News & Views 19 September

Course gets a much-needed drenching

Well as you are undoubtedly aware the rain has hit Jamberoo with a vengeance disrupting our plans for the greens renovations. The renovations have been postponed to next Thursday and Friday the 26th and 27th of September. This will mean that the course won’t be open for golf on these days.

Play it as it Lies

The Ladies played their Foursomes Championships on Tuesday in the deluge. Congratulations to all contestants for completing their rounds in most unfavourable conditions.

After the regulation 27 holes two teams were tied on 143 and had to leave the shelter of the clubhouse and venture outside for a playoff.  Judi O’Brien & Nicole Woolley were the successful team on the first playoff hole over the gallant Jenelle Anderson & Marie Farrant.

The team of Linda McGlinchey and Kelley Greaves had an interesting occurrence on the 12th hole. Linda hit her tee shot well and thought that it had passed to the left of that menacing tree on the corner. Walking up the fairway the ball was nowhere to be found until Kelley looked in the tree.

As it was Kelley’s turn to play Linda suggested she play it where it lies!

Linda and that ball
Linda showing Kelley the ball. She was glad it was Kelley’s turn next!

Magpies are Nesting

Swooping occurs for around six weeks around September. Only a few magpies see people as a threat. Most will not swoop you. Magpies see cats, dogs and other magpies as intruders – it’s not just people they swoop.


Australian Magpies, Cracticus tibicen are very widespread and live in suburbs where there are trees and adjacent open areas such as lawns, golf courses and playing fields. For most of the year, Magpies are friendly and sociable, and may even venture into your golf cart to beg for food. But for four to six weeks a year during August to September, the male Magpie will defend his home vigorously.

Male Magpies swoop people because they are protecting their chicks, but also because the person walking or riding by reminds the bird of someone who disturbed them in the past. Magpies have very long memories.

Magpies build their nests in the outer branches of a tree, up to 15 m above the ground. It is constructed from sticks and twigs (occasionally wire), with a small interior bowl lined with grass and hair.

There are a lot of simple things you can do to avoid being swooped by a protective Magpie dad defending his chicks, such as:

  • Walk quickly and carefully away from the area and avoid walking there when Magpies are nesting.
  • Make a temporary sign to warn other people.
  • A Magpie is less likely to swoop if you look at it. Try to keep an eye on the Magpie, at the same time walking carefully away. Alternatively, you can draw or sew a pair of eyes onto the back of a hat, and wear it when walking through the area. You can also try wearing your sunglasses on the back of your head.
  • Wear a bicycle or skateboard helmet. Any sort of hat, even a hat made from an ice cream container or cardboard box, will help protect you.
  • Carry an open umbrella or a stick or small branch above your head but do not swing it at the Magpie, as this will only provoke it to attack.

Most Magpies don’t swoop people. Females don’t swoop at all because they are busy sitting on the eggs, and only 12% of male Magpies are aggressive. These few males only swoop for six weeks while their chicks are in the nest. Understandably, these dads are just being protective of their babies.

For the rest of the year, people are completely safe from swooping Magpies!

There is a lot to love about these distinctive Australian birds.

Magpies are intelligent birds and full of character. They learn quickly if they are in a safe environment and not likely to be threatened by humans. When this happens, it is a real treat and joy to watch them and their antics on the course, and listen to their melodious calls.

The Magpies’ appetite for eating the insects on the fairways makes them great buddies as they will help keep the bug numbers down naturally.

Welcome to the Jamberoo family to our newest members.

Its great to welcome you to our club: Garry Harman, Kelley Greaves, John Holloway, Gideon Bromwich, Christopher Josevski , Daniel Josevski, Alan Alhovirta, Kenneth Mann, Jane Hartley, Wayd Sheridan and Dane Edwards.

At Jamberoo Golf Club take advantage of all the benefits of your membership, including access to all club competitions and unlimited use of the course for practice and social golf.

Jamberoo Golf Club is just 30 minutes south of Wollongong nestled in the lush, green, Jamberoo Valley and embraced by Hyam’s Creek and the Minnamurra River.

It was designed to suit all levels of golfing skills while allowing players to experience the natural beauty of its location with its stunning rural, bush and mountain views. Wildlife abounds with some 96 native bird species identified on course, friendly Eastern Water Dragons and more.

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Enjoy your time with us.

Safety on the course

Golf is by nature an individual sport. While many play recreationally and socially with friends or colleagues it remains a game that you control every time you take a swing. When it comes to safety on the golf course, however, it takes the collective effort of everyone in your group, as well as all others on the course, to minimize risk and avoid injury.

There are several things to keep in mind that will always allow you to stay safe on the course, relating to both the game itself and how you prepare yourself for the round.

Be Ready for the Round

  • Taking care of yourself before and during your day at the course can help keep you safe so you avoid injury. A full 18 holes can take a few hours to complete and being outside exerting energy for that long can be gruelling. Make sure to protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and a hat. Be sure to bring water or energy drinks and snacks with you so you can refuel as necessary.
  • Hydrating along the course is essential for keeping your energy level up and your risk of injury down. Before you head out to tee off on the first hole, you will want to stretch out your legs and back and get your heart rate going. This allows you to keep from overexerting and pulling a muscle when taking a swing.

Awareness on the Course

  • Safety also involves being aware of fellow golfers in your group, as well as those who are playing ahead, behind, and on holes to either side.
  • Make sure that nobody is close by when you are taking practice swings or getting ready to hit your shot. At the same time, remain focused when others in your group are getting ready to hit their ball, so you do not get hit by the club during the swing or the ball.
  • When it is your turn, pay attention to the group ahead of you and wait until they are a safe distance away. If your ball should happen to veer toward another golfer or group, yell ‘FORE’ to alert them. In fact, at Jamberoo, if your ball is headed towards another fairway always call “FORE’ just in case, as your view maybe obscured by the trees.
  • It is also important to obey all rules related to golf carts and to practice basic driving safety. For example, only drive straight up and down hills, and slow the cart when approaching a turn or bank and over bridges. Never have more than two people in a cart at any one time and don’t drive your cart within 5 metres of a green.
  • All members should ensure that children or others searching for golf balls are told that they are in danger and that they are in fact trespassing on Private Property. Ask them to leave immediately.
  • Pay attention to the weather so you do not get caught unprepared in rain or a thunderstorm while out on the course. If you consider conditions so bad that you cannot proceed then mark your ball and come off the course until the day is cancelled or the weather improves allowing for a recommencement.

Precautions in case of lightning: If lightning is imminent seek shelter when needed. The responsibility rests with the player to either stop play, after first marking your ball, and to then to seek shelter immediately or leave the course until you are satisfied that it is safe to resume play.

Social Play and Footgolf

Visiting Golfers – Please ensure you always follow safe golfing practices by ensuring the group in front of you is well out of range before you play your shot. Call ‘FORE’ if your ball is headed off line at another golfer or footgolfer. At times there will be footgolfers about so please treat them with the same courtesy as you would expect yourself. Be aware of their presence and the possibility of them being on the same hole as you are playing.

Understand that in sharing the course with footgolfers while you may have “Right of Way” that this does not infer a licence for dangerous play.  Both parties need to be respectful and aware of their position and surroundings.

Footgolfers – If you hear the word “FORE” yelled out then immediately take cover, duck and guard your head with your arms, a stray ball is quite likely heading towards you.

Latest Results

They say, “You don’t have to be stupid to play golf in the rain and/or wind but it certainly helps”. This week that adage was certainly put to the test!

Wednesday 18th September 2019 – Men’s Stableford inc Just Bathrooms Mystery 9 

Winner:  Alan Jones  37 pts   2nd: Daniel Adams  35 pts

Mystery Nine (2,6,7,10,11,12,13,14,17) Winner: Daniel Adams 21

Tuesday 17th September 2019 Ladies Foursomes Championships 27 holes

Gross Winners:   Judi O’Brien & Nicole Woolley   143 (Playoff)   Runner’s Up:  Jenelle Anderson &  Marie Farrant 143

Nett Winners: Kay Brennan & Shirley Walsh   113.125   Runner’s Up:   Pam Middlebrook & Shirley Dixon   117.25

Monday, 16th September 2019 Veterans – Stableford 

Winner George Goor 41 Pts 2nd Greg Seymour 38 Pts 3rd Phil Hahn 38 Pts (c/b)

Saturday 14th September 2019 Men’s Monthly Medal – Stroke

Medal Winners

A Grade: Pat Paris 64 nett

B Grade:  Col Booth 65 nett

C Grade:  Graham Carroll 66 nett

D Grade: Jeff Hammersley  62 nett

Stroke Results

Winner:  Jeff Hammersley 62 nett   2nd: Pat Paris 64  nett   3rd:  Col Booth 65 nett (c/b)  4th: Daniel Adams 65  nett   5th:  Graham Carroll 66 nett

Gross Winner: Steve Rippon 70 gross

Putting Winner: Pat Paris 24 putts

Ladies Stableford Winner:   Jenelle Anderson  36 pts

Friday 13th September 2019 Kingsford Nine

Winner: William Perry 16 pts





Greens Maintenance Delayed

jamberoo badge icon

After months of little to no rain the current wet spell has hit us at a very inconvenient time.

The Greens were set to be cored, top-dressed and seeded tomorrow and Friday using heavy machinery but the wet conditions make it impossible for this to now happen.

The course will be therefore be available for play on these days.

The maintenance will now occur next week, weather permitting, on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 of September. Consequently the course will be closed for play on these days.


Some of the 50 Father and Sons (Cranbrook Grammar School) that played a shotgun start on Saturday. In total we had 131 Footgolfers between 12:20 pm and 3:30pm. A record number for a Saturday.
Unfortunately the Swooping Magpie is back. This bird covered territory right over to the 6 th golf hole—I think it might be one of the birds players feed on the 8th—clever bird.
Ladies Foursomes Championships held in pouring rain on a very cold day..
Judi OBrien and Nicole Wooley were winners in a PLAYOFF with and Janelle Anderson and Marie Farrant beaten on the first playoff hole after waiting for a gap in the weather to hit off.
Lots of bedraggled ladies around the golfers lounge warming up with Toasties and warm drinks. Congratulations to Judi and Nicole.
These 4 played first and scooted around the 27 holes in 4.5 hours, missing the worst of the weather,
The remaining field played the last 6-9 holes in heavy rain.
LESSON NO 5687 . If you feel the course is unplayable you may mark your ball and walk off the course. Decisions then made as to whether you continue play or course is closed.

Upcoming Events

jamberoo badge icon

There are a number of important events that are to be played at our course in the next two months.


Sunday October 6 Jamberoo Golf will be taking on Jamberoo Bowls in a special challenge day where both golf and bowls will be played. Please enter on the sheet in the golf shop. We need more players so that we can earn ‘bragging’ rights.

On Tuesday October 15 the Ladies Community Cancer Link Charity day will be played at the club. Please contact the Ladies Committee to enter.

The Men’s Championships will be played on the following dates. Round 1 Saturday October 12 (in conjunction with the October monthly medal), round 2 on Saturday October 19, round 3 on Saturday October 26 and the final round on “Super Final Saturday” November 3.

Please note that these dates are changed from those published in the 2019 Programme book. Unfortunately a clash with the October Long weekend was missed and the changes are made to avoid this.

Saturday October 5 will now be played as a ‘split six’ 2 person team competition from the White Tees.
Holes 1-6 enjoy a 2 ball Best Ball stableford format, holes 7-12 will be played as a 2 person stableford Aggregate and holes 13-18 as a 2 person stableford Multiplier.

Monday October 7 will be a ‘walk up start’ medley stableford.

Despite what I erroneously wrote last week “Super Final Saturday” will  now be the last round of the Championships and not the other events in conjunction. It was considered unfair to make a change to the program and play these other events at the same time as the last round of the Championships.

The new day for the playing of the November Monthly Medal and Gold Medal Playoff will be Saturday November 16. Please make note of this date.

Saturday November 9 will be a stableford from the White Course.

The Jamberoo Junior Open will be played on Sunday October 27.

Please take note of these changes.

Golf Greens Closed This Thursday and Friday

It is that time of year for our greens to be cored, seeded and sanded in preparation for the Club Championship and the upcoming growth season. To give the green-keepers space and time to complete this very important maintenance it has been decided to close the greens on these two days.

The good news is the course should be up and ready for play on the Saturday.

Dave Ransom, Captain


News & Views


Upcoming Events

September Monthly Medal – tomorrow

Ladies Foursomes Championships – Tuesday September 17

Jamberoo Golf vs Jamberoo Bowls Challenge – Sunday October 6, 9 am shotgun start 9 holes of golf followed by a couple of ends of bowls.

Mens Club Championships – commence Saturday October 12 then October 17, 26 and final round November 2

Club Volunteers Day – Friday October 25 – BBQ and nine holes of golf for all club volunteers

Jamberoo Junior Open – Sunday October 27

Super Saturday – November 2 – final round of the championships, November Monthly Medal and Gold Medal (and golden putter) Playoff in conjunction.

Trevor Bell Memorial Shield

Round 5 of the Trevor Bell was played at The Grange last Monday, 9th September. We entered the week about 20 points behind the leaders needing a strong showing to make up some lost ground. Although the winter winds were still lingering some of the players were belied the conditions to record some great rounds. Our best on the day was Peter Francis and George Vlatko who both scored 39 points and overall they finished 3rd and 4th respectively. They were well supported by Peter Young with a fine round of 35 points. The rest of the team put in solid performances with all players scoring more than 30 points.

That was the good news because everyone else seemed to find the conditions to their liking with some excellent results recorded. The top 6 teams on the day scored between 210 and 217 points so despite our good play we failed to make any impression on the leaders. Nevertheless with two rounds to go at Kiama and Shell Links, anything can happen. The next round is scheduled at Kiama on Monday 14th October. I would like to thank both Peter Young and Phil Gosling for filling in at late notice.

Something for you to remember….the winners at The Grange received their winning vouchers but they were disappointed to learn the vouchers could ONLY be redeemed at the Pro Shop at The Grange. This is a policy adopted by many of the other clubs in the Illawarra, except of course at Jamberoo, where you have the option of either spending your winnings at our Shop, or if you wish, you can opt to receive a gift card to spend your winnings elsewhere AS YOU LIKE.

This Week’s Winners

Another busy week at the course with some excellent rounds played in some very testing and windy conditions last weekend.

This weekend will be very busy with many Footgolf rounds booked (see the article preceding this one) as well as social golfers on Sunday. These are the lifeblood of our course so please be understanding if the noise level is greater than usual.

Above all enjoy your time on the most picturesque course on the coast.

Wednesday 11th September 2019 – Men’s Stableford 

Winner:  Tony Dawson 41 pts   2nd: Ron Chilby 38  pts (c/b)  3rd:   Rob Mitchell 38 pts (c/b)   4th:  Al Thomas 38 pts (c/b)   5th: John Keeling 38 pts

Gross Winner:  George Vlatko   28 pts

Tuesday 10th September 2019 – Ladies Stableford 

Div 1 Winner:   Lisa Bell  40 pts   Runner Up:  Shirley Dixon  36  pts

Div 2 Winner:   Margaret Chaffey  36 pts   Runner Up:   Kim Oborn  35 pts

Sunday 8th September 2019 – Men’s Jamberoo Open 

Gross Winner:   Darcy Boyd (Stonecutters Ridge GC) 67   Runner Up:  Colin Mitchell (Links SC) 70

Nett Winner: Mark Ellson (KGC) 69  nett   Runner Up:  Ken Bradley (JGC) 70 nett (c/b)

Div 1 Gross Winner:  Blake Hollick (Mollymook GC) 76

Div 1 Nett Winner:  Anthony Smith (JGC)  71 nett (c/b)

Div 2 Gross Winner: Gary Harvey (JGC) 82 (c/b)

Div 2 Nett Winner: Kane Graham (Links SC) 70  nett

Saturday 7th September 2019 – Men’s Stableford 

Winner:  Phil Gosling 30  pts   2nd:  Terry Murphy 29 pts   3rd:  Gary Hemus  28 pts   4th: Tim Young 27 pts (c/b)

Ladies Stableford Winner:   Katie Dorahy 23 pts