fredericks.

Geoff Boxsell and Lance Fredericks ( both Jamberoo locals) recently retired from the Board of Jamberoo Golf Club and were honoured with Life Membership. 

Geoff has been a board member since 1981 acting as secretary when the club was incorporated. Between the 2 they have served the club for 37 years This included  Geoff and Lance working together on the board for 15years as either Captain, President or Secretary.

Both have been at every club flood and tornado clean up . Jamberoo Golf club would not be what it is today without our Volunteers (too many to mention) . Geoff and Lance we thank you.

Geoff and Lance have influenced how our club has changed and why it is known as the friendly club, and a hidden gem from people who find us.

Both have a wealth of knowledge and continue to assist the present board.

Congratulations and Thanks from all the Members.


Hams Day Fun–Thanks Tomra

Wearing the latest pennant shirts? President Phil off to do battle.

Besides the 10 hams or half hams given out on the day.


The following  21 people will find an extra $20 in their trophy account. Lucky card draw done under a random no. electronic system.

B Fielding,    C Goodwin,   A Ray,   J Childs,   P Gosling,

M Bartlett,   L Fogarty,   G Seymour,   A Smith,   T Young, 

 P O’Leary,  A Ball,   D Ransom,   L Kent,   H Kaer,

   J Turner snr,   L Walton,   N Beringer,   M Cook,  K Oborn and R Sheath.