Match Committee News – January

New Rules of Golf are in Play

From the 1st of January the new changes to the rules of golf have come into effect.

Some rules that might effect you directly are the new procedure for taking a drop, the time limit for looking for a lost ball and the different rules for playing from a hazard.

A dropped ball must be released from knee height; you now have only 3 minutes to search for a lost ball; and you can remove loose impediments in bunkers and hazard areas. In a hazard area you can now also ground your club behind the ball and even take a practice swing.

In addition a new local rule concerning lost or out of bounds balls is explained below. Make sure you have read this rule before you apply it.

New Local Rule for Ball Lost or Out of Bounds

When a player’s ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance.

For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in the relief area (see Rule 14.3):

This Local Rule is not available if a provisional ball has been played.

2019 Local Rule option 1

2019 Local Rule option 2

Bird Damage on the Course

The Corellas have been at it again and this year are attacking our fairways in search of a meal. If your ball lies in this damage on a fairway then you are entitled to 1 club length free relief not nearer the hole. If the line of your putt on a green is affected by bird damage then you may move your ball so that you have a clear line of putt. It must be the same distance from the hole.

3 Month trial of how we award prizes in a competition.

To enable us to make a proper judgement on the best way to award prizes it has been decided to now run non-stroke competitions in a single grade and thus award larger prizes [and a gross prize if there are more than 80 players] for a period of 3 months.

At the end of March members will be asked to vote on which system is better.

In the meantime please feel free to give your opinion by replying in the comments section below.

Dave Ransom, on behalf of the Match Committee



The Last News from the Course in 2018


The staff and Directors of Jamberoo Golf Club wish all members a happy and rewarding New Year.

The 29th of December marks the last comp played on our course this year. It was a ‘countdown’ to mark the upcoming end of the year. I hope you enjoyed this interesting team format.

Grand things are happeneing at your club in 2019

2019 promises a whole lot of new and exciting competitions including the Eclectic Competition, the Just Bathrooms 4BBB Cup and the mid-week hole-in-one Jackpot. Be alert for further new competitions including an ‘Ambrose’ championship to be sponsored by Oaks Automotive. More details will follow in the new year.

The first of January also marks the introduction of the changed rules of golf. I hope all members are aware of the new rules and procedures. If not then click here.

The Club will also be varying the way we decide on prizes for stableford and par events. For a 3 month trial we will run these events as single grade days. The reason for this is that we will be able to award more and better prizes for the overall best scores achieved on the day and also have a larger ball comp. A best gross score will also be contested for larger fields.

‘Nearest the Pin’ and ‘Drive and Pitch’ prizes will still be awarded in grades and stroke rounds and monthly medals will still be played in grades as well.

The ‘Super Shot’ will continue to run as it is one of the most popular events run during our comp rounds.

We welcome GOLFMART (Wollongong) back as Monthly Medal sponsor from February,

Golf Mart snip

and Drumond Golf at Shellharbour will again sponsor the monthly Drummond Stableford the first Wednesday of each month.

Drummond Golf Logo

The Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine will be contended every third Wednesday of most non-school holiday months.

Just Bathrooms

The Ladies, Lady Veteran Golfers and Mens Veterans also have many interesting events planned for 2019 so why not get involved and play and enjoy the many varied competitions to be run on our course.

I hope to see you on the course, don’t forget to wave and say hello. May all your drives go straight!

Men’s Pennants 2019

The teams are taking shape and many different scenarios are being discussed over the selection table. One particular issue is that we need one more ‘A’ grade golfer to play in the ‘B’ Pennant team (handicaps 5 -12). If you have a handicap of 12 or less and are available on Sundays in February and March then please leave your contact details with the office or starters. Come and join the Pennant team.

This Week’s Results

Not many comps this week with Christmas Day and the like. On Boxing Day, golfers faced the annual prospect of slow Christmas greens, with Harry Osman being a clear winner with a great 41 points. Greg Seymour, playing in the second last group was able to grab second place with 37 points and Dave Ransom just pipped John Anthony and Peter Hughes on a countback for third, luckily sinking a curling second putt on the last green that proved to be the crucial difference.

Saturday saw the annual end-of-year countdown competition. Scoring was impressive and in the 4 person section the team of Mal Garratt, Al Thrower, Wayne Arnott and Peter Francis score an remarkable 101 points to win by 5. In the 3 person event the team of Jason Aboozaid, Con Kiayias and Kevin O’Rourke won by 9 points with a score of 88 points. The Ladies section was won by Lyn Beringer, Jenelle Anderson, Pam Middlebrook and Shirley Dixon with a good 85 points. Con had a great end of year round winning the super shot as well.

Tuesday 26th December 2018 – Boxing Day Medley Stableford 

Winner : Harry Osman 41 pts  2nd : Greg Seymour 37 pts  3rd: Dave Ransom 36 pts (c/b)

Saturday 29th December – Countdown

Saturday 29th December 2018

4 Person Countdown Winners:   Mal Garratt, Al Thrower, Wayne Arnott & Peter Francis 101 pts

3 Person Countdown Winners:   Jason Aboozaid (Links Shell Cove), Con Kiayias & Kevin O’Rourke 88 pts

Ladies 4 Person Countdown Winners:   Lyn Beringer, Jenelle Anderson, Pam Middlebrook & Shirley Dixon 85 pts


New Competitions at Jamberoo in 2019


Thanks to the generosity of John Anthony of Just Bathrooms 2019 will see the commencement of two new events.

Hole–in–one Jackpot

The first is a special prize for the first hole–in–one recorded on a Tuesday Ladies competition or Wednesday Mens competition.

Here are the rules:

  1. From January 2 the first hole in one recorded in either the Tuesday or Wednesday competition will receive a $200 prize.
  2. If it is not won then the prize will jackpot $25 per month until a hole–in–one is recorded.
  3. There is only one prize available and will go to the first person who achieves the hole–in–one unless there are two or more recorded on the same day in which case the prize will be shared evenly.
  4. This prize is available to members and ‘regular’ visitors to our competitions only. A ‘regular’ visitor is somebody who has played at least one game a month in a competition at Jamberoo.
  5. The Match Committee will administer the competition and all of its decisions are final.


Each Wednesday Stableford event in February, March, April and May 2019 (not including the Drummond Stableford) will have a 4BBB event in conjunction.

Teams will vie for the Just Bathrooms Cup which will be presented to the team with the highest aggregate stableford score counting the best 7 of the 9 rounds.

Rules and Prizes

  1. The competition will be run on the following dates:

Wed, Feb 13 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 1

Wed, Feb 27 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 2

Wed, Mar 13 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 3

Wed, Mar 27 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 4

Wed, Apr 10 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 5

Wed, Apr 24 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 6

Wed, May 8 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 7

Wed, May 22 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 8

Wed, May 29 – Just Bathrooms 4BBB series round 9

  1. The cost of entry will be an additional $2 per player per round.
  2. There will be one winning team per round and they will receive vouchers into their trophy accounts. The Australian Countback System will be used to determine the winner in case of ties.
  3. Records for each team will be kept and displayed on the club notice-board in the Members Lounge.
  4. The best 7 of 9 rounds will count.
  5. The overall winners will receive the Just Bathrooms Cup at Presentation Day.