Jamberoo Open Events 2018

We are pleased to announce that First National Coast and Country RE have confirmed as major sponsor of the 2018 Jamberoo Men’s Open and Mixed Open Events.

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Entries are being taken at present and members are more than welcome to play in these prestigious events.

We would also like to thank Drummond Golf at Shellharbour and Just Bathrooms for their generous contributions as well.

The Men’s Open will be played on Sunday 22nd of July and the Mixed Open on Sunday 29th of July.

Click here for the Prize Schedule for the Men’s Open


News from the Course – June 16

Foursomes Championship

The Men’s Foursomes Championship will be contested on Sunday June 24 over 27 holes in its alternate shot format. This is an Honour Board event with the gross winners being enrolled onto the Jamberoo wall of fame as Foursomes Champions. A nett event will also be contested on the day.

Champions Tony and Scott will face plenty of opposition including that of Wayne and Arthur.
Defending Champions Tony Panecasio and Scott Hainsworth are defending their title and will face some stiff opposition from several teams including Wayne and Arthur.

There are plenty of spaces still available so please enter on the  time-sheet which is available in the golf shop.

Rules Update

Following from last week’s rule, what if a bridge (ie an immovable obstruction) in a water hazard obstructs my shot? The underlined section in the second paragraph gives the answer.

An immovable obstruction is an artificial object on the course that cannot be moved (e.g. a building) or cannot readily be moved (e.g. a firmly embedded direction post). Objects defining out of bounds are not treated as obstructions.

Except when your ball is in a water hazard, relief without penalty is available from immovable obstructions when the condition physically interferes with the lie of the ball, your stance or your swing. You may lift the ball and drop it within one club-length of the nearest point of relief , but not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief.

There is no relief for intervention on your line of play unless both your ball and the condition are on the putting green.

As an additional option when your ball is in a bunker, you may take relief from the condition by dropping the ball outside and behind the bunker under penalty of one stroke.


Jamberoo Open Trophy 2

Jamberoo Mens’ Open

The Jamberoo Open is set down to be played on Sunday 22nd of July. The entry form is available in the Golf Shop.

A Golf Poem

Thanks Keith for sharing this poem.

Image result for golf pictures clip art

In My Hand I Hold A Ball,
White and Dimpled, And Rather Small.
Oh How Bland It Does Appear,
This Harmless Looking Little Sphere.
By Its Size I Could Not Guess,
The Awesome Strength It Does Possess.
But Since I Fell beneath Its Spell,
I’ve Wandered through the Fires of Hell.
My Life Has Not Been Quite The Same,
Since I Chose To Play This Stupid Game.
It Rules My Mind For Hours On End,
A Fortune It Has Made Me Spend.
It Has Made Me Curse And Cry,
And Hate Myself And Want To Die.
It Promises A Thing Called Par,
Even If I Can Hit It Straight And Far.
To Master Such A Tiny Ball,
Should Not Be Very Hard At All.
But My Desires The Ball Refuses,
And Does Exactly As It Chooses.
It Hooks and Slices, Dribbles and Dies, and Even Disappears Before My Eyes.

Often It Will Have A Whim,
To Hit A Tree Or Take A Swim.
With Miles Of Grass On Which To Land,
It Finds A Tiny Patch Of Sand.
Then Has Me Offering Up My Soul,
If Only It Would Find The Hole.
It’s Made Me Whimper Like A Pup,
And Swear That I Will Give It Up.
And Take to Drink to Ease My Sorrow,
But the Ball Knows … .I’ll Be Back Tomorrow.

Match Play

The Individual match-play championships have commenced with first round matches due to be completed by June 30. Winners to date are Paul Rodgers and Chris Leckey.

Entries for the 4BBB match-play are being taken until June 30. You will find the entry form in the Golf shop.

Upcoming District Events

14/7/18 Shoalhaven Cup (IOS) Nowra
15/7/18 Wollongong Open (IOS) Wollongong
22/7/18 Jamberoo Open (IOS) Jamberoo
22/7/18 Nowra Junior Open (JOS) Nowra
29/7/18 District Final NSW Men’s Fourball Kiama

Latest Results

The weather has at last cleared but the course is playing very hard, on Wednesday two shots over its rating for instance. This has not stopped some of us having good rounds because as they say, “as the going gets tough the tough get going”. Mick Burton clearly falls into this category with three excellent rounds this week as the rest of us struggled. Dylan McDonald scored 40 on Wednesday to win C Grade, Judi O’Brien 37 pts on Tuesday to win division 1 in the Ladies comp, and Dave Ransom 40 pts to win the super grade day on Saturday by one from Phil Hellmund and Wayne Arnott. Tony Panecasio scored the day’s best gross score with 30 pts.

Saturday 16th June – Stableford – One Grade day

1st Dave Ransom 40 pts 2nd Phil Hellmund 39 pts cb 3rd Wayne Arnott 39 pts Best Gross Tony Panecasio 30 pts Ladies Marie Farrant 29 pts

Wednesday 13th June 2018 – Men’s Stableford 

A & B Grade Winner:   Mick Burton 40 pts   2nd:   Harry Osman 38 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:   Dylan McDonald 40 pts

D Grade Winner:   Bob McDonald 37 pts

Tuesday 12th June 2018 – Ladies Stableford 

Div 1 Winner:   Judi O’Brien 37 pts   Runner Up:   Marilyn Wright 34 pts

Div 2 Winner:   Rhonda McKinley 34 pts   Runner Up:   Sue Paul 31 pts

Monday, 11th June 2018 – Stableford

Winner Mick Burton 41 Pts 2nd Anthony Smith 36 Pts (c/b)




Betty Chittick OAM

Ladies were so thrilled with our special member. On Tuesday Betty was congratulated and thanked for all her continuing efforts at Jamberoo  Golf Club. The Tuesday comp Ladies always enjoy her friendship help and slices. Betty was shown all the facebook messages she had received by President Lyn Kuskey  CONGRATULATIONS!!


A Gong for Betty

Order Of Australia Medalist,          Betty Chittick

Betty Chittick, has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday honours list. This is in recognition of her sterling contribution to many organisations in the Jamberoo and Kiama communities over a long period and it reflects well on our Club.

Betty is a foundation member of the club, a member of the initial Board of Directors, long term Board member and Club Secretary and current Monday afternoon golf shop volunteer. Betty has been the treasurer of the Ladies Committee for 25 years and only recently passed the baton onto Lisa Bell. Betty no longer plays golf but still assists and visits the ladies every Tuesday.

We offer congratulations and best wishes from the Club and its members to Betty on this meritorious achievement.

Certainly well deserved.


News from the Course – June 9

Ladies pennants

Both Jamberoo teams were successful this week. The Goldies won 4.5 to 0.5 against the Grange at Kiama in a strong comeback performance after a couple of close losses in the previous two weeks. The Silver Roos also played strongly winning 3-2 against St George’s Basin also at Kiama. This continues the trend of strong performances in recent weeks.

Well played to both teams. Go the Roos!

Xmas in July

July 14 used to be known as ‘Bastille Day’ but this year it has a new name, ‘Xmas in July at Jamberoo’. Tickets to this event are $25 and include all refreshments, a succulent roast and vegetables, Christmas pudding and great cheer!

Taking a Leap

Mal Garratt reports an interesting occurrence last Saturday. Playing partner Glynn was looking for a ball in Hyam’s Creek on the 18th. It was only a small rill that he tried to jump but unfortunately for Glynn he misjudged the far bank and in he went. What’s more, it wasn’t even his ball. Another victim of the creek!

Shot of the Week

This week’s ‘shot of the week’ was easily won by Chris Goodwin.

Last Wednesday Chris was planning his tee shot on the 5th hole allowing for his little fade. Taking careful aim he unfortunately pulls the shot into the third tree on the left. The ball disappears from view only to re-emerge back on the first tee! A nett loss of 30 metres.

Well played Chris.


If you would like to enter a team in the club 4BBB handicap matchplay championship then please enrol on the sheet in the golf shop.

Round 1 of the Individual Matchplay has commenced with Paul Rodgers defeating Boyd Sylvester on the 19th hole

Keno Golf Illawarra 2BBB Event

The annual Keno fourball this year will be held at Kiama Golf Club on July 29. The format of the day is 2BBB par. The winning team gets to play for free at Bonville Golf Club in the NSW final. Details are available on the noticeboard.

Jamberoo Golf Club Open Events

The Jamberoo Men’s Open will be played on Sunday 22nd of July. Please enter on the sheet in the golf shop. thanks to Just Bathrooms and Drummond Golf at Shellharbour for their generous sponsorship.

The Jamberoo Mixed Open will be played on Sunday 29th of July and takes the format of a Canadian Foursomes. Bookings will be taken soon.

This Week’s Results

Cold, wet and windy is the only way to describe this week’s weather. Despite this the golf was most enjoyable with several players in good form, registering good scores. Not only is George Vlatko a good gardener but also a fine golfer winning two prizes over the week including 40 points in Saturday’s comp. Colin Owers had a big day on Saturday winning B grade with 42 points and also the super shot.  John Anthony continues to impress scoring a fine 40 points in the rain on Saturday.

Saturday 9th June 2018 Men’s Stableford

A Grade Winner:  George Vlatko 40 pts

B Grade Winner:  Colin Owers 42 pts 2nd Andrew Ball 35 pts c/b

C Grade Winner:  John Anthony 40 pts

D Grade Winner:  Laurie Walton 36 pts

Ladies Stableford Winner:  Jenelle Anderson 25 pts

Thursday, 7th June 2018 Lady Veterans Stableford

Winner Jenelle Anderson 36 Pts 2nd Marie Farrant 32 Pts

Wednesday 6th June 2018 Men’s Drummond Stableford Golf One Grade Day

Winner:   Colin Cuthbertson 37 pts   2nd:   Geoff Wilson 36 pts   3rd:   Harry Osman 35 pts (c/b)  4th:  Dave Ransom 35 pts (c/b)  5th: Mal Garratt 35 pts (c/b)

Drummond Golf Voucher Winner: Colin Cuthbertson

Tuesday 5th June 2018 Ladies Monthly Medal

Stroke Results

Winner:  Pam Middlebrook  72 nett  Runner Up:  Kay Brennan 75 nett

Monthly Medal Results

Div 1 Medal Winner: Kay Brennan 75 Nett Gross Winner: Kay Brennan 92 gross

Div 2 Medal Winner: Pam Middlebrook  72 nett  Gross Winner:  Pam Middlebrook  98 gross

Div 3 Medal Winner: Sue Paul  85 nett  Gross Winner:  Sue Paul  122 gross

Hairdresser Trophy:  Shirley Dixon

Ladies Stableford

Winner: Rhonda McKinley  21 pts  Runner Up: Wendy Unsworth  20 pts

Monday, 4th June 2018 Veterans  Stableford

Winner Michael Burton 40 Pts 2nd George Vlatko 37 Pts (c/b)  3rd George Wells 37 Pts