Clubhouse Renovations Commence

Clubhouse Renovations

Stage 1 of our clubhouse renovations are almost complete. The work involves the office and the starters swapping locations to enhance the presentation of the area and to enable the implementation of our long term strategy for the area to make it more “open plan” and improve our presentation and to grow our sales, particularly our bar sales.

Many thanks are extended to John Anthony who undertook the majority of the work, together with his many helpers including his father, Paul Rodgers, Peter Young, Phil Hahn, Phil Gosling, Steve Rippon, John Elsmore, Linda McGlinchey, Bob Neilson, Rod Hodkinson and Chris Goodwin.

The office and shop area are now fully operational and the only task left to finalise this stage is that of preparing the walls and ceiling for painting. If there are any members who are available to help with either of the tasks, could they please call Chris Goodwin on 0418 612 881.

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News from the Course 14th Feb

Unfortunately the course is still very wet and not in a playable condition and will not be open until Monday where we hope the front 9 holes will be available for golf [but with no motorised carts].

As it is Valentines Day I would like to quote Lord Alfred Tennyson to help commemorate,

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you … I could walk through my garden forever”.

Happy Valentines Day.

An Outdoors Man

During his physical, the doctor asked the patient about his daily activity level. He described a typical day this way:

“Well, yesterday afternoon, I waded along the edge of a lake, escaped from wild Kangaroos in the heavy bush, jumped away from an aggressive black snake, marched up and down several rocky hills, stood in a patch of poison ivy, crawled out of quicksand and took four leaks behind big trees. And drank six beers.”

Inspired by the story, the doctor said, “You must be one hell of an outdoors man!”

“NAH, he replied, I’m just a golfer”.

Some Recent Rulings

The match committee have been asked some questions on the rules in the last couple of weeks. Here is a summary.

  1. A ball is not out of bounds when any part of it lies on the course.
  2. A ball that enters the no-play zone behind the second green must be played from the drop zone ( with no penalty).
  3. You cannot repair aeration holes made by the green-keeper on the greens.
  4. You can mark your ball on the green with any artificial object, including ball-markers, coins, or even their shoe. You cannot just scratch a mark on the green.

Weekly Results

Sadly only one to report this time,

Saturday 8th February 2020 – Stableford 

Winner:  Luke Asquith  38 pts

Ladies Winner: Katie Dorahy  29 pts


Lets hope for better weather next week.


Course Likely to be Closed for the Weekend

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With more rain falling on the course overnight and the strong prediction of more rain on Friday and the weekend and with several sections of the course still being covered under water I have been advised by our head Green-keeper to keep the course closed for the weekend.

A possible composite 9 hole course has been suggested but it is impossible to route and avoid the water affected sections of the course.

The good news is that the green-staff is out mowing and the course will be ready for play very quickly once the conditions improve.

Golf Illawarra Pennants scheduled for Sunday at our course have been cancelled.

Some Good News

It has not been decided yet whether the course will be fit for play at the weekend. Certainly the use of golf carts is extremely doubtful regardless.

The greenstaff have been working tirelessly to get the course fit for play and many members came along today to help remove debris left over from the flood.

Much of the water has receded and the course will be damp in a few places.

On the positive side, the lakes are all full, the Minnamurra River and Hyam’s Creek are in full flow and we appear to have a new ‘island green’.

Let’s hope for little rain for the rest of the week.

7th hole after Feb floodMinnamurra River in full flow feb 2020

photo credits – Lyn Kuskey