News from the Course, 20th October

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Championship Update

The weather relented and the course was in remarkably good condition for the third round of the club championships but playing very tough and to its full length.

The big mover in A Grade today was George Vlatko  who climbed from third place to take the lead on 232. He won’t have it all his own way in the final round as several players are close enough if good enough. Arthur Bosanquet is on 233, Anthony Smith on 234, Pete Munro on 236, Scott Hainsworth on 238 and Tony Panecasio on 240.  Pete leads the nett on 200, 1 ahead of Anthony Smith.

John Anthony and B Grade leader Gary Harvey

Defending champion Gary Harvey has moved to the lead in B Grade on 250 and leads Paul Rodgers by 4 and Peter Francis by 5. Nett leader is Paul Rodgers on 200 with Peter Francis second on 204 and Larry Kent third on 208.

Brian Bennett leads C Grade on 275, six clear of Ian Martens and Warwick Drew. The unfortunate story is that overnight leader Robert Anderson had scored a good 93 off the stick to assert his presence and take a three shot lead. Sadly he was disqualified when he forgot to sign his card. Ian martens leads the nett on 209 with Brian second on 215 and Brett Fielding third on 216.

Robert Weir leads D Grade by 25 on 300 and appears almost certain to win the D Grade section.

Thanks to all members in understanding the necessity in protecting the course by not allowing golf carts today.

Hopefully fine weather will prevail next week and the championships will come to an exciting conclusion. Best of luck to all competitors.

16th Green

The bottom section of the 16th green is rarely used due to its dangerous proximity to the people leaving the 17th tee and because of its severe ‘graininess’.  Club resources are being used in maintaining it to a high standard and these can be better spent in other areas of the course.

As a trial, it is proposed to leave some of this bottom area unmown and not be considered part of the putting green. Balls hit from this new area can then be chipped onto the putting green.

Please leave any remarks in the comments section below.

This week’s scores

Saturday 20th October 2018 – Men’s Stroke 

3rd Round Men’s Championships

A Grade Winner:   Anthony Smith 67 nett

B Grade Winner:   Paul Henderson 63 nett   2nd:   Con Kiayias 66 nett

C & D Grade Winner:   Ian Martens 68 nett   2nd:   Gary Eagleton 71 nett

Ladies Winner:   Marie Farrant 75 nett

Wednesday 17th October 2018 – Men’s Stableford 

A & B Grade Winner:   Daniel Adams 43 pts   2nd:   Gary Harvey 41 pts

C Grade Winner:   Laurie Fogarty 40 pts   2nd:   Brett Fielding 39 pts

D Grade Winner:  Mick Familo 36 pts

Tuesday, 16th October 2018

Community Cancer Link Charity Golf Day – 2 person Ambrose

Donation to Community Cancer Link $1700

Lady winners:  Judi O’Brien & Michele Mullan  69.75  2nd Trish Swan & Kelly Greaves 70 (c/b) 3rd Rose Flood & Lynnette Roberson 70

Men Winners: John Anthony & Gary Harvey 58.5

Monday, 15th October 2018 – Veterans Stableford

Winner  Don Thompson 36 Pts (c/b) 2nd Peter Francis 36 Pts (c/b)



Course Open for Play

This was the scene from the 17th tee on Thursday morning after the deluge.

flooding Oct 2018

The weekend round of golf was in great doubt. The weather cleared and the water has drained and the green staff have worked hard to get the course in playable condition.

In consultation with the greens staff, the Match Committee have decided to play the third round of the club championship as scheduled with the only proviso that golf carts are not to be used.

Single-person motorised golf buggies will be allowed but are not to be used within 15 metres of the greens and wet patches are to be avoided.

There are some damp areas naturally [notably the 2nd, 16th and 17th fairways] but most of the course is good.

The rules of golf allow for wet conditions. Rule 25.1 – Abnormal Ground Conditions- casual water  & embedded balls.

To alleviate this issue there will be a local rule in place tomorrow –  Thirty centimetre (30cm) preferred lies will be allowed through the green.

Please read the wording of the local rule notice at the golf club before you hit-off.





19 October 2018


Welcome to the third (and final) mid-competition update of the JGC 2018 Men’s Eclectic competition. The 30th round was completed on Saturday 13 October; only 10 more to go.

It is pleasing to see the gross scores are still improving, with players experiencing one or more “eclectic moments” during each round. What is an “eclectic moment”, I hear you ask? The introduction of this term has been an unexpected bonus since the eclectic competition commenced, and will surely be introduced into the R & A Rules of Golf “Definitions” when the next rule book is published. It will sit perfectly alongside other memorable golfing terms such as “forecaddie”, “gobbler”, “rub of the green” and “outside agency”. Popular Club member, passionate Roosters supporter, and now JGC linguist, Ron Hewson, introduced the term into the golfing lexicon, and it is not uncommon to hear the term being used both on and off the course; for example, “Did you hear about Paul’s eclectic moment on the 2nd last Saturday?”

An “eclectic moment” is the point in time, during an eligible round, when a player’s ball strikes the bottom of the cup, giving that player a gross score for the hole that improves the player’s previous best gross score for that hole.

Thank you, Ron, on behalf of all golfers!

The gross scores from the 30 completed rounds have been analysed.

  • Gross scores have been entered for 191 players.
  • 191 players have played 2,216 rounds.
  • 180 players have a gross score for every hole (ie no “wipes”).
  • Nobody has played in all 30 rounds, but 1 person has played 29 rounds.
  • The leading gross score is 3 shots ahead.
  • 7 players have a gross score below 60.
  • 99 players have at least 1 birdie, 38 players have achieved birdies on 5 or more holes, and 3 players have 10 or more birdies.
  • Still only 2 eagles, both on the 12th.
  • The hardest holes are the 1st (par 4) and the 18th (par 4), both averaging 4.96. The 1st has been birdied once and the 18th
  • The easiest hole is still the 9th (par 3), averaging 2.83, with 37 players having birdies, but is closely followed by the 2nd (par 4), averaging 3.85, with 30 player having birdies.

Eclectic competitions are designed so that the lowest handicap players do not necessarily win the Gross competition. After 30 rounds 23 players are within 10 shots of the leader, with a handicap range of 7 – 19.

In accordance with the competition rules previously published, and as recommended by Golf Australia, the Nett winner will be the player with the lowest Eclectic score after his handicap has been deducted from his gross Eclectic score. A player’s handicap will be 50% of his Golf Australia (Golflink) handicap (rounded up or down) on the last day of the competition (for example, GA 8.5 becomes 9, and GA 23.3 becomes 23), irrespective of when a player plays his last eligible round for the Eclectic Competition.

There are 51 players who have not yet completed the required minimum number of 8 rounds to be eligible for prizes in the Eclectic competition, but with 10 rounds still to go, there is still time.

No scores will be announced until the Club’s Presentation function on 2 December 2018, so all will be kept in suspense until that time. If you think you might be in the running for either the Gross or Nett prizes keep 2 December free, attend the Presentation function and celebrate (or help others celebrate).


Ladies Committee ran another successful charity day. $1700 was donated to the charity on the day —-what great result from a small club like Jamberoo . We should be proud of achieving this —-thank you to the fabulous hardworking Ladies Committee.

A great day. Sunshine , fun game, longest and straightest drives, fabulous food, drinks specials in the golf shop, generous prizes, raffle and socializing. Next year we would like to see more men enter—the 8 that played were very happy with their prizes.

Too many prizes Winners to list.  Over 20 prizes.

Congratulations to Marilyn and Bill Hodgson. Winning 1st and 3rd in the raffle. A Golf bag and $100 voucher from Jamberoo Pub

Ladies: Judi Obrien Michelle Mullan 69.5

Mens: Gary Harvey, John Anthony . 68