News From the Course – 22nd July

Jamberoo Men’s Open

Good luck and play well to all competitors in tomorrow’s Jamberoo Open. The greens should be firm and fast and will test the ability and skill of the quality field that has gathered to play.

A special thank you to Drummond Golf at Shellharbour for their support of our major event of the year.

Lady Veterans Open Day

All members, both ladies and gentlemen, are invited to play in the Lady Veterans Open Day on Thursday 3 August.

Enjoy great company, a good meal and some friendly conversation on this ‘must be there’ day.

For your $5 for lunch you will get roast beef or ham sandwiches, a lovely slice of cake and tea or coffee. Great value indeed.

The booking sheet is in the Lady Veterans folder in the golf shop. Join the other members who have already put their name down and have a great day on the course.

Tax Deductible Donations

You may have noticed a new item to the right of the screen. To help us raise funds for course improvements the Australian Sports Foundation have allocated JGC a page on their site. Any individual or business looking to make tax deductible donations to the club can now obtain these by using the ASF.

If you have any friends or business contacts who might be interested please share it with them.

Press the button and check it out!

News from the Shop

Its our club so take a look in your golf shop.

New Arrivals at our shop

  • Mens Polo shirts with club logos
  • Ladies – several vests and long-sleeved tops
  • Caps and bucket hats with club logos
  • Walkinshaw ‘swivel’ push buggy – folds into a compact easy to lift position and is very stable and strong.

Check out these great new products only available at Jamberoo.

Another Ace Recorded

Congratulations go to Michael Sheridan who had a hole-in-one on the 15th on Wednesday. Michael hit his driver off the tee and watched with joy as the ball took a trajectory straight for the hole and went in.

To reward Michael for his perfect shot, the ball he used will be mounted as a permanent reminder and Michael will receive 6  balls from the club.

Well played Michael.

Expressions of Interest

After several years of dedicated service to the club in running the monthly medal BBQ, Margaret Stephens has decided that she can no longer organise this event due to a variety of personal reasons. The club would like to thank Marg for her efforts in running this popular and highly successful event each month and the club has been enriched by to your efforts.

We now are taking expressions of interest for any interested member who feels that they can take over Marg’s role. Please contact Lance, Keith or the office if you could help us out.

Ready Golf

If you are ready to play when it is your turn then you are playing ready golf. It doesn’t mean that you have to rush your game, nor does it mean that you miss out on the banter within your group. Just be ready to hit when it is your shot.

Unusual Bait

Occasionally some members have been seen trying to catch a fish in the waterways around the course. I have often wondered what bait they use in their endeavour.

Today I found out.

Gordon Dill today obviously was using his golf bag for bait. How else can I explain how his whole kit got in the dam on the 8th? Apparently he caught a trout.

Trevor Bell Memorial Shield – Monday 10th July

 by Chris Goodwin

The wind chill factor this morning was a major factor in today’s results while it whistled across the greens. A downhill putt with the wind at your back was treacherous to say the least. The outstanding round of the day belonged to Phil Gosling from Jamberoo who had 41 points, including an eagle on the par 4 14th hole. Phil was the runaway winner with the next best being 37 points. Unfortunately, Phil’s exploits were not matched by the rest of the team (me included) who struggled in the cold and difficult conditions.

Our hosts Russell Vale were the winners today with 198 points, followed by Kiama (197), Port (196), Jamberoo (193), The Links (185), The Grange (181) and Wollongong who played with a man short with 179. Russell Vale again excelled themselves with their BBQ and a refreshing beer (just what we needed after nearly getting blown off the course!).

Today’s result has brought about a change to the scoreboard with Kiama taking a point lead over Port:

Kiama                    601

Port Kembla       600

Jamberoo            573

The Links             571

Wollongong        549

The Grange        535

Russell Vale        534

The next round is at Kiama on Monday 14th August  and the nomination sheet has been posted on the notice board.

Latest Results

Saturday, 22nd July 2017 – Par

A Grade Winner  Geoff Wilson  +1

B Grade Winner  Hans Kaer  +6  2nd Mark Fisher +4

C Grade Winner   Al Thrower  +6  2nd Brian Underwood +4

D Grade Winner   Matthew Bailey +1

Ladies Winner: Cheryl Legge +1

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 – Mens Stroke –Including Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine

A Grade Winner     Tony Rodriguez 69 Nett

B Grade Winner     Toby Bartle 64 Nett    2nd Place  Chris Goodwin 68 Nett (c/b)

C Grade Winner     William Perry 67 Nett     2nd Place    Mark Fisher 69 Nett

D Grade Winner     William Little 67 Nett

Just Bathrooms Mystery Nine Winner: R Orr 34.5 Nett (Holes 1,3,5,6,11,12,14,17,18)

Hole in One 15th: M Sheridan

Tuesday, 18th July 2017 – Par

Div 1 Winner: Shirley Dixon +1    Runner Up: Lyn Kuskey -1

Div 2 Winner: Robyn Boles +2      Runner Up  Lisa Bell  0

Monday, 17th July 2017 Veterans – Stableford

Winner  Donald Thompson   40 Pts 2nd  Joe Drehsen   39 Pts

News from the Course 15 July

Upcoming events

Next Sunday July 23, the Jamberoo Men’s Open will be played. Entries are still being taken and if you want to play then please either contact the golf shop on 42360404 or fill in the entry sheet personally. If you have any wishes for a tee time or to play with certain people then let us know as we will make every endeavour to accommodate you.

On July 30 the Jamberoo Mixed Open will be contested so please enter on the form in the golf-shop or by ringing the club.

On Sunday August 13 the Men’s Keno 4 – ball district final will be played on our course. Again enter at the shop or through Golf Illawarra.

Sunday August 20 the 27 hole mixed foursome championship will be played. A time sheet is available at the shop.

New Draw – Single Matchplay Championship

What can I say? Some members have pointed out to me that I should have included a preliminary round in the Single Matchplay Championship. They were right!

I have therefore printed out another draw with the corrections for display and it should be on the notice-board by Monday.

The preliminary round should be played by August 15. Col Booth vs Andrew Ball; Tim Young v Shane Townsend; Don Thompson v Arthur Bosanquet; Geoff Wilson v Dave Ransom; Brian Nicoll v Phil Gosling; John Bermudez v Vince Byrnes.

This week’s results

Saturday, 15th July 2017 – Single Stableford

A Grade Winner Steve Rippon 38 pts

B Grade Winner Bernard McGlinchey 37 pts (c/b), 2nd Paul Rodgers 37 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner Gary Hemus 40 pts, 2nd Bob Wright 38 pts, 3rd Phil Adams 37 pts

D Grade Winner Jeff O’Brien 36 pts

Ladies Winner Shirley Walsh 38 pts

Eagle 12th    Steve Rippon

Wednesday, 12 July 2017 – Stableford

A Grade Winner    Greg Seymour 41 pts

B Grade Winner    Alan Alhovirta (Howlong) 38 pts (c/b), 2nd Place Toby Bartle 38 pts

C Grade Winner    Harry Osman 36 pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner   Geoff King 40 pts (c/b), 2nd Place Allan Beadling 40 pts

Tuesday, 11 July 2017 – Ladies Stableford

Div 1 Winner   Cheryl Legge 35 pts  Runner Up  Marilyn Wright 34 pts (c/b)

Div 2 Winner    Lyn Walker 34 pts (c/b)  Runner Up  Robyn Boles 34 pts

Speed of Play


Nobody enjoys being called a slow player and often a fiery response will follow such an allegation. The purpose of this article is not to accuse any player of slow play but to remind players of their obligations with regard to speed of play in competition rounds. It is not to get players to quit playing but to make them aware of their relative position in the field and to make the day more enjoyable for all.

As Captain I have been receiving many complaints from members about slow play in competitions, especially by some groups who hit off between 7.30 and 8.30 in the morning.

Initially I reminded members of the ‘Play Ready Golf ’ ideas with notices about the club and in the daily cow. Ready Golf means BEING READY to play, not playing when you are ready.

It seems that quite a few failed to read and act on this as the complaints continued to come, although some improved their pace of play.

To investigate this further I asked all groups to put down their start and finish times on their score cards. Most groups obliged and a noticeable pattern arose with a trend for some rounds to take 4.5 hours instead of the expected 4 hours maximum. I was able to check the starter’s sheet and see which groups were causing the delay for the following groups. In each case there was a leading group causing the delay that had not obliged with my request for times.

The statistics pointed to stableford rounds taking on average between 3.45 and 4 hours. I also found out that Wednesday rounds seem to be longer than those on a Saturday.

Again I suggested to members that they should follow the ’ready golf’ ideas and to use the start and end times to monitor their playing times, to self-regulate!

Everybody from time to time will lose a ball requiring a reload, have a series of bad shots requiring ball searches, and extra putts. These are inevitable. When this happens, it is your responsibility to make up the lost ground. Remember your place in the field is immediately behind the group in front and not before the group behind. If you are continuously holding up following groups then let them through. There is no loss of prestige if you do so.

As a guide, in a stableford event, you group should take about 1 hour 50 minutes to complete the front nine and about 2 hours to complete the back nine. This means if you hit-off at 7.30 then you should finish the front nine before 9.20 and complete your round by 11.20 if not sooner. A stroke round may take 15 minutes longer.

Wait for your tee time on the first and give the group in front the full 7 minutes before you hit off.

The lowest marker in each group has the responsibility of keeping their group in place and should remind his partners to be ready to play if necessary.

I’d much prefer to see members take responsibility for themselves, however, my next step will be to have members of the match committee, Stuart Potter, Pat Paris or myself act as course rangers.

A slow group will be given every opportunity to speed up their play. A gentle reminder at first, then a final warning, followed by a two-shot penalty if action has not been taken after this.

Do not be offended if a suggestion is made to your group to catch up with the group ahead. No excuses will be necessary, just act on it.

I have some hints below to help your group catch up if you find you are failing to keep up.

Helping To Find Lost Balls

It is important that everyone try to help find a lost ball in order to keep the match moving. But players should do it AFTER hitting their shots, not BEFORE. How often do you see four players searching for a lost ball, while NONE of them are getting ready to hit?
Use common sense. The player who is closest to the pin and scheduled to hit last should be the first to help the player whose ball is lost, while the players who are farthest away from the pin should PLAY THEIR SHOTS FIRST. When the players farthest away have played their shots, they should resume looking for the lost ball, while the players who are closest should get ready to PLAY THEIR SHOTS. In this way, slow play is not compounded because of a lost ball.

Entering and Exiting Greens

How many times do you see players leave their clubs in front of a Green? ALWAYS leave clubs at the back or side of the Green closest to the next tee. If a shot is played in front of the Green first, the player should move his or her clubs to the back or side of the Green before playing the next shot.  Also, please don’t stand around after you’ve finished the hole to write down the scores. You can do that at the next tee or when you wait for others in the next fairway.


Playing Ready Golf around the Greens means getting READY to putt BEFORE it is your turn! Players should line up their putts WHILE other players are putting, so they’re ready to putt when it’s their turn.
Ready Golf also means putting CONTINUOUSLY if the bail is not in someone else’s line, and if the player does not have to spend a lot of time surveying the putt. If you miss a putt by one or two feet for example, and have an open stance to make the next putt, you should MAKE the putt instead of marking the ball and waiting for another turn – unless it is a tricky putt and you want extra time to survey it. In that case, mark the ball and survey the putt while someone else putts.
When it is your turn, walk up to the ball, take your stance and make your putt.
While there are no time rules associated with putting, a rule of thumb is to get off your putt within 20 seconds from when it is your turn. This means you should be able to approach the ball, take your stance and make your putt within 20 seconds. Obviously, you can only do this if you SURVEY the putt WHILE other players are putting.
When you putt, you should always take your time, so you make a smooth, unhurried stroke. Ready Golf DOES NOT mean RUSHING. If you prepare in advance to putt, you can take your time AND play Ready Golf.

Ready Driving

If your group is behind, there is no reason why a player can’t proceed to the next hole and tee off while others are still putting. Remember, when you are behind, you’ve lost your right to play with honors until you catch up to the group in front of you.
If your group does have to wait for the group in front of you on a tee box, the shortest hitter could hit as soon as those in front of you are out of his way.
If you’re on a par 3 that you can’t reach, there’s really no need to wait for the group in front of you to hole out. In the interest of time you should tee off as soon as it’s safe to do so.

On the Fairway

Walk to your ball as soon as possible, so that you can choose your club and think about the shot in ADVANCE- not when it is your turn, so that you are ready to play when it is your turn.

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