News from the Course – September 3

Saturday September 5 sees the playing of the first round of the Mens Club Championship.

Conditions of Entry.

The Match Committee will control the Championship and all of its decisions shall be final.

72 holes stroke play contested over 4 rounds.

The player with the lowest gross score in each grade will win the club championship of that grade.

Entry fee for the daily competition is $20 per player.

Apart from the overall championships to be decided there will be daily competitions to be contested as well.

Even if you miss a round you can still enter the daily competition.

For those out of contention for the championship and not wishing to play the fourth round and for those who may have missed some rounds, the ‘Stableford Salver’ will be contested on the fourth Saturday.

Championship Grades

A Grade, 13 or less; B Grade, 14 -19; C Grade, 20 or more, based on the daily handicap from the Blue Course.

The grade and handicap you commence the championship will be used for the overall championship.

Your daily handicap will be used for each of the individual daily events.


Play the ball as it as it lies.

30 cm preferred lies can be taken in bunkers. Smooth marks and footprints before exiting the bunker.

Local Rules as per the noticeboard.

Social distancing and hygiene standards are to be observed by all players. It is strongly recommended that flag-sticks be left in the hole. You may remove the flag-stick but you must do so using a covered hand and you must hand-sanitise afterwards.

In the event of a tie for a club championship a playoff will be used to determine the champion. The playoff is ‘sudden death’ commencing on the 1st, and then the 18th, repeating until a winner is determined. This will be conducted on Saturday 26 September (or at 9 am, Sunday 27 September depending on player availability).

Championship Prize Structure

Club Champions $150.00,

Nett Winners $100.00,

Gross Runners Up $60.00,

Nett Runners Up $60.00.

Daily competitions prizes as per usual as well.

September Monthly Medal

The September Monthly Medal (the 11th of the golf season) will be contested in conjunction with the first round of the club championships. Thanks to the generous donation by an anonymous club member, a $50 voucher will be awarded to the monthly medalist in each grade as well as the usual daily prizes.

The monthly medalist of each grade will have the opportunity to contest the Gold Medal round which is played in conjunction with the November Monthly Medal.

Don’t forget to count your putts as well to be involved in the Golden Putter Contest.

Mens Eclectic Championship

All individual rounds from Wednesday September 2nd until Saturday November 7th will be used to calculate the total of the best gross scores you achieve on each hole in this period.

Competitors must play five or more individual rounds in this time and the eclectic score is the lowest score obtained at each hole on the rounds. The total score for the holes is subject to deduction of ½ the player’s handicap held on the last day of competition.

Cost of entryFREE.

Weekly Results

Friday 28th August 2020 – Kingsford Nine

Winner:  Lyn Finch  23 pts 2nd: John Green 22 pts 3rd: Greg Clough 20  pts

Saturday 29th August 2020 – Men’s Stableford 

Winner:    Tom Brennan  39 pts    2nd:    Greg Seymour  38 pts   3rd:  Luke Oborn  37 pts 4th:  Campbell Darby  36 pts (c/b) 5th:  Josh Vazzoler 36 pts (c/b)  6th:    Matt O’Rourke  36 pts (c/b)    7th:   Ray Sheehan  36 pts (c/b)   8th:   David Ferguson  36 pts (c/b)

Ladies Stableford Winner:  Jenelle Anderson  37 pts   2nd:  Wendy Unsworth  36 pts

Monday 31st August 2020 – Veterans 4BBB Stableford Medley

Winners:    Neville Cox & Russell Reeve  49 pts   2nd:   Al Thrower & Ron Hewson  46 pts  3rd:   Greg Clough & Jeff O’Brien  45 pts

Tuesday 1st September 2020 – Ladies Monthly Medal

Monthly Medal Results

Div 1 Winner:   Marie Farrant  65 nett   Gross Winner:   Marie Farrant  88 gross   Putting Winner:  Marie Farrant  29 putts

Div 2 Winner:   Lisa Bell  66 nett   Gross Winner:   Lisa Bell  96 gross   Putting Winner:   Shirley Walsh  32 putts

Div 3 Winner:   hondaR McKinley  72 nett   Gross Winner:  Rhonda McKinley & Marie Smith  113 gross   Putting Winner:    Kim Oborn  28 putts

Stroke Results

Div 1 Winner:   Marie Farrant  65 nett   Runner Up:   Jo Burke  71 nett

Div 2 Winner:  Lisa Bell  66 nett   Runner Up:   Robyn Gregson  69 nett

Stableford Winner:     Roslyn Wynn (The Links)  28 pts  Runner Up:    Kerry Mitchie  27 pts

Wednesday 2nd September 2020 – Drummond Golf Stableford

Drummond Golf Voucher Winner:  Arthur Morris  39 pts   2nd:  Dylan McDonald  38 pts (c/b)    3rd:   Dave Ransom  38 pts   4th:   Garry Harman  37 pts (c/b)    5th: Greg Clough  37 pts (c/b)   6th:   Phil Lewis  37 pts (c/b)  7th: Gary Hemus  37 pts

News from the Course – 27 August

I have to say that I really enjoyed walking around the course last Tuesday and Wednesday. The golf, not so good, but that didn’t matter. The opportunity to get out of the house reminded me of why we are allowed back on the course enjoying our sport with our friends in these co-vid times.

The beautiful surrounds and perfect sunny winter days, enjoyed without wearing a jumper or coat, was marvelous and only enhanced the joy I was feeling about being outside and not cooped up in a house. No masks to be seen out here.

When you play your next game think about those not so lucky who don’t have the opportunity of walking (or carting) around our beautiful piece of paradise and enjoy your exercise first and foremost.

New Board of Directors Welcomed

At yesterdays Annual General Meeting of the members of Jamberoo Golf Club President Phil Hahn thanked the efforts and achievements of the outgoing Board completed under difficult circumstances and highlighted the successes of the past 12 months which included a Financial Improvement of $65,898 on the previous year’s loss of $29,384.
The 8th bridge renovation was completed and 16th Bridge opened to carts.
The 3 old electric carts have been upgraded to latest versions, the Tomra Machine removed and car park restored.
Stage one of the Club House and Shop area and office relocation improvements were completed and the Green-keeper’s shed roof raised and hoist installed removing a serious OHS issue.
An Aerial and Geographic Imagery survey was received and will give us access to detailed information of the course.
A new part time green keeper appointed.
The slab for the donated shed laid with the shed currently being erected.
Two good condition course utility vehicles were purchased after an anonymous member donation and a good condition Isuzu utility with tipper tray purchased.
Numerous course improvements to paths, greens, tees etc were undertaken and the suppression of couch greens infestations has been successful saving the club many thousands of dollars in green re-constructions.
The establishment of a loyalty membership discount for those members over 80 years of age who have been members for 10 or more years has also been implemented.

Phil then announced and welcomed the new Board of Directors:

President, Phil Hahn

Vice-President, Chris Goodwin

Honorary Treasurer, Graham Ferris

Captain, David Ransom

Vice-Captain, Larry Kent

Board Members, Lyn Kuskey, Pat Paris, Kim Oborn and Colin Booth

Fun Days at the Club

As you may well be aware the course will be closed from Monday October 12 until Thursday October 15 for green renovations. This doesn’t mean that golf can’t be played, however, just that golf cannot be played to the golf greens!

What is planned is that we play rounds of golf using the footgolf holes. We will play a stroke round with your handicap being 3/4 of your white course handicap and for or a $10 fee we will run a competition with prizes.

If you have a hole-in-one then an official certificate will be awarded to you recognising your feat.

Ladies will have a chance to play on the Tuesday and all members will have the chance on the Wednesday.

Some have suggested we call it the “Tin Cup Comps”.

On Friday 16th we will play a medley competition to the newly renovated greens.

Adding to the Uniqueness of the Course

Many clubs in the district, like ourselves, just have generic names for their different layouts. For example, the black course, the blue course, the white course etc. Some look to the geographic features and history of the land to name their courses, the quarry course, the chains, etc.

We believe that doing this would add to the uniqueness of our own course.

We are asking members to put up suggestions for the naming of our own white and blue courses. The idea would then be to place tee markers to represent this feature.

As Jamberoo is well known as a dairy region, a suggestion has been made to re-name the white course the Dairy course with milk cans as the markers. The blue course could be renamed the Canyon course with suitable markers.

What ideas do you have and what markers would you use?

Put your ideas down in the comments section below and they will be considered.

Milk cans stock illustration. Illustration of farm, dairy - 106058933

Upcoming Events

Mens Championships commence Saturday September 5.

Ladies Foursomes Championships Tuesday September 8

Mens Foursomes Championships Sunday October 11

Latest Results

Winter showed both it sides this week with the August gusts threatening to treat players like loose leaves followed by perfect winter sunshine and pleasant days on the course.

Some great golf was played with outstanding scoring recorded on Wednesday. Lately a score of 38 would have been enough to win a comp, yesterday two players shot scores of 44 points and a 50 was recorded in the fourball. Fantastic. Well played Wayne Arnott and Alan Alhovirta.

On Tuesday Lisa Bell continued with her good form to win with 41 points in A division and Gloria Thompson 34 to win B division.

Monday Vets played in the wind with Wayne Griffiths winning A division with 37 points and Les Farkas B division with 38 points.

Last Saturday, in the wind, saw Ray Sheehan win with 38 points closely followed by Phil Hahn with 37.

Kingsford nine winners were Jeff O’Brien, Martin Fogarty and Greg Clough.

Wednesday 26th August 2020 -Stableford 4BBB in Conjunction

Stableford Results

Winner:    Wayne Arnott  44 pts (c/b)   2nd:   Alan Alhovirta  44 pts   3rd:     Pete Wheatley  39 pts     4th:  Mal Garratt  38 pts    5th:   Terry Murphy  36 pts  6th:    Luke Oborn  35 pts (c/b)    7th:   Wayne Griffiths  35 pts (c/b)

4BBB Results

Winners:   Alan Alhovirta & Reg Wilson  50 pts   2nd:  Jeff O’Brien & Greg Clough  48 pts

Tuesday 25th August 2020 -Ladies Stableford

Div 1 Winner:    Lisa Bell  41 pts   Runner Up:    Judi O’Brien  33 pts

Div 2 Winner:    Gloria Thompson  34 pts   Runner Up:    Kim Oborn  32 pts

Monday, 24th August 2020 -Veteran’s Men’s and Ladies

A Grade Winner Wayne Griffiths 37 Pts 2nd Di Morosin 36 Pts (c/b) 3rd Aan Jones 36 Pts

B Grade Winner Les Farkas 38 Pts 2nd Norbert Beringer 36 Pts 3rd Philip Thompson 35 Pts

Saturday 22nd August 2020 – Men’s Stableford

Winner:  Ray Sheehan  38 pts  2nd:  Phil Hahn  37 pts  3rd:   Tim Condon  34 pts (c/b)   4th:  Charlie Struck  34 pts   5th:  Tim Young  33 pts

Ladies Stableford – White Course

Winner:  Jo Burke  30 pts

Friday August 21st 2020 – Kingsford Nine

Winner:   Jeff O’Brien  20 pts   2nd: Greg Clough  18  pts

Friday August 4th 2020 – Kingsford Nine

 Winner:  Jeff O’Brien  23 pts   2nd:  Martin Fogarty  21 pts

News from the Course – 21 August


Upcoming Events

  1. Tuesday September 1 – Ladies monthly medal
  2. Saturday September 5 – 1st round mens championships, continues for next 4 rounds on Saturdays concluding September 26
  3. Sunday October 11 – Mens Foursomes Championships – bookings by phone to pro-shop now being taken.

Change in playing conditions

With the excellent recovery of the course following the floodings preferred lies will be removed as from Saturday 22 August and we will be playing the ball as it lies.

However some balls may have mud adhering to them with the course still soft in places.

Consequently any ball on a fairway of the course which has mud adhering to it may be marked, lifted, cleaned and exactly replaced.

If you are on any other section of the course then play it as you find it.

Kingsford Nine

Every week, Monday to Friday, we play a nine-hole event at the club using a special handicapping system. You get an extra shot until you win!

It is a stableford event and the cost is just $5 per entry. You may enter multiple times in the week if you wish.

Latest Corona Update from GolfNSW

Dear Member Clubs and Districts,

Since the return of Community Sport on 1 July, there has been an increased number of community transmitted COVID-19 cases in NSW. The NSW Government has implemented a range of additional measures across industries and sectors where there is a high risk of community transmission, or where many people may come into social contact with others that they do not usually mix with.

Advice was received earlier in the week, from the Chief Health Officer, which was aimed at restricting sporting activities to local competitions and to avoid inter-mingling and potential community transmission.

The advice recommended that Community Sport be restricted to local areas/regions for a 6 week period from Wednesday 19 August.  For most sports, a local area competition structure is in place and clear local boundaries exist. 

Following further consultation with NSW Health and the Office of Sport, Golf NSW recommends that:
*Inter-Club competitions outside of your local area/region should cease immediately
*Normal competition and social golf at a Club level may continue
*If participants are members of a Club not within their local area, they should consider whether it is necessary to participate in Club activities at this time
*It is a Club decision whether they place restrictions on visitors or members from outside their local area
*Events promoting travel from beyond the local area should be postponed, or cancelled e.g. Open events In regional NSW (i.e. outside Greater Sydney) existing competition structures should aim to minimise the need for overnight travel. Carpooling and shared transport arrangements should be avoided e.g. reconsider weekend tournaments targeting out of area visitors

It is the opinion of the Jamberoo Golf Club Co-Vid safety sub-committee that members should strongly reconsider playing at any course outside the Kiama and surrounding LGA’s and it is vital to keep social distancing standards and maintain a good hygiene regime at all times.

Another Quandary

Ray Sheehan faced a difficult choice between two equally undesirable alternatives while playing the fifth recently. Take the penalty or play the ball and risk the splash!

Which one would you have chosen?

A seat to read the ‘daily cow’

Upcoming Green Renovations

Members are hereby notified that following the conclusion of the club foursomes championships on October 11, the greens on the course will be renovated so that they can be maintained at the present excellent level.

Consequently all greens will be closed for 4 days from October 12.

Arrangements are in preparation for a possible ‘away game’ to a neighbouring course during this period.

Latest Results

With the return to golf some of us have found it pretty difficult with thick rough and slick, firm greens. This hasn’t been the case for some!

Gary Hemus managed a tremendous 40 points on Wednesday in the Just Bathrooms mystery nine day. Bob Neilson was the mystery nine winner with 22 points.

Lisa Bell and Kim Oborn were the divisional winners on Tuesday with Lisa taking out the Dena Kyle trophy, while Chris Costello and Pam Middlebrook led the veterans home on Monday.

Congratulations to our divisional winners on Sunday in the Keno event. Best on the day were Pete Francis and Wayne Arnott with a nett score of 57.75 in the 2 person Ambrose event. Kelley Greaves and Luke Asquith were the mixed winners while Pam Middlebrook and Judi O’Brien were the lady winners.

Finally last Saturday a par event was held with several excellent results recorded. Pete Wheatley with +4 held off Ray Sheehan on +3  and Dylan McDonald on +2.

Wednesday 19th August 2020 – Men’s  Stableford – inc Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine

Winner:   Gary Hemus  40 pts   2nd:    Italo Baraldi  37 pts (c/b)  3rd:    Bob Neilson  37 pts     4th:  Alan Jones  36 pts    5th:    Mick Bartlett  35 pts (c/b)     6th:    Ian Unsworth  35 pts (c/b)   7th:   Phil Thompson  35 pts

Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine (2,4,6,8,11,13,15,16,17) Winner:   Bob Neilson  22 pts

Tuesday 18th August 2020 Ladies Stableford – Dena Kyle Trophy

Div 1 Winner:   Lisa Bell  34 pts   Runner Up:   Kay Brennan  33 pts (c/b)

Div 2 Winner:   Kim Oborn  32 pts   Runner Up:  Barbara Costello  31 pts (c/b)

Monday, 17th August 2020 Veterans Stableford Medley 

  Men’s Winner:  Chris Costello 35 pts (c/b) 2nd: Jeff O’Brien 35 pts  3rd: Al Thomas 34 pts (c/b) 4th: Arthur Morris 34 pts

Ladies Winner: Pam Middlebrook 28 pts 2nd: Lorraine Cram 25 pts

Sunday 16th August 2020 Golf NSW Keno 2 Person Ambrose

Men’s Team Winners:  Wayne Arnott & Peter Francis  57.75 nett  Runners Up:  Daniel Hamilton & David Ferguson  62.75 nett

Mixed Team Winners:  Kelley Greaves & Luke Asquith  62.25 nett

Lady Team Winners:  Pam Middlebrook & Judi O’Brien  73.25 nett

Saturday 15th August 2020 Par Medley 

Winner: Pete Wheatley  +4  2nd: Ray Sheehan  +3  3rd:  Dylan McDonald  +2  4th:  Geoff Wilson  +1 (c/b)  5th:  Italo Baraldi  +1

Photos and Solar Update

After the Floods Hundreds of balls turned up at various spots on the course. This is in front of the 8th and I had no scoop.
This was from he flood 4 weeks ago. Easy compared to this cleanup. Greenstaff doing their bit.

Jamberoo Golf Club first installed Solar April 1st 2014

The panels have continued to hummmm away, even with a golf ball damaged panel on western side. It tells us its happy and working.

Paid for itself in 2018 .

As at August 14th 2020.

Produced $ 17 856.  worth of power and saved 25.27 t. of CO2.