Week 3 Pennant Reports

This week we only had 2 of our 4 teams playing.

Here are the team captain’s reports

Match Captain Tim Young congratulates Wayne and Andrew on their gutsy wins

C Pennant Report – round 3 – 18/2/18

Jamberoo 3 vs Port Kembla 2

“Sharks nearly fish and chips”

Today’s match was our 2nd home game against a determined Port team. We expected a tough encounter as Port are usually the benchmark in our division and they certainly pushed us to the limit today.

Boyd Sylvester led us out and was soon in the lead being 3 up after 4. Keeping his resolve Boyd came away with an early win 5/4.

A few holes back it was becoming apparent that our guns in Tom Zimmermann and Tim Young had real problems and were well behind, eventually going down 5/4 and 6/5. This was not going to plan as we were now down 2-1 @ home!!

Wayne Griffiths was playing Herb Bell (husband of our member Lisa), where the match changed leads a few times until they headed down the 18th all square. Wayne’s knowledge of the tricky pin placement got him home 1 up in a great match.

So, 2-2 with Andrew Ball 2 up with 3 to go, looking good!!!  I think one of the gallery called it too early and then all of a sudden it’s all square going down 18!! Of course, cool calm Andrew held on and we escaped with a well earned 3-2 win.

Tim Young was pleased to have a perfect record as captain and handled the responsibilities with ease.

Jamberoo also hosted 2 divisions of the White Horse Cup today and it can be said that the clubs volunteers did us proud. Special thanks to Shane and Pam Townsend for the mouth watering pulled pork rolls.

C Leckey

B Pennant Report – round 3 – 18/2/18

Jamberoo B Pennants travelled up to Moss Vale to face The Heads. The final putt of the day decided the outcome with The Heads winning 3-2.

Pat Paris led off in his customary position however his 6 handicap opponent proved too good on the day with a 4/3 result.

John Paul also played a lower handicap play and fought out a strongly contested half. His Shoalhaven opponent birdieing the last for the square.

Scott Hainsworth came up against a young gun whose allround game was spot on. Going down 6/5.

TP showed that Saturday form counts for nothing with a confident display off the tee to beat his opponent 5/4. Will definitely keep the Cobra driver.

So it came down to the no 1’s. Jarrod Gerhmann’s last putt finished agonisingly close which would have tied the overall match.

Instead his half meant 3-2 down.

So the group is now tight with all top four teams registering a loss.

Next week is the clash vs The Links.  This could very well decide who makes semis.

T Panecasio.

Both White Horse Cup teams are back on the field next weekend in critical matches.


News from the Course – February 17

Perfect Weather

Ball Credits

You can cash in your ball credits for $2.50 each and use this to buy goods in the golf shop. It is getting towards the end of the members financial year at the end of May and we would hate to see you not use your ball credits.

Of course you also purchase golf balls!

Veterans Week of Golf

We wish all of our members who are involved in this tournament a great experience and some success. We will see you all at Jamberoo on Tuesday.

White Duck Day

Vice-President and organiser of the White Duck Charity Golf Day for JDRF, Keith Hales, has informed me that places are filling fast for the 16th of March event. However there is still plenty of room so get your team together and play. Lone players are also welcome as we can easily fit you in with another team.

The booking sheet is in the Golf Shop.

Thanks again to Drummond Golf and Srixon.

Green Damage

You may have noticed that a few of the greens appear to have been burnt in places. We think this was due to contaminated soil supplied by our usual supplier. This was purchased to top-dress the greens for the current maintenance period. We only buy premium soil for this purpose so if it is the soil then we would be very upset at the soil company. Soil samples are being taken to confirm this suspicion.

Rest assured your greenstaff are working hard to repair the damage. This may involve the use of more water than usual [and a consequently softer putting surface]

Have your say

Some ideas have been suggested about the bush area behind the second green. With the trees near the front right of the green trimmed right down the hole is playing significantly easier and the match committee would like your opinion on which of the following is the best option.

A:     Leave it as it is with balls played into the area receiving a free drop at the drop zone.

B:     Make it out of bounds so that balls hit into the area must be replayed after a penalty

C:     Make the area a red hazard with a compulsory drop at the drop zone after a penalty.

D:     Make it that a ball entering this area must be replayed without a penalty.

Use the attached Questionnaire to make your response

Latest Results

It has been an absolute pleasure to play at beautiful Jamberoo this week, despite the overly humid weather.

Among the many good results this week we find Judi O’Brien with 40 points winning division 1 of the Ladies comp on Tuesday. Marg Chaffey was the winner of division 2. Pat Knight was the 9 hole stableford winner.

On Wednesday, the course was ripped to pieces with a whole host of good scores returned. None were better than Larry Osterhaus who scored a mammoth 48 points on his own. Some wags think he might have played more than the regulation 18 holes!

Geoff Jones, Luke Oborn both had 42 points only to be 6 adrift of Larry.

In A grade Gary Harvey scored a well compiled 39 points to win on a countback from Bruce Byers. In B Grade Greg Rodgers scored 42 points to defeat President Phil, Captain Dave and Ron Chilby who all had 41 points to only get a ball.

D Grade was won by the consistent Rob Mitchell with 38 points forcing Colin Cuthbertson into 2nd place for the second week in a row.

On Saturday club match play champion Ken Bradley won A grade on a countback from Wayne Arnott with 41 points; Ron Chilby kept his good form from Wednesday to win B grade with 40 points; Ray Sheehan held off Mick Bartlett on a countback with 41 points in C grade while Geoff Boxsell outlasted the opposition to win D Grade with 32 points. Marie Farrant was the ladies winner with 37 points on a countback from Margaret Cook.

Until next week, hoping to see you on the course.

Saturday 17th February 2018 – Mens Stableford

A Grade Winner:   Ken Bradley 41 pts

B Grade Winner:  Ron Chilby 40 pts    2nd:  Brian Underwood 39 pts (c/b)   3rd:  Brian Nicoll 39 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:  Ray Sheehan 41 pts (c/b)    2nd:   Michael Bartlett 41 pts

D Grade Winner:  Geoff Boxsell 32 pts

Ladies Winner:    Marie Farrant 37 pts (c/b) 2nd:  Margaret Cook 37 pts

Wednesday 14 February 2018 – Mens Stableford

A Grade Winner:  Gary Harvey 39 pts (c/b)

B Grade Winner:  Greg Rodgers 42 pts

C Grade Winner:  Larry Osterhaus 48 pts 2nd:  Geoff Jones 42 pts (c/b)

D Grade Winner:  Rob Mitchell 38 pts

Tuesday 13 February 2018 – Ladies Stableford

Div 1 Winner: Judi O’Brien 40 pts Runner Up:  Jen Owers 36 pts (c/b)

Div 2 Winner:  Marg Chaffey 35 pts Runner Up:  Marie Smith 34 pts

Ladies 9 Hole Stableford Winner: Pat Knight 8 pts (c/b)

Weekly Pennant Reports

Gerringong Golf Club at sunrise
Early morning start for the B Pennant players at Gerringong.

Round 2 B Pennant report

Jamberoo B Pennant travelled to glorious Gerringong to face the undefeated Russell Vale side. Only one change from the first week with Pete Munro out due to work replaced by “the Pope” John Paul.

All of our players faced players on lower handicaps.

Pat Paris again led off and despite being 2 down with 4 to play found the magic touch with his putter to win one up. 4 one putt greens devastating his opponent.

John Paul began well and was in control early only to struggle once the winds got up. Showing true grit he knuckled down to close it out 2/1. Exorcising the demons from last year’s trip here.

Scott Hainsworth started well in his match however 4 birdies from his opponent put him under the pump. Despite trying to stay with him he went down 5/4 to a player who had it on a string.

After losing last week TP took on a 5.5 handicap player. Steady par golf saw a comfortable lead which was never headed. Tp going on to a comfortable 4/3 win.

Jarrod Gehrmann showed again why he plays at 1. His strong all round game leaving his opponent under constant pressure. Another strong 4/3 win. So the dream continues. A 4-1 victory over the division favourites. Super caddy Ray Orr again worked his magic coupled with inspirational chats to keep the lads on track.

Next week it’s off to the mountain country at Moss Vale.

Go the Roos.

Tony Panecasio

Round 2 C  Pennant Report.

Sharks take a mauling

Jamberoo 1 vs Russell Vale 4

“Home win, away loss, can we break the cycle?”

In windy conditions the “C Sharks” found the going tough today on Russell Vale’s very large and fast undulating greens.

Tom Zimmermann handled the conditions best and had a tremendous 5/4 win.

Tim Young 2 down and  Boyd Sylvester 1 down had real good chances of winning but the locals drew on their experience to get through.

Chris Leckey’s 7/5 loss and Wayne Griffith’s 8/6 loss showed how hard it was to putt today.

Next week we play a challenging match vs Port Kembla at home. Port also were beaten by Russell Vale 4-1 @ RV.

C Leckey

White Horse Cup Division 3,  ‘the flies’, had a bye and will host at home next Sunday.

White Horse Cup ‘Cowpats’ vs Bowral at Sussex Inlet – round 2

Ad Victoriam

“Friends Romans and Countrymen lend me your ears”, by the time Julius had finished his round his opponent had no ears left ,in fact there was plenty of lobes all over the course for the Roos to mix their diet.

Cowpats 5 Bowral 1

Julius had his opponent so traumatised by the second hole that as soon as he hit off he conceded and by the 14th Julius was wearing the Bowral player’s bow tie.

The two injured players from the previous week, had recovered sufficiently to make a renowned impact:

Dashing Prince Lucius won the first hole, after one of his standard ‘Fake Thrusts’ and with outstanding chipping  was soon well ahead of his opposition;

Maximus was longing for his Grapes and Spirits and after disposing of his opponent made a dash back to Rome to be entertained in Big Red Roo Style.

Arthurious 1, who was decorated during the week, tortured his opponent to achieve an impressive win.

The Bishop of Jamberoo, blessed the gathering who clapped and cheered him off the first tee, his opponent being a non-believer soon experienced the Bishops wrath.

Octavious lost last week’s winning rhythm but fought bravely in the Lion’s Den.

The Hasta Pura Award went to Maximus.

The Vexillum was bravely allocated to Prince Lucius.

And the Torc will proudly be worn by Julius.

A great win over a very competitive Bowral Team who have asked not to be drawn against the Cowpats again.


[Peter Francis , the Bishop won 6/5, Shane Townsend, Prince Lucious won 4/3, Chris Goodwin, Maximus won 8/6, Dave Ransom, Julius won 5/4, Arthur Bosanquet, Arthurious 1 won 4/3 and Col Booth, Octavious lost 3/2].

News from the Course -10 February

White Duck Day

Members are reminded that the White Duck Charity Golf Day for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund will be held at the club on Friday March 16. A booking sheet is available on the counter in the golf shop so get your team together and enter as soon as possible to reserve your spot. If you wish to play and haven’t got a team enter anyway and a team will be found for you.

There are many fabulous prizes up for grabs on the day and the organisers would like to again thank Srixon Golf, Drummond Golf, Elders Real Estate and Just Bathrooms for their support as major sponsors.

Liquid Amber

As you have undoubtedly noticed one of the Liquid Amber trees guarding the front of the 17th green has been partially removed. This of course has caused a lot of debate amongst members about the merits of such an action.

In this case one of the considerations was based on safety. Several people have been hit walking towards the 16th fairway off the 16th tee by players from the 17th tee deliberately aiming at the bridge near the 16th tee. This gave them a relatively simple pitch to the green. The shot required from the 17th fairway to the 17th green was extremely difficult forcing a shot over the top of the 30 metre tree to the front flag placement less than 10 metres from that tree, something beyond most players at the club, thus promoting the dangerous shot down 16. [Just because most of us can’t play a particular shot is not as such a valid reason to remove a tree, coupled with the danger factor however it does change perspective]

With the tree gone players will be encouraged to aim at the 17th fairway and be rewarded with a shot to the green.

It is a principle of the club that any tree that is cut down should be replaced by others on the course. You may have noticed new trees on the first and 14th holes for instance. The Liquid Amber will be replaced with another tree that will not grow to the same height but still obscure the front of the green in a fairer and safer way.

I have considered several possible replacements but not being an Arborist now wish members to come up with other alternatives, something that will not grow to more than 7 or 8 metres maximum. Please write in the comments section.

Crepe Mrytle
Japanese Maple


Membership Payment Options

It has become quite apparent that the club can no longer support monthly and 3 monthly membership options, consequently with the end of the membership financial year on May 31 these schemes will be closed.

The only part-payment option offered will be for 2 six monthly instalments from this date. Those members who currently take advantage of these options will be contacted by mail shortly.

As always Jamberoo Golf Club still has the best value membership on the coast.

Golf Mart

Jamberoo Golf Club would like to thank Golf Mart at Wollongong for their continued support of our Monthly Medal days.

We know that it is quite a distance from Jamberoo to Wollongong but it doesn’t serve the club’s best interests if you complain of this to the staff at Golf Mart as there is little they can do about it except withdraw their sponsorship.

While you are there you might wish to purchase some other golfing items.

Illawarra Veterans Week of Golf

Round 2 of the Illawarra Veterans week of golf will be played at Jamberoo on Tuesday February 20. The organisers wish to express their thanks to the Jamberoo Ladies Committee for their assistance in running this day and for their flexibility in running this important competition at the same time as the Tuesday Ladies competition.

This Weekend’s Pennant Venues

Good luck to our Mens Pennant teams tomorrow.

The B Pennant play at Gerringong against Russell Vale in an important match.

The C pennant test their skills away at Russell Vale.

The White Horse Cup division 1 ‘cowpats’ travel to Sussex Inlet to play Bowral, while the division 3 ‘flies’ have the Sunday off.

Competition Highlights

Brilliant weather again has brought the golfers out in droves with large numbers playing both socially and in competitions.

There have been many shining rounds with Don Thompson winning the A division of the Veterans on Monday and with Mick Farmilo beating Phil Gosling on a countback with 40 points in the B division.

The Tuesday Ladies monthly medals were won by Marilyn Wright, Lisa Bell and Marlene Trethowan. Marilyn fired an outstanding 64 nett for the day’s best round.

Wednesday saw the Drummond Golf Stableford played with Michael Bartlett showing outstanding form to win with 44 points. Tony Rodriguez, Norm Bampton and Bruce Piggott were the winners in the other grades.

On Saturday Con Kiayias was able to win the A grade competition with 40 points on a countback from David White. B  grade saw a 3 way countback applied with Bryan Nicoll winning with 38 points over Ron Chilby with Terry Murphy unlucky to get 3rd. C grade was also decided by countback where Tim Condon’s 39 points just defeated Mick Bartlett. Bob Crooks took out D grade with 39 points while Louise Stoddart won the ladies division with 35 points.

Until next week.


The winners…

Saturday 10th February 2018 – Stableford

A Grade Winner:  Con Kiayias 40 pts (c/b)

B Grade Winner:  Bryan Nicoll 38 pts (c/b)  2nd: Ron Chilby 38 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:  Tim Condon 39 pts (c/b)  2nd: Michael Bartlett 39 pts

D Grade Winner:  Bob Crooks 39 pts

Ladies Winner:     Louise Stoddart (Port Kembla GC) 35 pts

Wednesday 7th February 2018 Drummond Golf Stableford

A Grade Winner:  Tony Rodriquez 40 pts

B Grade Winner:  Norm Bampton 40 pts (c/b)  2nd:  Paul Rodgers 40 pts

C Grade Winner:  Michael Bartlett 44 pts  2nd:  Terry Murphy 39 pts

D Grade Winner:  Bruce Piggott 38 pts

Drummond Golf Voucher Winner: Michael Bartlett 44 pts

Tuesday 6th February 2018 – Ladies Stroke Monthly Medal

Stroke Results

Div 1 : Winner:   Marilyn Wright 64 nett    Runner Up:   Shirley Walsh 72 nett (c/b)

Div 2 : Winner:  Marlene Trethowan 70 nett   Runner Up: Marie Smith 71 nett

Monthly Medal Results

Div 1 Medal Winner:  Marilyn Wright 64 nett

Div 2 Medal Winner:  Lisa Bell 72 nett

Div 3 Medal Winner:  Marlene Trethowan 70 nett

Ladies Stableford Winner: Margaret Chaffey 30 pts

Monday, 5th February 2018 – Veterans Stableford

A Grade Winner:    Don Thompson 37 Pts 2nd Al Thomas 36 Pts 3rd Geoff Reynolds 35 Pts

B Grade Winner:    Mick Farmilo 40 Pts c/b 2nd Phil Gosling 40 Pts 3rd Pat Travers 39 Pts




A big thank you to local farmer Michael Brennan for his expertise and equipment, and to Kay Brennan for offering his services. A Powerful tractor was needed for the job.

Michael thinks it weighed in over a tonne.

We have all been concerned that the next big rain/flood  that the Coral tree washed down last year would cause greater damage when the rains come again. More work is required to cut down and poison other branches which are growing

Graceful entry. Someone was doomed to get wet. All in days work for Shaun.
Working on a strategy.
First branch out.    Now for the giant one