News and Views -19 September

Play in fours allowed.

With the advice received from the NSW Office of Sport and GolfNSW concerning the latest changes to the Public Health Order we believe it will be possible to again play in groups of 4’s.

There will be some restrictions however.

Play in fours will be allowed from Monday 20th of September provided everybody in that group is fully vaccinated.

Evidence will need to be presented to the starter of vaccination status and a register will be created so that once you have shown us we will not need to see that evidence again.

Any person who is not fully vaccinated can play in a group of two only.

The Booking pages will still be presented in pairs so if your group are all fully vaccinated and you have evidence of that, then write your names down in adjacent groups.

We will maintain this booking system until we have more players fully vaccinated after which we will return to normal.

Spring Renovations Complete

The Spring green renovations have been successfully completed and the course is back in play. Look forward to the greens being slower than normal for a few weeks.

When will the Course be open again to all members?

We have no control over this as it depends on the number of cases of Covid19 and the number of fully vaccinated people in the state. It is currently expected that the 70% target of fully vaccinated people over 16 in the state will be reached mid October. After this time lockdown restrictions may ease.

Don’t expect any relief because of our regional status any time soon. The number of cases in Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama are increasing exponentially which does not bode well for a quick cessation of the ‘stay at home’ lockdown.

The best way forward is to get fully vaccinated and to encourage others to do so as well.

Seaside and Valley Veterans Week of Golf

The Seaside / Valley Veterans Week of Golf due to be played at the end of November has been cancelled. This is an annual tournament hosted by Jamberoo and Kiama and is a popular event on the NSWVGA programme.

Kiama’s match committee is recommending to their Club’s Board that all “Open” events between now and end of year be cancelled.

Members of the Kiama Vets met with the GM and others yesterday and decided to cancel the event before the Board took similar action.

Our own Veterans committee agree with the decision because of the ongoing uncertainty with Covid 19 rules and regulations. Only 27 entries have been received including none in the past six weeks.

Some Swing Advice

What goes up must come down. But don’t expect it to come down where you can find it. 
 – Lily Tomlin

Golf is a hard game to figure. One day you will go out and slice it and shank it, hit into all the traps and miss every green. The next day you go out and, for no reason at all, you really stink. – Bob Hope

Magpie Nesting Season

A few reports of birds swooping players as we come into Spring. Please be aware.

Swooping is a magpie’s protective behaviour at breeding time, warding off intruders or potential threats from their nest, which could house eggs or young. According to information published by the government, most magpies don’t actually see humans as a threat and are unlikely to swoop at all.

If they do then face the magpie as they tend to attack from behind so facing them should avert an attack. Remember to keep facing the bird as you walk out of their territory.

News from the Course – 15 September

Course Closed for Spring Renovations

To keep our greens in excellent condition it is necessary twice a year to care for them by coring, sanding, and fertilising. The Spring renovation commenced Wednesday afternoon and will continue Thursday and Friday.

The course will be re-opened and ready for play on Saturday morning.

The Club Office and golf shop will also be closed all Thursday and will reopen on Friday for members to attend to business or to make golf bookings. The On-line booking portal will still be available in this time.

Lost in a CoVid World – a lament

I sit at home doing the right thing. Never going out and just dreaming of good swings, only imagining what it would be like to play a round of golf again.

Stay within your LGA they say and get your exercise there. Stay away, that’s what the orders say.

I comply.

It’s $100 per game where I live, I’m a pensioner you know. I can only visualise beautiful Jamberoo and recall a memory or two.

I’ll be back when the lockdown ends and ready to restart my time. It won’t be pleasant to watch me play but I will be out there again enjoying the day!

Can we play in larger groups soon?

With all of our local government areas still locked down under ‘stay at home’ orders we await good news as the state strives for the 70% fully vaccinated goal.

According to reports, apparently if you are fully vaccinated, from Monday 13th of September, you can take exercise in outdoor gatherings in groups of 5 or less if all 5 have had both shots.

This situation is being debated by the Board as I write, and it may mean that we may soon be able to play in larger groups under these special conditions. If players have only had one or zero shots, then play will still have to be in pairs. Travel limits in regard to exercise, within our LGAs or within 5km from home, remain unchanged.

It will be hard to organise of course.

Lost and Found

New member Paul Blair and his son are enjoying their time on the course, but Paul unfortunately left behind his 1 iron somewhere on the course on Tuesday 2nd of September.

He has checked in the lost and found but it hasn’t turned up as yet.

Paul is wondering that perhaps a member may have come across it and is holding on to it in order to hand it in, perhaps on the Wednesday morning. Although it is a really old iron it has special significance to his family as it has been with them for over 50 years and he wanted to hand down this family heirloom to his children.

If you have seen it or know of its whereabouts, please let the golf shop know and they will contact Paul.

Golf News

Normally after you have a good round the next is usually very poor. Well, that is my experience anyway. This has led to the common phrase, from the ‘Penthouse to the Outhouse’.

Phil Lewis has reversed this trend. On Wednesday Phil was in the ‘outhouse’ scoring a very disappointing 19 points, holding up the field in last place. On Saturday he was back with a vengeance placing first with a fantastic 40 points. Certainly, now in the ‘Penthouse’.

When quizzed about his amazing turnaround Phil mentioned that a trip to the physio on Friday had done the trick.

Phil has business cards of the physio available for others looking for a similar turnaround.

Helen Wainwright and Pam Middlebrook have had several close encounters on the golf course this week. On Friday, in the Kingsford Nine, both finished on 22 points with Helen winning on a countback. On Monday they were at it again both finishing the Veterans comp on 39 points. Again, Helen was the winner on a countback. Pam is playing very well but just can’t seem to get that extra point needed. Helen is trying not to smile too much!

News from the Course

CoVid-19 Membership Refunds

202 members of Jamberoo Golf Club have had their access to the course denied for a portion of the 11 week long lockdown. Some from the Wollongong LGA, Greater Sydney and parts of Shellharbour LGA have had access for the full 11 weeks denied. Some from Shellharbour who live within 10km of the course could only play for 5 weeks. With the current ‘stay at home’ orders for all regions of the state, some members from non-Kiama LGA’s have missed out for 4 weeks.

The Board of Directors feel that some compensation needs to be given to these members. Consequently for each week missed a $10 refund will be placed in those members accounts. Members will receive a refund of $110, $60, $40, or $30.

This money went into accounts on Tuesday.

It is to be used as a credit for next year’s fees or for purchases from our golf shop or for cart hire etc.

We thank those members affected by the lockdown for their patience in these trying times and we look forward to greeting you back on the course very shortly.

Senior Members Bonus

While we are talking about refunds lets also note that any member who has reached the 80 year old milestone and been a member for ten years or more have been credited with $200 towards next year’s fees or to use at the course.

Jamberoo Golf Club cares for its Members.

Vale Ron Cummings.

It is with a sad heart that I announce the passing of former member Ron Cummings. 

Ron was a long time resident of Macquarie St and many of our members will count themselves among his friends. He passed away last night aged 92.

Sadly due to the current CoVid crisis and the location of Ron’s family no memorial service can be held at the present time.


Jamberoo Golf Club in the Limelight

Jamberoo GC getting some recognition in a Golf NSW story.

Currently featured on the Australian Senior Golfer homepage and here:

Visitors to our Course

Rest assured that procedures are in place to check on residential credentials of all visitors to our course. When you have your access to play denied and you see a visitor in a comp from an ‘outside’ area it is easy to jump to a conclusion that may not be warranted. I have a personal interest myself in checking to see if everybody who plays at Jamberoo is allowed. I have not played in 11 weeks and if I can’t play then ‘outsiders’ certainly won’t be allowed.

Hang in there. The lockdown must end soon!

Greens Maintenance

Next Wednesday, September 15 after the competition, the Spring renovations will commence. These should be concluded by the Friday afternoon with the course available for play on the Saturday.

Veterans Membership Fees

JAMBEROO Golf Club has a vibrant veteran golf scene for men and women.

Financial members of JGC are entitled to join the Jamberoo Veterans Golf Association (the age limits are 55 for men and 50 for ladies).

There is an annual membership of just $8.00 per annum with the majority of this money being paid to the NSW Veteran Golf Association for affiliation fees.

The Annual Veterans Membership fee is now due to be paid.

Please pay on any Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. If you are not permitted to come to the club because of the lockdown then don’t panic. When the lockdown finishes then please pay then.

A regular visitor rings the bell!

Is anybody there? Please don’t forget to feed me!

News and Views

Jamberoo Golf Club cares about its members.

Club Vision

Our vision is to provide a user friendly, safe golf course which will benefit the players, the community and encourage social interactions between members of the club.

Club Mission

Our mission is to enhance our Members’ lifestyle through a high quality, value-for-money golfing experience promoting the game of golf by providing opportunities for both recreational and competition golf.

The health and wellbeing of our members is uppermost in our objectives especially in this lockdown time where many of us are unable to enjoy playing a game at our home course due to no fault of our own.

I have received good reports that a lot of Jamberoo members from the Shellharbour LGA are playing together at Calderwood golf course. Some of our members are playing in the comps at the Links. Jamberoo Golf Club commends these two courses for their assistance in giving the members of Jamberoo a place to get that important release from the lockdown if only for a couple of hours and a chance to gain much needed exercise.

For those of us who live in the Wollongong LGA and further afield times are a little tougher. The Wollongong courses are pretty much full all the time and very expensive to play. We dream of the good times we shared at Jamberoo with our mates. There are plans to compensate these members but how can you really compensate those months not on the course? Please hang in there and in the end all will be fine and you will be enjoying a game at the Roo.

Of course many of our members lucky enough to live in the Kiama LGA have continued to play both socially and in competitions at the course. I’m sure they are enjoying the experience and consider themselves lucky to get this opportunity and miss their club mates from outside the Kiama bubble.

Happy Fathers Day

To all of our fathers and grandfathers out there we wish all of you a great day on Sunday. It may be hard, under the Public Health Orders to see all of your family personally on Sunday but here’s hoping you have a great day regardless in the knowledge that your family are thinking of you at least.

Vale John Stewart

Among the saddest duties I have to contend with is to notify our members of the loss of a friend and ex-clubmate.

Many of us would know John Stewart.

Sadly John passed away last week and his funeral will be held Wednesday with a memorial service on Friday. Co-Vid restrictions impact on the proceedings so I ask that we all reflect upon our mate John tomorrow and Friday.

John was a keen golfer who enjoyed the game rather than excelled at it. Hitting over the water at 16 was always a challenge for him. A friend to many and with many interests. He was an excellent Jazz musician, a distiller of fine spirits and a magician of note. John would travel down from Robertson to enjoy his game with his mates on the course each Saturday, followed by a glass or two of refreshing ale often served out of a small keg he used to bring along for the occasion.

John had retired from golf several years ago to focus on his music, magic, and his farm but always stayed in contact with his buddies. His convivial nature will be sorely missed by his many friends.