News from the Course October 31

Mens Pennants 2018

Those members who would like to represent the club in the 2018 Pennant season are invited to nominate.

If you wish to be considered for selection please to place your name on the form available in the golf shop by November 30.

We have teams entered in the “B” Pennant for handicaps 5.5 to 12.4; “C” Pennant for handicaps 12.5 to 18.4; and two teams in the “White Horse Cup” for handicaps less than 24.4.

The Pennant season commences on Sunday February 4 and runs every Sunday at various clubs in the Golf Illawarra district until Sunday March 11 followed by semi-finals on March 18 and Finals on March 25.

Do not nominate unless you are available for the majority (over 80%) of these dates.

Please enter your name, member number, phone number, email address and shirt size and current GA handicap.

Will the owner of this ball please see the club captain??

Photo 30-10-17, 7 14 25 pm

During the Club Championship member Wayne Arnott had the unfortunate experience of losing his ball on the 17th hole on 3 of the 4 rounds. Each time he had to disqualify himself as he could not identify where his ball had been and if it in fact it was taken by other players. A lost ball in other words. He could have made the long walk back but decided otherwise.

Each time he suspected that his ball had been pilfered by players playing adjoining holes.

On the last occasion, in the fourth round, Wayne hit his ball a little long and left of the green. To his dismay his ball was missing again but nearby he found a ball with a blue star marking and a blue Bonville logo, but a Callaway and not a Srixon. Driving away down the 12th fairway were some golfers in carts who he suspected had played the wrong ball.

You might ask how the captain came to be in possession of Wayne’s ball?

Well he in fact snapped his drive on 12 to the same area near the 17th green. Coming upon a ball with blue markings he hit his next shot and continued to the green without noticing that he had hit the wrong ball. What’s more he was paying so much attention that it was not until he reached the 18th green that he noticed he had the wrong ball. He suspected somebody had taken his ball from the 17th fairway and disqualified himself.

Talking to Wayne’s marker, Arthur, later on in the day and discussing Wayne’s bad luck he soon found out that he was the pilferer of the ball this week, especially when Arthur described the ball he had found and the ball he had lost.

There is a lesson to be learned from this situation. Although it is not compulsory each person should put their individual marking on their ball to help them identify it out on the course. Of course both Wayne and Dave had done this, so the lesson is that you should always check that you have the right ball before you play a shot, especially if you are in the rough.

Sorry Wayne, at least I didn’t lose your ball.

golf shirts 3

‘Sporte Leisure’ Sale at your Club

In a special pre-Christmas sale all ‘Sporte Leisure’ Golf shirts with the Jamberoo club logo are on special for the month of November at prices that you just can’t beat.

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Australian Footgolf Open

Members are reminded that the Australian Footgolf Open will be held at the course from Thursday November 9 until Sunday November 12. This is a great honour for the club but it does mean that the Saturday November 11 competition will be slightly affected. On this day a par event has been scheduled to be played but the latest tee time available is 9.30 am. Please arrange to play before this time.

Who owns this set of clubs?


Will the owner of this bag and buggy kindly remove it before the Australian Footgolf Open? It is in the way of the players!

John Keeling, 2016 gold medalist

Gold Medal Playoff Day

Gold Medal Play-Off – November 18th 2017

The following list of members have won a monthly medal (or more than 1) during the past 12 months and have therefore qualified to play in the Gold Medal Playoff. The lowest score from among these players will win this prestigious award, one per grade. Please press the link to find those members playing in the playoff.

Gold Medal Playoff 2017

The playoff is played in conjunction with the November monthly medal, the first of the new golf season.

{Players will compete in the division(s) they have won their monthly medal, but off their current handicap.}



News From the Course 28 October

2017 Club Championships proudly sponsored by Drummond Golf Shellharbour

Final Championship Results

Congratulations to the following members on their successful club championship campaigns.

A Grade and Club Champion : Steve Rippon, 275

A Grade Nett winner : Greg Seymour, 270

A Grade Gross runner up : Jarrod Gehrmann, 302

A Grade Nett runner up : Scott Hainsworth, 275

B Grade Champion :  Gary Harvey, 332

B Grade Nett winner : Phil Adams, 267

B Grade Gross runner up : Alan Jones, 335

B Grade Nett runner up : Colin Booth, 274

C Grade Champion : Gary Eagleton, 345

C Grade Nett winner : Steve Oppert, 268

C Grade Gross runner up : Warwick Drew, 357

C Grade Nett runner up : William Little, 269

D Grade Champion : Vince Byrnes, 382

D Grade Nett winner : Charlie Struck, 263

D Grade Gross runner up : Robert Weir, 388

D Grade Nett runner up : Les Farkas, 285

All Drummond Golf vouchers can be collected after the annual presentation afternoon on December 3.

The 2017 championships have turned out to be among the most hotly contested in the club’s history and as the adage goes, “the competition doesn’t start until the back nine of the final round” proved to be true.

Steve Rippon had a great lead going into the final round but was playing with serious injuries. In winning Steve graciously congratulated the other A graders who battled hard against him, all having to give up over 40 shots against him. Steve also congratulated the other division winners and announced that he will stop playing until he recovers from his injuries.

The nett competition in A grade was very closely contested and it came down to a brilliant back nine by Greg Seymour to take out the award on 270 over Scott Hainsworth on 275.

With overnight B grade leader Tom Zimmermann absent due to family commitments a whole host of players were in with a good shot at the title. The player who stepped forward was Gary Harvey with a last day 78 off the stick to win by 3 from Alan Jones on 335 . The nett title was won by Phil Adams who closed with a nett 62  to beat Col Booth by 2.

In C grade it was Gary Eagleton who withstood the pressure the best scoring a last round 84 to overtake overnight C grade leader Steve Oppert  to win by 3 with a score of 345. Steve had to settle for the nett title.

D Grade was very close with overnight leader Vince Brynes withstanding the pressure to win by 5 on a score of 382 from Charlie Struck .  Charlie claimed the nett title.

Well played to our new champions, and congratulations to all members who gave it a go. “You wait for next year” was a common lament!

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During the month of November the golf shop has all club branded ‘Sporte Leisure’ shirts on special at never to be repeated prices.

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Protests and Rulings to the Match Committee

From time to time members have questions concerning local rules or the conduct of a competition. Very occasionally a complaint is made about an incident observed on the course.

If  the enquiry is about a rule of golf or local rule then this can usually be handled immediately by asking the Captain or other Match Committee person directly. Depending on the ruling, sometimes it might take a few hours to research the proper answer and in such a situation the ruling will be published in the daily cow and on notice boards around the club.

If you have an enquiry about a player in a competition who you observed breaking a rule of golf, like taking a drop from a wrong position, or miscounting their score on a hole, etc, then the correct procedure is to ask for a determination from the Match Committee.

This should be in writing immediately following the competition where such observation arose.

Please submit your statement to the starter or to the office with your name, the name of any other witness, the time, date and place where the observation was made and the name of the alleged offender.

The Match Committee will respond to your enquiry in writing within 7 days unless further advice is needed from Golf NSW. The Match Committee will investigate the matter by firstly informing the  marker and then the player separately that an allegation has been made giving them every chance to explain. As a general rule the word of the marker will be taken very seriously and unless there is very strong evidence against the player no further action will be taken.

If the allegation is confirmed then depending on the nature of the offence, some action will be taken from disqualification to suspension, with a right of appeal, given.

Vexatious or malicious claims are frowned upon and disciplinary and/or civil action may be taken against such claimants. Defaming a fellow member by spreading rumours without evidence is also frowned upon.

Often what you may observe turns out to be different to what you believe happened. Before making an allegation make sure of your facts and consider other possible explanations.

2017-18 Match Committee:

Dave Ransom, Stuart Potter, Geoff Wilson, Pat Paris and Keith Hales.

This week’s results

Saturday 28th October 2017

Stoke Competition

A Grade: Winner     Greg Tarrant 64 nett

B Grade: Winner     Gary Harvey 63 nett (c/b)   2nd    Phil Adams 63 nett

C Grade: Winner    Mick Burton 62 nett 2nd   Ray Sheehan 64 nett (c/b)

D Grade: Winner     Charlie Struck 62 nett

Ladies  Stroke Winner    Patricia Orgill 69 nett

Wednesday 25th October 2017 –  Stableford

A Grade Winner:   Pete Munro 37 pts

B Grade Winner:  Dave Ransom 38 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:   John Eeles 41 pts

D Grade Winner:   James Pickup 42 pts

Tuesday 24th October 2017 –Stableford

Div 1 Winner:  Jo Burke 37 pts   Runner Up: Lyn Kuskey 36 pts

Div 2 Winner:  Marie Rodgers 33 pts   Runner Up: Dianne Bowyer  (Port Kembla GC) 31 pts (c/b)

9 Hole Stableford – White Course

Winner:  W Unsworth     Runner Up:  L Tomlins


News from the Course 21 October

Moving Day in the Championships

A Grade

Rippon’s injury crisis has worsened and he is playing on a wing and a prayer despite acupuncture, physical therapy and pain killers. He still leads A grade by 25 from Jarrod Gehrmann with  Mark Cassell a further shot back. Scott Hainsworth after his 74 today is in 4th place. The nett leader is Greg Seymour on 205 with David White second on 207, and Mark and Scott next best on 209.

B Grade

Tom Zimmermann has shot to the lead with a score of 242 after 3 rounds. Tom fired a great round of 76 today and leads Alan Jones by 6 and Brian Underwood by 9. Bernie McGlinchey has moved ‘ from the penthouse to the basement’ after his third round 92 and now trails by 11. The news is that Tom is unavailable next week leaving the above and John Turner, Gary Harvey and Col Booth still in with a good chance to claim the championship.

The nett leader after Tom is Brian Underwood on 203, Phil Adams on 205, Alan Jones and John Turner both on 206.

C Grade

The new leader in C grade is Steve Oppert after his brilliant 81 off the stick. This leaves him on 259 two ahead of Gary Eagleton on 261. William Little and John Childs are next best on 267.

John Childs leads the nett on 192 and leads Will Little by 3 with many others in with a good chance.

D Grade

Vince Byrnes has retained his lead and leads D grade by 6 on 283 from Les Farkas who has moved up the field into contention. All remaining players are in with a chance with a great last round so expect somebody to make a last day surge.

The nett is very tight with both Charlie Struck and Vince on 202, Robert Weir on 203, Geoff Boxsell on 207 and Les Farkas on 208.

It promises to be a great last round in all grades with many players in with a chance to claim their respective championship with a last day surge.

Community Cancer Link Charity Golf  Day Tuesday 31 October

For just $25 you get a game of golf, afternoon tea and lunch as well as supporting a very worthy charity. It promises to be a great day, so enter your team of two onto the booking sheet in the golf shop.

NCR or Injured?

If you are injured during your competition round please do not enter any scores into the computer. Mark down on the card that you couldn’t finish your round due to your condition, have it signed by your marker, then place it in the box. It will not count in your records.

If for some reason you fail to complete a round due to an unforeseen mishap on the course, like losing your ball on the 11th, 12th hole or somewhere else then please don’t enter any scores into the computer. Write down NCR on the top of the card and leave it in the box for processing.

Hole in one on 11th

Alan Broadhead used his 5 utility to great affect last Wednesday to record an ace on the 11th hole.

This great shot will be rewarded with a special 6 ball prize from the club and Alan will have his golf ball mounted as a permanent reminder of his perfect shot.

Well played Alan.

This week’s other results

Rain, glorious rain! At last the heavens opened delivering 7mm on Friday. The course is still in need of a good drink, so let’s hope for some more soon.

Some great rounds have been recorded this week. Tom Zimmermann, Steve Oppert and John Childs all shot nett 62’s on Saturday. Bernie McGlinchey continued his good form on Wednesday with 38 points, as did Greg Seymour. John Childs started his good week with 39 on Wednesday and Brian Green managed 40 on the same day. Cheryl Legge scored a great 39 points on Tuesday, and Brian Bennett led the Veterans home with 40 on Monday.

Saturday 21st October 2017 – 3rd Round Men’s Club Championships

A Grade: Winner    Scott Hainsworth 66 nett

B Grade: Winner    Tom Zimmerman 62 nett (c/b)  2nd    Steve Oppert 62 nett

C Grade: Winner   John Childs 62 nett 2nd   Laurie Fogarty 65 nett

D Grade: Winner    Jeff O’Brien 67 nett

Ladies  Winner    Shirley Walsh 78 nett

Wednesday 18th October 2017 – Individual Stableford

A Grade Winner:  Greg Seymour 38 pts

B Grade Winner: Bernie McGlinchey 38 pts  2nd Place  Italo Baraldi 37 pts

C Grade Winner:  John Childs 39 pts  2rd Place  Harry Osman 38 pts

D Grade Winner:  Brian Green 40 pts

Eagle on the 8th D Kelly (Wentworth Falls CC)

Hole in One 11th A Broadhead (The Links Shell Cove)

Tuesday 17th October 2017 – Secret Nine Stableford

Div 1 Winner: Cheryl Legge 39 pts   2nd  Margaret Stephens 36 pts

Secret Nine Winner:  Margaret Potter 23 pts

9 Hole Competition

Winner: L Tomlins 11 pts Runner Up: W Unsworth  10 pts

Monday 16th October 2017 – Veterans Single Stableford

Winner:   Brian Bennett 40 pts 2nd:  Peter Hackett 37 pts





albion p high.JPG
LORRAINE CRAM, SHIRLEY DICSON AND LYN WALKER (VETS NSW ) presented the Gwen Barmby Trophy for Div 2 Country Championship handicap 21 to 29,  Score Plus 5 to Shirley Dixon.

News from the Course – Saturday 10th October

Club Championships – Round 2 Summary

Two rounds down and two to go, and haven’t things tightened up?

Steve Rippon played another ‘rippa’ of a round and is now considering playing with bandages on permanently! His secret is 41 putts in two rounds. This gives Steve a total of 126 after 2 rounds leading Mark Cassal by 22. If Steve wins the title then he can’t win the nett and this is very close with a whole host of players in with a good chance. Mark Cassal and Greg Seymour share the nett lead on 134 discounting Steve’s 132. Who will step up and challenge Steve?

The B Grade has really tightened up with Bernie McGlinchey making a statement with his 74 off the bat to lead by 2 on 161. Alan Jones, 163 , is next and then John Turner and Gary Harvey both on 164, followed by Andrew Attard on 165, then first round leader, Brian Underwood, and Tom Zimmermann on 166. Several others are close as well. Bernie leads the nett on 131 with John Turner and Doug Perry on 132, while on 134 are Gary Harvey, Brian Underwood and Phil Adams.

C Grade is also very close with at least 10 in with a good show. All that is needed is a good round when the pressure is applied in the next two weeks. Gary Eagleton leads on 173 with Will Little second on 176, Mal Garratt and Warwick Drew on 177, Steve Oppert on 178 and Ron Hewson on 180. Will leads the nett on 128, followed by John Childs on 131 and then Gary and Mal on 133.

In D Grade the race for the title has really opened up with both round 1 leaders struggling in round 2. Vince Brynes is the new leader on 188 with Bob Weir next and Geoff Boxsell on 192 but don’t be surprised if somebody else steps into the fray next Saturday with a great round. Geoff is the nett leader on 130 2 ahead of Bob Weir.

Next Saturday is moving day so who will make the challenge for the title in each grade?

Members make your Bookings

Don’t forget to enter the Community Cancer Link Charity Golf day to be held on Tuesday 31st October. The format of the day will be a 2 person ambrose with “SHOTGUN START” – 8.00 for 8.30 am for both male and female teams. Cost is just $25 per player and includes afternoon tea and luncheon.

Entry form is in the shop so put your name down to help out this worthy charity.

Practice  Fairway

Despite what some members might think the practice fairway is just that, a practice fairway. Provided you have clearly identifiable practice balls you can use it any time, even on comp days. The only other proviso is that practice balls should be hit in a northerly direction from the southern end.

It has come to my attention that some members are aiming their tee shot on the 10th fairway into this area. Do not complain if somebody is there practising, they are perfectly allowed to use this facility. Call out ‘fore’ as you have hit it off line, find your ball and proceed with the hole.

Weekly Results

Did I notice some precipitation from the sky this week, or was I just dreaming? We certainly need some more!

It was a very busy week on the course with a comp or large social group each day.

Best scores recorded were 42 to Italo Baraldi on Monday, +8 to William Perry, +7 to Mal Garratt and +6 to Lew Dare on Wednesday. Lyn Beringer had the best ladies round of +2 on Tuesday.

Hope to see you on the course next week.

Thursday, 12 October 2017 – Trevor Bell Shield – Stableford

Winner   Wayne Griffiths 37 Pts (c/b)

2nd          Ian Unsworth 37 Pts

3rd           Keith Armstrong 36 Pts (SL)

4th           Doug Lees 35 Pts  (SL)

5th           Mark Watler 34 Pts (c/b)(SL)

Wednesday 11th October 2017 – Par

A Grade Winner    Bob Neilson +2

B Grade Winner    Lew Dare +6

C Grade Winner    Bill Perry +8

D Grade Winner   Terry McGill (Kiama GC) +2

Tuesday 10th October 2017 – Ladies Par – White Course

Winner:         Lyn Beringer +2

Runner Up:   Lyn Kuskey +1 (c/b)

Monday 9th October 2017 – Veterans Single Stableford

Winner:  Italo Baraldi 42 Pts

2nd:        Jim Eames 40 Pts (c/b)

3rd:         Murray Bezzant 40 Pts