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The rise of internet based golf stores and large, retail supermarket golf shops have led to the demise of many club golf shops.

It’s a new age and the traditional club golf shop has trouble competing with golf stores. It’s simple economics, these new stores have no overheads to meet and can undercut the traditional club shop easily. In the middle there are the large chain golf stores that can use their purchasing power and high volume of sales to lower their prices in comparison to the club golf shop.

The question to be asked is simple. Do you want a golf shop at our club selling all types of branded golf apparel, golf clubs, buggies, gloves and accessories, or are you prepared to just have food, drink and golf balls only for sale?

It must be said that the members have a history of supporting our golf shop. If you want to save the traditional golf shop at the club, however,  you must be prepared to continue to buy your golf supplies here.

Yes they may be very slightly dearer but it is our club. If what you require is not in stock then we can get it in for you. Any profits go back into the club and not into the hands of multi-national conglomerates.

The decision is yours, please comment.


6 thoughts on “IT’S OUR CLUB

  1. Happy with what we have. The shop makes good money for the club but is a huge effort from Bill. We would have to find another source of income.

  2. Leave as is…No club can compete with on line sales…AND don’t get rid of the pies….Many people warm up with practice putting AND in the nets…I like to warm up with a pie..whether it is summer or winter….LOL.

  3. I warm up with a pastie myself. There are no plans to close the shop, I just wanted to remind members to consider buying their golf requirements from our shop. The shop is doing quite well I believe.

  4. Hi Dave I will have to include the pastie in my warm up routine as well..It may help to stabilise my swing…

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