JGC Men’s Eclectic 2018 Update

The half-way point (20 rounds) of the JGC 2018 Men’s Eclectic competition has come and gone. The gross scores from these 20 rounds have been analysed, with the more interesting results detailed below.

  • Gross scores have been entered for 183 players.
  • 183 players have played 1,546 rounds.
  • 173 players have a gross score for every hole (ie no “wipes”).
  • 2 players have played in all 20 rounds.
  • The leading gross score is 4 shots ahead.
  • 3 players have a gross score below 60
  • 99 players have at least 1 birdie and 19 players have achieved birdies on 5 or more holes.
  • 2 eagles so far (on the 12th).
  • Hardest hole is the 18th (par 4), averaging 5.12, with only 1 birdie.
  • Easiest hole is still the 9th (par 3), averaging 2.9, with 37 players having birdies.

Eclectic competitions are designed so that the lowest handicap players do not necessarily win the Gross competition. After 20 rounds the top 20 players are within 10 shots of the leader.

Remember, the Nett scores will not be known until after the last eclectic round on 24 November 2018, and will only be revealed at the Club’s Presentation function on 2 December 2018. However, it does appear as though a player with a handicap of over 30 is leading the Nett competition with a score of 39!!

We are still seeing first rounds added to the eclectic competition and there is still plenty of time for all members to complete the required minimum number of 8 rounds and be eligible to win either the Gross or Nett competition.



MEMBERS FIRST–Before we advertise to everyone. 

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Jack Newton Junior Golf Clinic & Footgolf – OCTOBER 11th 2018

(in conjunction with Jamberoo Junior Golf Open)

Meet 9:45am

AGES 8-17        $10 Inc lunch

10am-12pm : Golf lesson with JNJG teaching professional Luke Grinham & play a few holes **

12-1pm Lunch

1-2pm Footgolf


Enquiries : Jamberoo Golf Club 42360404 or Geoff Wilson 0419533040.

News from the Course 8th September

Eagle spotted on 12th Green

Related image

Congratulations go to Bob Neilson who achieved an eagle 3 on the 12th hole on Wednesday. As is traditional at Jamberoo Bob is awarded 3 golf balls to help celebrate his rare achievement.

Well played Bob.

Upcoming Major Events


The Ladies Foursomes Championship – Tuesday 11th September

Jamberoo Mens’ Championships – commence  Saturday 6th October

Jamberoo Junior Open – Thursday 11th October

Ladies Community Cancer Link Charity Day – Tuesday 16th October

Local Jamberoo member courageously comes to the rescue

The latest news report received from our roving reporter, the Saint.

Shane T saves footgolf family on first hole from ‘Jamberoo Eagle’ attack.

Ignoring personal safety Shane ran from the 18th fairway to the first fairway with umbrella in hand to not only protect the children but in particular the Dolly Parton lookalike mother. A Footgolf bravery award is pending.

Monthly Medals

Following the finding of a Jamberoo Monthly Medal last week at Wollongong Golf Club, two more were found in the car park at the club today. We all know that these are very important, even if small, rewards given by the club to recognise excellence. If you are good enough to win one, take care of it.

Apparently many winners like to show off their medal by pinning it to their golf cap. Great idea but be aware that a ‘pin clasp’ is used and this may came loose over time. Check to see if you still have yours. We cannot replace lost medals but we do have the lost couple at the club.

September Greens Committee Report

All Fairways have been treated to kill bindii and broad-leafed weeds.

Greens maintenance has just been completed with tines taken and greens being dusted ready for the upcoming growth season.

The greens affected by couch have again been sprayed.

The tees have been oversown with rye grass and kikuyu. members are requested to continue using the soil containers to fill and smooth their divots on tees and to make sure they carry and use a sand bucket to fill in any divots they see or make on the course. Please also repair your pitch marks on the greens.

2019 Rule changes

How and where to take a drop.

Click here

Players will continue to drop a ball when taking relief, but the dropping procedure will be changed in several ways as detailed in Rule 14.3:

  • The focus of the dropping procedure will be on a specific “relief area” set by the Rule under which relief is being taken and will be either one or two club-lengths from a reference point (and may have certain other limitations).
  • The relief area is a fixed size for each player and is pre-determined based on the clubs the player has selected for play.
  • The definition of a club-length as the longest club other than a putter will mean that a player cannot choose which club to measure with based on the situation.

How a ball may be dropped is simplified; the only requirement will be that the ball be let go from knee height so that it falls through the air and does not touch any part of the player’s body or equipment before it hits the ground.

  • The ball will need only to be dropped in and come to rest in the relief area; and there will be no re-drop requirement if the dropped ball accidentally hits a person or object after hitting the ground but before coming to rest in the relief area.
  • If the dropped ball comes to rest outside the relief area, it will be dropped a second time; if it comes to rest outside the relief area after being dropped a second time it will be placed where it first touched the ground.
  • If the placed ball will not come to rest on that spot after two attempts, the player will then place the ball on the nearest spot (not nearer the hole) where it will come to rest.

Dropping the ball

‘Good Shot That’

While taking a practice swing near the 6th green today, club Sponsor and regular player, Steve Oppert got a little confused.

Instead of making the practice swing to the side of the ball he placed his club behind the ball and hit it by mistake! The stunned look on his face said it all, “What have I done?”

He still got out of it with a 5/2 after he canned a long putt to make amends.

Steve with the Jamberoo Open trophy he won a couple of years ago. He was more careful back then!

This Week’s Results

It has been a busy week at the course with competitions played on all but one day this week and they have been all well supported by the members who clearly are coming out to play in the Spring conditions. Hope to see more of you out there having a game. 

There were a few notable scores this week with John Anthony scoring a terrific 44 points on Wednesday, Luke Oborn 41 on Thursday, Gail Ruttledge 40 also on Thursday and Lew Dare 41 on Saturday.

Here is the list of this week’s winners:

Saturday 8th September 2018 – Stableford

A Grade Winner:   Arthur Bosanquet 37 pts (c/b)

B Grade Winner:   Lew Dare 41 pts   2nd:   Wayne Griffiths 40 pts

C & D Grade Winner:   Robert Anderson 38 pts   2nd:   Geoff King 37 pts (c/b)

Ladies Stableford Winner:    Jenelle  Anderson 34 pts

Thursday, 6th September 2018 – Ladies Vets – Open Day Stableford for Ladies and Men

Male Winner Luke Oborn 41 Pts

Female Winner Gail Rutledge 40 Pts 2nd Lisa Bell 36 Pts (c/b) 3rd Jenelle Anderson 36 Pts

Wednesday 5th September 2018 – Drummond Golf Stableford

A & B Grade Winner:    John Anthony 44 pts   2nd:   Bob Neilson 36 pts (c/b)   3rd: Greg Seymour 36 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:    Les Hanigan 37 pts (c/b)   2nd:     William Little 37 pts

D Grade Winner:     BrucePiggott 34 pts    2nd:   Brian Carr 31 pts (c/b)

Drummond Golf Voucher Winner:     John Anthony 44 pts

Eagle on the 12th: Bob Neilson

Tuesday 4th September 2018 – Ladies Monthly Medal

Div 1 Medal Winner:   Shirley Dixon 74 nett   Gross Winner:  Judi O’Brien 95 gross

Div 2 Medal Winner:    Lisa Bell 74 nett   Gross Winner:   Margaret Cook 101 gross

Div 3 Medal Winner:   Margaret Chaffey 70 nett   Gross Winner:   Margaret Chaffey 115 gross

Stroke Results

Div 1 Winner:    Margaret Chaffey 70 nett    Runner Up:    Shirley Dixon 74 nett (c/b)

Golf Mart Voucher:   Margaret Chaffey

Ladies Stableford – Blue Course

Ladies Winner:   Rhonda McKinley 28 pts   Runner Up:   Marg Potter 25 pts

Monday, 3rd September 2018 -Veterans  Stableford

A Grade Winner Mal Smith 39 Pts (RV ) 2nd George Goor 36 Pts (c/b) 3rd William Little 36 Pts

B Grade Winner William Perry 39 Pts 2nd David Newton 38 Pts 3rd Pat Travers 37 Pts

Image result for cruise ship See you all on the course in a couple of weeks.

Jamberoo Member Devastated

A Jamberoo Member who played at Wollongong Golf Club on Saturday, Sunday or Monday appears to have lost a monthly medal. As you all undoubtedly know these are only awarded monthly and are very difficult to win so it would be good if we could reunite the owner with the medal.

Ron Davison has found the medal and emailed the following message,

“While cleaning the car park at Wollongong Golf Club on Monday 3 September
I found a Jamberoo Golf Club monthly medal, it would be good to return it to the owner.
I can be contacted on this email  ronald.davison@bigpond.com  or mobile 0417668430.

Regards, Ron Davison”

Please feel free to contact Ron to organise the collection of your medal.

News from the Course, 1st September

Spring into golf at Jamberoo

Image result for spring is in the air

Winter has passed and the flowers are in bloom, spring is in the air and the birds warble their tune. Magpies are nesting and taking to flight, watch out, or they might give you a fright.

Poetry and golf, they seem a good combination at this time of year so why not get out on the course and play a few rounds in preparation for the upcoming club championship or to just enjoy the beauty of our course as the trees begin to flower and the gardens come to life after their winter hibernation.

After the round enjoy a beer or wine and even make up a few rhymes about that great round you just played.

See you on the course.

Matchplay Semi-Finals

September sees the Mens Individual Matchplay Championship reach the semi-final stage where the following players have advanced: Shane Townsend, Phil Gosling, Pat Paris and Brian Nicoll.

Shane Townsend had a hard fought match against Anthony Smith only winning on the last green 1 up. Shane held his nerve to just overcome Anthony who couldn’t prevent Shane’s last minute surge to victory. Phil Gosling also had a close tussle against the ever consistent Ron Hewson also winning the last hole to record a 2 up victory. Pat Paris and Arthur Bosanquet were both coming off big victories and a free flowing excellent game of golf was expected. So it turned out to be with many birdies recorded. It was Arthur who succumbed in the end needing to make a 3 metre putt on the 18th to force extra holes only to see it just slide by. Pat Paris through on the 18th. Greg Tarrant and Brian Nicoll thought out the other quarter final in a match between two experienced Pennant players. Brian played exceptionally well to win 5/4 although the match was much closer than the score may suggest.

This means that Shane is set to play Phil in a ‘cowpat vs fly’ contest where not only a place in the final is at stake but also bragging rights. Both are playing well and have survived close tussles in earlier rounds. It should be an excellent match.

Pat is set to play Brian in the other semi-final with Pat giving Brian a few shots. Will this be the difference between two excellent, in-form players? A good close match is almost guaranteed.

Good luck to all four. Play well and enjoy the experience.

Image result for raffle tickets

Fathers Day Raffle winners

The 2018 Fathers Day Raffle was drawn today by Lorraine Cram in the presence of Dave Ransom. The winners are:

1st prize – a new Golf bag – Peter Munro

2nd prize – $50 IGA voucher – Geoff King

Congratulations to the winners, please contact the club to arrange the pickup of your prize.

Thanks to all those who supported their club and bought a ticket. Thanks also to Bill Hodgson for your initiative and organisation.

This week’s 2019 rule

The rules of golf are changing from the 1st of January 2019 and this week we look at playing from a sand bunker. Click here.

2019 Rule: Under Rules 12.2a and 12.2b, the player will be allowed to touch or move loose impediments in a bunker and will be generally allowed to touch the sand with a hand or club; but a limited prohibition continues so that the player must not:

  • Deliberately touch the sand in a bunker with a hand, club, rake or other object to test the condition of the sand to learn information for the stroke, or
  • Touch the sand in a bunker with a club in making a practice swing, in grounding the club right in front of or behind the ball, or in making the backswing for a stroke.
  • Deliberately testing the condition of the sand with a hand or club will continue to be prohibited because part of the player’s challenge is to assess and predict how the sand may affect the stroke, and also because it will be time consuming and inappropriate for players to dig in the sand with a hand or club for that purpose before every shot.

The challenge of playing from a bunker is the need to play out of the sand, not to play with leaves, stones or other loose impediments left in place in the bunker.

  • Touching the sand with the club right in front of or behind the ball or in the backswing for the stroke will continue to be prohibited to make sure the player does nothing to reduce the challenge of playing from the sand; these prohibitions are already well known and followed by almost all players.
  • Touching the sand with a club in taking a practice swing will continue to be prohibited both for pace of play and to avoid having large amounts of sand deposited outside bunkers (especially greenside bunkers) as a result of repeated practice swings.

The latest results from the course

Cool mornings and evenings but nice during the day, that is the forecast for September. Get out there and enjoy a few competitions. 

Saturday 1st September – Monthly Medal

A medalist Pat Paris 64 nett

B medalist Ray Sheehan 64 nett

C medalist Terry Murphy 59 nett

D medalist Keith Hales 67 nett

Best Gross Pat Paris 76

Ladies winner  Jenelle Anderson 79 nett (c/b)

Wednesday 29th August 2018 – Stableford – 4BBB Stableford in Conjuntion 

A/B Grade Winner:   Brian Nicoll 37 pts (c/b)   2nd:   Daniel Adams 37 pts

C Grade Winner:   Lance Fredericks 38 pts   2nd:   Larry Kent 37 pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner:   Ray Pearson 40 pts   2nd:   Rob Mitchell 37 pts

4BBB Winners:   Mick Familo & Murray Bezzant 47 pts (c/b)

Tuesday 28th August 2018 – Ladies Stableford 

Div 1 Winner:   Kay Brennan 38 pts   Runner Up:   Shirley Dixon 35 pts

Div 2 Winner:   Marie Rodgers 37 pts   Runner Up:   Rose Sheath 36 pts

Ladies 9 hole Stableford Winner:  Julie Simpson 10 pts