Mixed Foursomes Championship

The wind was hurricane strength but this did not dent the enthusiasm displayed by our gallant entrants in today’s Mixed Foursomes Championship. 27 holes in the most difficult format golf can provide with nature throwing up the challenge making putting and chipping extremely difficult and with every team affected at some stage, it was not only a true test of golfing prowess but of mental fortitude as well.

The team of Marie Farrant and Patrick Paris withstood the elements the best repeating their 2016 success winning with an excellent score of 132, 8 shots clear of their nearest rival. Runners up, Kay Brennan and Bernie McGlinchey were rewarded with the best nett score prize after they finished on 113.75 over the 27 holes.

In an interesting aside Bernie ended up with bragging rights at the McGlinchey household after Linda and Steve Rippon finished on 142.

All competitors enjoyed the challenge and were rewarded after golf with a meal and slice put on by the very thoughtful Liz Armstrong. This was most appreciated. The congenial atmosphere in the clubrooms after the game left us all thinking why don’t more members seek to play in these wonderful club days?

You are all invited.

It may have been a small field in size but it was large in spirit. Congratulations go to our champions.


News from the Course – 18 August

Jamberoo Veterans Golf

The Illawarra playoff for the NSWVGA Medal was held at Jamberoo last Monday, 13th August 2018. We had three men and three ladies competing on behalf of Jamberoo and on a sunny and slightly windy day, I am pleased to report that Jamberoo members emerged victorious in both categories.

I was told that Shirley Dixon had been in great form of late and Shirley did not disappoint last Monday and she was the winner of the Ladies Medal with a great score of 36 points. Her nearest opponent was Chris Tolhurst from Links Shell Cove with 33 points. In addition to the Medal, Shirley also received a voucher, provided by NSWVGA, and a certificate recognising her achievement. The IVGA provided a voucher for the runner up.

In the men’s event it was Dave Newton who was the clear winner with a meritorious score of 38 points. Dave’s score was two points ahead of the runner up, Alan Riches from The Grange who had 36 points. Dave also received his medal, voucher and certificate and Alan received a runner’s up voucher from the IVGA.

In previous years, this competition had been held at Shoalhaven Heads, being a neutral venue, but after some discussion by the IVGA it was decided to rotate the playoffs amongst the Illawarra clubs. Last Monday’s game was the first of the playoffs in the Illawarra and next year the venue will be at Port Kembla GC.

Chris Goodwin

Fathers’ Day Raffle

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3 tickets for $5 is all it takes to enter the Fathers’ Day Raffle. 1st prize is a new golf bag and second is a $50 IGA voucher.

Tickets are available for purchase in the Golf Shop. Buy a couple and help support your club.




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Next Wednesday the 22nd of August the Annual General Meeting of the members of Jamberoo Golf Club will take place in the members area commencing at 7.30 pm.

At this meeting the new Board of Directors will be announced and any unfilled positions on the Board can be nominated from among the members present.

The annual report and balance sheet will be presented to the members and members may ask questions of the outgoing Board and the club auditor from the floor.

There will be some very special business concerning the proposed election of a new life member of the club.

Come along and have your say.


18 August 2018

The gross scores from 12 rounds (of a possible 40) of this new, free competition have now been entered into the spreadsheet. After careful analysis of the data some interesting statistics have emerged. Remember, the Nett scores will not be known until after the last eclectic round on 24 November 2018, and will only be revealed at the Club’s Presentation function on 2 December 2018.

  • Gross scores have been entered for 173 players.
  • 173 players have played 920 rounds.
  • 160 players have a gross score for every hole.
  • 3 players have played in all 12 rounds.
  • The leading gross score is 2 shots ahead.
  • 95 players have at least 1 birdie and 4 players have achieved 5 or more.
  • 1 eagle so far (on the 12th).
  • Hardest hole is the 1st, averaging 5.29 with only 1 birdie (by a player with 18 hcp).
  • Easiest hole is the 9th, averaging 4.06 with 21 birdies.

Eclectic competitions are designed so that the lowest handicap players do not necessarily win the Gross competition; so far in this competition the top 33 players have (current) handicaps ranging from +1 – 24, and are all within 9 shots of the leader.

For this competition there are 19 Saturday eligible stroke and stableford rounds, 20 Wednesday rounds, and 1 Sunday round so players only playing once a week still have an opportunity to complete the minimum number of 8 rounds.

Still a long way to go and everyone still in with a chance!

Fathers’ Day Specials in the Golf Shop

To celebrate Fathers’ Day all golf shirts have been reduced to just $35 each a saving of up to 20%.

Take advantage and get Dad [or yourself] that Jamberoo shirt you know he likes.

Offer ends on Fathers’ Day.

2019 Rule of the Week – repairing damage on your line of putt

2019 Rule: Rule 13.1c(2) allows repair of almost any damage on the green:

  • “Damage on the putting green” will be defined to include all types of damage (such as ball-marks, shoe damage, indentations from a club or flagstick, animal damage, etc.), except aeration holes, natural surface imperfections or natural wear of the hole.

Reasons for Change:

Because putting greens are specially prepared for playing the ball along the ground, the Rules allow the player to do things on the green that are not allowed anywhere else:

  • The player may mark, lift and clean a ball on the green at any time, remove sand and loose soil on the green and repair old hole plugs and ball-marks on the green.
  • Given this philosophy of allowing players to try to have a smooth surface for rolling the ball, there is no conceptual reason for prohibiting repair of other types of damage (whether made by players, animals, maintenance staff, etc.).

click here  for a video

This Week’s Results

You might say it got a little windy on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday but that would be an understatement considering the number of trees and their branches that got blown down. Well done to our hard working greenstaff for tidying up after the storm in such an efficient manner. The course was back in shape the next day. The wind didn’t stop 45 members playing in the hurricane on Wednesday. Some would call them foolish but true golfers know that they relished the challenge of playing in a ‘little breeze’. Most players’ scores were ‘blown away’ but the leaders showed that it could be done with the best recorded by John Anthony with a nett 60, a couple better than Dave Ransom and Greg Seymour.

Tuesday saw the Ladies play their monthly medal and Dena Kyle Trophy. Joanne Burke scooped the pool winning the A division medal and also the Dena Kyle Trophy, well played Joanne. B division medalist was Cheryl Legge and C Division Marie Rodgers.

Monday saw the playing of the NSW IVGA MEDAL at our course where 3 qualifiers from the various clubs in the district play off for the medal in both Ladies and Men Sections.

Jamberoo player’s excelled winning both medals. Congratulations go to Shirley Dixon and David Newton for doing Jamberoo proud.

Today saw the hurricane force winds return and again the winners showed how to play in the wind. Best of the day was Robert Weir with 39 ponts.

Saturday 18th August 2018 – One Grade Day Stableford

Winner Robert Weir 39 pts

2nd John Turner 37 points

3rd Anthony Smith 37 points

4th John Childs 35 pts (c/b)

Best Gross Andrew Attard 26 pts

Ladies Jenelle Anderson 34 pts

Wednesday 15th August 2018 – Mens Stroke

Winner:   John Anthony 60 nett, 2nd:   Dave Ransom 62 nett, 3rd:   Greg Seymour 63 nett

Tuesday 14th August 2018 – Ladies Monthly Medal

Dena Kyle Trophy – Stableford

Stroke Results

Div 1 Winner:   Joanne Burke 72 nett (c/b)   Runner Up:   Jenelle Anderson 74 nett

Div 2 Winner:   Marie Rodgers 74 nett (c/b)   Runner Up:   Cheryl Legge 74 nett

Monthly Medal Results

Div 1 Medal Winner:   Joanne Burke 72 nett   Gross Winner:   Jenelle Anderson 92    

Div 2 Medal Winner:  Cheryl  Legge 74 nett   Gross Winner:   Shirley Walsh 101    

Div 3 Medal Winner:   Marie Rodgers 74 nett   Gross Winner:   Robyn Boles 112    

Dena Kyle Trophy Winner:   Joanne Burke 35 pts

Ladies Stableford Winner:   Margaret Stephens 34 pts   Runner Up:  Gail Rutledge 32 pts

Monday, 13th August 2018 – NSW IVGA MEDAL – Stableford

Men’s Winner David Newton 38 Pts

Ladies Winner Shirley Dixon 36 Pts

News from the Course – August 11

Hole 1 .3

Mixed Foursomes Championship

The Mixed Foursomes is an Honour Board event played over 27 holes in the alternate shot format. This year it is set down to be played on Sunday August 19.

The timesheet is available in the golf shop so please enter the names of your teammate and yourself as soon as you can to avoid missing out on that good time spot.

2019 New Rules of Golf

January 1 sees the new rules being introduced. Under the changes there will only be 24 rules compared to the present 34. One such change is the time allowed to look for a lost or missing ball.

The 5 minute golf ball search time has been scrapped. From 1st Jan 2019, golfers will be allowed only 3 minutes to search for a strayed golf ball.

Golf’s governing bodies are also encouraging ready golf in stroke play and recommend golfers take no longer than 40 seconds over a shot.

Read more by clicking here

photo courtesy of Golf Monthly https://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/

2019 Rule: Players will continue to drop a ball when taking relief, but the dropping procedure will be changed in several ways as detailed in Rule 14.3:

  • The focus of the dropping procedure will be on a specific “relief area” set by the Rule under which relief is being taken and will be either one or two club-lengths from a reference point (and may have certain other limitations).
  • The ball will need only to be dropped in and come to rest in the relief area; and there will be no re-drop requirement if the dropped ball accidentally hits a person or object after hitting the ground but before coming to rest in the relief area.
  • If the dropped ball comes to rest outside the relief area, it will be dropped a second time; if it comes to rest outside the relief area after being dropped a second time it will be placed where it first touched the ground.
  • If the placed ball will not come to rest on that spot after two attempts, the player will then place the ball on the nearest spot (not nearer the hole) where it will come to rest.

Reasons for Change:

The new procedure will mean there will be greater consistency across all relief procedures, making it simpler for players to know where and how to drop a ball:

  • The new procedure when dropping with reference to a spot will be to drop a ball anywhere in a relief area measured one or two club-lengths from (but not nearer the hole than) that spot.

click here for a video illustrating the new dropping procedure


1. What is the Relief Area under the new Rules?

a.   A one club length area where the player may drop the ball

b.   One or two club length area where the player may drop the ball

c.    The area where the player must drop the ball

d.    An on course bathroom

2. A player’s ball is unplayable in a bunker. The player drops their ball outside the bunker, back-on-the-line, from the flag through where the ball lay in the bunker. Which is correct?

 The player incurs one penalty stroke

b   The player incurs two penalty strokes

c    The player cannot do this

3. A player’s ball lands near a hole made by a dog, such that the player must stand on the hole to play his or her next stroke. Is the player entitled to free relief?

a   The player is not entitled to free relief because the hole was not made by a burrowing animal

b   The player is not entitled to relief because the ball is not lying in the hole made by the dog

  The player is entitled to free relief

4. A player causes their ball to move on the putting green by accidentally bumping the ball with their putter. What is the correct action?

a    No penalty and you play the ball as it lies

b    No penalty and you replace the ball

c    One stroke penalty and you replace the ball

d    One stroke penalty and you play the ball as it lies

5. A ball that is to be dropped under the Rules may be dropped by the player, their partner or their caddie?


b   False

6. When measuring a Relief Area or taking any other action under the Rules that requires measuring, the player may use the longest club in their bag including their putter?

a    True

b    False

Nine Hole Event

On Thursday August 23 the club is running a “Play Nine” event at the club where you get the chance to actually play nine on the Saturday of the Australian Open, this year to be played in Sydney.

A time sheet is available in the golf shop for entries.

Weekly Chicken Run

While talking about nine-hole events, each week the club runs a “chicken run”. Prizes are vouchers and you can play as many times during the week as you like. What’s more, if you don’t win you get a bonus point to be used at a later time until you do win a prize!

Each round costs just $3.

Fathers Day Raffle

Tickets are available at the golf shop to enter the Fathers Day raffle.

Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

First prize is a new golf bag and second prize a $50 IGA voucher and the raffle will be drawn at the clubhouse on Sunday 2nd September.

Support your club and buy a few tickets.

Latest Results

The winds have come back with a vengeance this week causing many challenges for the players and indeed the greenstaff. The winds were so strong on Tuesday the Ladies comp had to be reduced to a nine-hole affair with branches being disembodied from their trunks.

Despite the winds several players were able to master the conditions and record good scores. On Monday Phil Hahn managed an excellent 40 points to win A division in the veterans comp while Graham Kuskey fired an impressive 39 points to win B division. On Wednesday, Dave Connon shot a brilliant 42 points to win A division by 3 points from John Anthony, while Kevin O’Rourke and Mal Garrat both scored 40 points in C grade only for Kevin to win on a countback from the unlucky Mal. Graham Kuskey continued his good form from Monday to win D grade with 39 points on a countback from both Alan Broadhead and Rob Mitchell.

Saturday saw a nor-easter blow in and with the warmer conditions scoring was excellent. The two best were Al Thrower and Craig Arthur-Worsop with 41 pts. Other good scores recorded were by  Bill Hudson and Geoff Reynolds with 41 pts and Paul Rodgers, Lew Dare, Don Thompson all with 40 pts.

Here is the complete list of this week’s winners.

Saturday 11th August 2018 – Stableford

A Grade Bill Hudson 41pts

B Grade Geoff Reynolds 41 pts, 2nd Paul Rodgers 40 pts cb 3rd Lew Dare 40 pts

C Grade Al Thrower 42 pts, 2nd D Thompson 40 pts

D Grade Graig Arthur-Worsop 42 pts

Ladies Loiuse Stoddart (PK) 37 pts

Eagle Steve Rippon 12th

Wednesday 8th August 2018 – Mens Stablefold

A Grade Winner:   Dave Connon 42 pts   2nd:   John Anthony 39 pts

C Grade Winner:   Kevin O’Rourke 40 pts (c/b)   2nd:   Mal Garratt 40 pts

D Grade Winner:   Graham Kuskey 39 pts (c/b)

Tuesday 7th August 2018 – 9 Hole Stroke

Div 1 Winner: Shirley Walsh 34 nett  Runner Up: Shirley Dixon  35 nett

Div 2 Winner: Cheryl Legge 33.5 nett   Runner Up: Marlene Trethowan 34.5 nett

9 Hole Stableford Winner: Annette Young   14 pts  Runner Up: Margaret Chaffey  10 pts

Hairdressers Trophy:  Annette Young

Monday, 6th August 2018 – Veterans – Stableford

A Grade Winner Phil Hahn   40 Pts 2nd Greg Seymour    38 Pts (C/b)  3rd Bruce Michie  (LSC) 38 Pts

B Grade Winner  Graham Kuskey   39 Pts  2nd Bob Crooks    38 Pts  3rd  David Newton   36 Pts

Quiz answers 1 C  2 B  3 C  4 B  5 B  6 B

News From the Course – August 4

Mixed Foursomes Championships

Don’t forget to enter the Mixed Foursomes Championship to be played over 27 holes on Sunday 19 August. Defending champions are Liz Armstrong and Arthur Bosanquet who are certain to be back looking to repeat. Several other strong teams are set to enter including the team Brennan/Byers who will be looking to complete the double of mixed event wins after last Sunday’s Mixed Open victory. It should be very interesting with a very close finish predicted. A nett event will also be conducted with equivalent prizes so everybody has a chance to win their team a title.

The time sheet is available on the counter in the golf shop so ring, email or just put down your team.


How would you like to play the Lakes Golf Club the Saturday afternoon of the Australian Open and perhaps then get a chance at next year’s British Open at Ireland’s Royal Portrush?

Nine-hole golf is fast, fun and fits into busy lives – whether its early in the morning, after work, on the weekends or even while on holidays. Nine-hole golf has an important role to play in increasing participation in our great game. Even better is that scores returned in nine-hole competitions can be used for handicapping purposes so it’s a great way to keep your skills sharp and your handicap up-to-date.

Golf Australia are once again staging a celebration of nine-hole golf during the 2018 Australian Open. Four players from NSW/ACT will have the chance to join representatives from other states & territories to play in a nine-hole event on the Saturday evening of the Open.

How to Qualify

Clubs across NSW/ACT are running  qualifying events and at the end of October all clubs that took part will be placed into a draw with one regional club and one metropolitan club drawn at random. Once the two clubs have been drawn, two players from each club would then be drawn at random based on round results that were entered into Golf Link. This way everyone will have a chance to be drawn out to take part, not just those who played well on a particular day.

Jamberoo will be holding a qualifying event on August 23 so enter your name on the sheet in the golf shop to give yourself a chance.

click here for a video


The Annual General Meeting of the members of Jamberoo Golf Club Ltd will be held at the club on Wednesday 22nd August at 7.30 pm.

Matchplay Championships

The individual Matchplay Championships have reached the quarter final stage and some very interesting match-ups are set to be played. Shane Townsend after he defeated last year’s champion, Ken Bradley, in the second round is playing Anthony Smith in the first QF. Anthony also played well beating the big-hitting Gary Harvey in his previous match.  In the 2nd QF, last years beaten finalist, Ron Hewson, will play against Phil Gosling. Ron came from behind to beat 2016 champion Tony Panecasio and he will match up against Phil Gosling who had a similar come from behind win against Col Booth. This should be a close one.

In the third QF, Arthur Bosanquet takes on Pat Paris in a clash of the A graders. Arthur defeated Paul Rodgers in his round 2 clash while Pat took care of C Pennant Captain Chris Leckey. In the 4th QF, Greg Tarrant takes on Brian Nicoll in what should be another close struggle. Brian defeated Luke Oborn in a close round 2 match while Greg defeated Pete Young.

In the Fourball Championship, the last of the 1st round matches are due to be played this weekend with the following teams already into the next round after solid wins (or the luck of the draw): Ray Orr/Larry Kent, T McRae/Pete Francis, Ron Hewson/Paul Rodgers, Arthur Bosanquet/W Arnott, Gary Harvey/John Anthony, Pat Paris /Dene Herbert.

2019 Rules + Quiz

For a complete list of the changes  CLICK HERE

Now for a quick quiz,

Under the new Rules

Q.1) The General Area is?

a]   The entire course.

b]   All fairways and hazards but no putting greens

c]   All areas of the course, except the teeing area of the hole being played, all bunkers and penalty

areas and the putting green of the hole being played

Q.2) The No Play Zone is?

a]   A part of the course where the Committee has prohibited play

b]   The entire area that is beyond the boundary of the course

c]   The practice putting green

Q.3) Under the new Rules removing leaves and sticks from a bunker incurs a one stroke


a]   True

b]   False

Q.4) When dropping a ball under the new Rules the player must drop it

a]   From shoulder height

b]   From waist height

c]   From knee height

From any height that is more than 3cm (1 inch) above the ground

Q.5) Under the new Rules what is the maximum number of clubs you can have in your bag?

a]   Any number of clubs

b]   15

c]   14

d]   12

Q.6) Under the new Rules you cannot repair spike marks on the putting green.

a]   True

b]   False

Q.7) Penalty Areas in the new Rules are the same as water hazards in the current rules?

a]   True

b]   False

Q.8) How long can you search for a ball under the new Rules?

a]   2 minutes

b]   3 minutes

c]   4 minutes

d]   5 minutes

Q.9) Under the new Rules a player can touch the sand in a bunker with their club before they play their shot?

a]   True

b]   False

How did you go? Answers can be found in the latest results section below.

Another ‘Southern Cross’ Shot

Well I thought I’d never see it again, but the windmill near the 8th tee has copped another battering, this time from John Anthony.

John played his wedge on the 7th but unfortunately turned it over into the westerly wind and saw it clang into a spinning blade of the ‘Southern Cross’. From here it rebounded right up against the retaining wall of the hazard. John attempted to play the impossible only to see it ricochet over his left shoulder towards the trees near the bridge.

He was going quite well up to this point.

10 points in 2 holes

It is fairly unusual for handicap club golfers to bag two birdies in successive holes. It is even rarer for a 35 marker to achieve this feat.

Last Wednesday, Col Cuthbertson managed it with a birdies on the 11th and 12th holes. Each came from brilliant approach shots to within a half a metre of the hole. As Col had two handicap strokes on each hole he was rewarded with 5 points each time. 10 in 2 holes!

Needless to say that when he tied for first place in D grade his countback was fairly strong!

Latest Results

An outstanding day was had by all in the playing of the Open Mixed Event held last Sunday and the result of the event wasn’t determined after regulation play where a 4 hole play-off was required. Very exciting. Congratulations to Kay and Bruce who managed to control their nerves to win from Liz and Arthur. Team O’Brien cleaned up in the Net winning by a clear shot.

Today’s monthly medal winners are A: Ian Bradburn; B: Bruce Byers; C: Paul Tucker; D Keith Hales

A very successful and fun day was had by all on Thursday in the Lady Veterans Open Day. Congratulations to Lorraine for another great day at the course with the now traditional nice slice of cake or two.

Chris Goodwin was the big winner on Wednesday winning the Drummond Golf Stableford with 39 points. Phil Green, Col Cuthbertson and Daryl Back came close with 38 but that extra point on the last was the clincher for Chris.

Tuesday  saw a 3 person Ambrose enjoyed by the ladies.Winners were Pam Middlebrook, Cheryl Legge and Lisa Bell  with 59.3.   

Quiz answers 1 C 2 A 3 B 4 C 5 B 6 B 7 A 8 B 9 B

Full results

Saturday 4th August 2018

Mens Golf Mart Monthly Medal

A Grade Winner:   Ian Bradburn 65 nett

B Grade Winner:    Bruce Byers 63 nett   2nd:   Ray Sheehan 66 nett

C Grade Winner:   Paul Tucker 63 nett   2nd:   Mal Garratt 68 nett (c/b)

D Grade Winner:   Keith Hales 63 nett

Gross Winner: Steve Rippon 75

Ladies Stroke Winner: Liz Armstrong   86 nett

Thursday 2nd August 2018 – Lady Veterans Open

3 Person Countdown

Winners: L Zeidler, J Bessell & R Wynn   77

Runners Up: S Walsh, J Anderson & C Legge   76 (c/b)

3rd: R Sheath, K Ison & S Gentle   76

4th: R Gregson, K Oborn & S Paul   75

Wednesday 1st August 2018 – Drummond Golf Stableford

A & B Grade Winner:   Bernie McGlinchey 36 pts   2nd:  Tony Rodriguez 35 pts (c/b)

C Grade Winner:    Chris Goodwin 39 pts   2nd:    Phil Green 38 pts    3rd:   Murray Bezzant 36 pts

D Grade Winner:    Col Cuthbertson 38 pts (c/b)

Drummond Golf Voucher Winner:    Chris Goodwin

Tuesday 31st July 2018 – Ladies 3 Person Ambrose

Winners:  Pam Middlebrook, Cheryl Legge and Lisa Bell  59.333   2nd: Kay Brennan, Sue Paul and Judi O’Brien   59.666

Sunday 29th July 2018

First National Coast & Country Jamberoo Mixed Open

Canadian Foursomes

Gross Winners Kay Brennan & Bruce Byers 81 (after a playoff)

Gross Runners Up Liz Armstrong & Arthur Bosanquet 81

Nett Winners Judi O’Brien & Gus O’Brien 68.125

Nett Runners Up Louise Stoddart (Port Kembla) & Paul Henderson 69.125