News From the Course 10th December


Ham Collection

For those lucky enough to win a Ham, 1/2 Ham or Turkey in the last couple of weeks then you must be at the club on Monday 12th of December at 2.30 pm to pick them up. We don’t have any storage facilities at the club so please be present to collect your prize.

Congratulations to all the lucky winners (said through gritted teeth)!

14th/15th holes

Thanks for the feedback, both in replies to an earlier article and at the course today. Sometimes we can rush into something without thoroughly thinking it through and it is good for us to know your opinions. It is obviously clear that the vast majority of members disagree with the proposal and that some better solution is required in this case.

It is therefore now time for members to make some suggestions for us to consider. Please respond in the comments below. All ideas will be considered.

Golf Results

We have had large turnouts in the last couple of weeks with the coming of summer. The ‘burglars’ were certainly out for the hams day!

Saturday 10 December 2016 – Hams Day

Hams and Turkeys can be collected Monday 12/12/2016 at 2.30pm

A Grade: Winner Full Ham Adrian Bell 41 pts 2nd 1/2 ham Tony Rodriguez 38 pts (c/b) 3rd Turkey Tony Panecasio 38 pts (c/b)

B Grade: Winner Full Ham Paul O’Leary 46 pts 2nd 1/2 ham Gary Eagleton 41 pts 3rd Turkey Matt Tedeschi 38 pts

C Grade: Winner Full Ham Doug Perry 39 pts 2nd 1/2 ham Les Hanigan 38 pts 3rd Turkey Gary Hemus 37 pts (c/b)

D Grade: Winner Full Ham Colin Cuthbertson 38 pts (c/b) 2nd 1/2 hamJeff O’Brien 38 pts 3rd Turkey Peter Wheatley 37 pts

Ladies Winner 1/2 Ham Lynne Beringer 35 pts 2nd Turkey Shirley Walsh 32 pts

Wednesday 7 December 2016 – Drummond Golf Stableford

A Grade Winner Patrick Paris 38 pts

B Grade Winner Allan Parr 41 pts 2nd Place Gary Eagleton 40 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner George Goor 40,pts 2nd Place Gary Harvey 38 pts

D Grade Winner Darryl Back 36 pts

Drummond Golf Voucher Winner Allan Parr 41 pts

Tuesday 6 December 2016 – Ladies stroke Monthly Medal

& Ladies Stableford

Div 1 Winner K Brennan 72 nett 2nd M Wright 74 nett

Div 2 Winner D Piper 70 nett 2nd R Sheath 71 nett

Monthly Medal Results

Div 1 Medal Winner K Brennan 72 Nett

Div 1 Gross Winner J O’Brien 88 Scratch & K Brennan 88 Scratch

Div 1 Putting Winner M Cook 30 Putts

Div 2 Medal Winner R Sheath 71 Nett

Div 2 Gross Winner R Gregson 104 Scratch

Div 2 Putting Winner R Gregson 29 Putts

Div 3 Medal Winner D Piper 70 Nett

Div 3 Gross Winner D Piper 113 Scratch

Div 3 Putting Winner D Piper 30 Putts

Hairdressers Trophy J O’Brien

Monday, 5 December 2016 – Veterans – Stableford

A Grade Winner J Brand 46 Pts 2nd J Henry 44 Pts 3rd P Hackett 39 Pts

B Grade Winner P Oldfield 40 Pts (c/b) 2ndS Potter 40 Pts 3rd P Brown 36 Pts (c/b)


Cheers and best wishes,

Dave Ransom

Postponement of ‘New out of Bounds’


Player and visitor safety is a very important concern at Jamberoo Golf Club. Sometimes the need to consider safety takes precedence over golfing matters.

The 15th tee is an area where there is a potential for players to be hit by errant shots from the 14th tee. You may note the safety screens put in already and the etiquette of calling ‘fore’ if you send your ball off line on the 14th tee. Players have also been advised to stand close to the screen while awaiting their turn on the 15th tee. A tree planting in the area is being implemented but this of course will take time to fully protect the tee. The cost of erecting netting screens is also prohibitive but has also been considered.

Despite all of the above greenstaff and players are still in danger and have recently had near misses in this area.

The implementation of the “new out of bounds” will be postponed until later so that more feedback can be gained.

The greens committee would like you now to continue your feedback and make positive suggestions to improve safety in this area.

Dave Ransom

New area of Out of Bounds on the 14th hole


New ‘Out of Bounds’ Area while playing the 14th Hole

There has been a spate of players and greens staff being hit or having a near miss by golf balls hit off the 14th tee onto or in front of the 15th tee. One person indeed was taken to hospital following a strike to the back of his head by an errant ball while he was addressing his ball.

It is the policy of Jamberoo Golf Club that players call out ‘FORE’ if they hit their tee shot off line on any hole. Players on the 15th tee should wait near the screen while waiting their turn to hit for safety’s sake.

All of these situations come despite the screen and trees near the 15th tee and despite all of the safety measures. Players near the 15th tee are still being put in danger by players from the 14th tee aiming over the 15th tee.

It is therefore that the Green’s Committee have proposed an out of bounds extension be made while playing the 14th hole. It is to include the 15th tee and an area of 50m by 25m of the 15th fairway and rough immediately in front of the 15th tee. This new ‘Out of Bounds’ will only apply to the 14th hole and not for any other hole. [The Green’s Committee have applied Decision 33 – 24/14 of the rules of golf].
This proposal will be trialed until March 2017 at which time its success or otherwise will be reviewed.

The new ‘Out of Bounds’ will be in play from Wednesday 14th of December.


Please use the suggestion book or tell a Board of Director member to record any near misses or hits to players in this area.

Jim Henry                              Margaret Cook                               Dave Ransom

Chairperson                          Ladies Captain                              Club Captain


Good afternoon had by all. Food beautifully presented by the Ladies . Captain Dave Ransom doing a great job with Chipping Comp and presenting the prizes.

A Big thank you to Drummond Golf manager Chris and Elders Viv Marris for supporting us throughout the year.Viv also  beat all the Golfers in a to win the chipping comp.

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Awards to be collected

For those members who were unable to attend the Presentation dinner last night, you can collect your trophy and/or voucher from the golf office as soon as practible.

This applies to the following members:

Andrew Ball (Drummond Voucher and trophy); Errol Stubbs (Drummond Voucher and trophy); Les Farkas (Drummond Voucher and trophy); Jarrod Gehrmann (trophy); Adrian Gehrmann (trophy); David White (gold medal); Peter Francis (trophy); Tony McRae (trophy).

Congratulations to all this year’s major event winners. Full details can now be found using the “club champions” tab on the club website.


News from The Course


Presentation night

A final reminder that the 4th of December is presentation night. Bar services will be available. Please bring some change to further enjoy the events on the night.

Quarterly and Half Yearly Fees

Those members who have taken the option to pay their membership fees half yearly or quarterly are reminded that these were due on the 30th of November. If you have failed to pay on time then you are now unfinancial. You are not given a month long extension to make this payment.

It would be appreciated that you make arrangements to pay as soon as possible. For those members who remembered the club sends its thanks.

Some monthly payment members are also now in arrears and should also make a payment as soon as possible.

Weekly Results

Fine weather has certainly brought out the best in our members with large fields and great scoring evident. Looking at the winners from last week there appears to be a pattern with some regular names showing winning form. It remains to be seen if they have ‘fired their cannons to early’ with the plethora of hams up for grabs in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday 3 December 2016 -Men’s Golf Mart Monthly Medal & Ladies Golf Mart Stroke

A Grade: Winner Tony Rodriguez 66 nett

B Grade: Winner Warren Joannou 64 nett (c/b) 2nd Paul Rodgers 64 nett 3rd Greg Seymour 65 nett (c/b)

C Grade: Winner Michael Burton 63 nett 2nd Norbert Beringer 63 nett 3rd Lance Fredericks 67 nett

D Grade: Winner Michael Sheridan 66 nett

Best Gross Steve Rippon 65

Ladies Winner Jen Owers 70 nett

Thursday 1st December 2016 – Lady Veterans – Turkey Trot – Stableford

Winner of 1/2 ham Sue Paul 38 Pts Runner Up and winner of turkey Lisa Bell 36 Pts

3rd Shirley Walsh 35 Pts (c/b) 4th Shirley Dixon 35 Pts 5th Lyn Kuskey 34 Pts (c/b)

Wednesday 30 November 2016 – Men’s Stableford

A Grade Winner Tony Rodriguez 37 pts

B Grade Winner Peter Cooney (The Grange) 42 pts 2nd Place Paul Rodgers 40 pts 3rd Place Bruce Michie (Links Shell Cove) 39 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner Gary Eagleton 42 pts 2nd Place Graham Kuskey 40 pts

D Grade Winner Bill Lay 41 pts

Tuesday 29 November 2016 – Ladies split Six

1st place Robyn Gregson and Fay Stanley 64 Pts

2nd place Lorraine Cram and Margaret Potter 62 Pts

3rd place Shirley Dixon and Sue Paul 60 Pts

Saturday 26 November 2016

Men’s 2 Person Stableford Multiplier Individual in conjunction

Ladies 2 Person Stableford Multiplier Individual in conjunction

A Grade Individual Winner Tony Rodriguez 37 pts

B Grade Individual Winner Greg Rodgers 44 pts 2nd Col Booth 40 pts (c/b) 3rd Alan Jones 40 pts

C Grade Individual Winner Ron Hewson 43 pts 2nd Greg Harvey 40 pts

D Grade Individual Winner Tony Silvio 41 pts

2 Person Stableford Multiplier Winners Paul Rodgers and Ron Hewson 97 pts

Ladies Individual Winner Lyn Beringer 38 pts

2 Person Stableford Multiplier Winners Trish Orgill and Lyn Beringer 65 pts

Well played to this week’s winners and good luck to all in your search to win a ham!

Dave Ransom



Flying Drones and Other Sightings!

Craig Murrel Photography was out taking some footage and photos for our website upgrade.

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